Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Leak Photo, Specs & Features

Aaaand the cat is finally completely out of the bag. Or so it seems. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, spotted getting Bluetooth and FCC certification not long ago, has been allegedly leaked by Sam Mobile earlier today.

And when I say it was leaked, I mean a good old-fashioned kind of leak, blurry photo and almost complete spec sheet included. The good news is the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 could be quite the looker, with an incredibly thin profile and super-slim bezels.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

The bad news however is, as expected, the 8-incher will not exactly be a high-end gadget, but more of an upper mid-ranger, sporting a fairly run-of-the-mill WXGA screen and packing a mystery 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

The 1,280 x 800 pix res panel/dual-core CPU combo has been rumored before, but things are extremely hazy as to the chip’s model. Some “tipsters” claimed the GTab 3 8.0 will be equipped with a dual-core Samsung “homebrewed” Exynos 4412 unit, but as far as I know the 4412 packs four cores.

It could well be that the sources mistyped the model number and were actually talking about the Exynos 4212, but that’s not one of Samsung’s go-to processors, is fairly old and most likely not very zippy. Which leaves only the Exynos 5250 in the cards, the same CPU used on the Nexus 10, or a chip from another maker, like Qualcomm, Broadcom or Marvell.

In any case, the CPU will reportedly be paired with 1.5 GB of RAM, while the rest of the specs are more or less identical to those of the Galaxy Note 8.0. There’s 16 GB of on-board storage (the Note 8.0 also comes with 32), Wi-Fi, optional 3G (unfortunately, no LTE), microSD support, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 5 MP/1.3 MP dual cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, USB 2.0, and a 4,450 mAh battery (Note 8.0’s ticker is a little larger, at 4,600 mAh).

Getting back to the design, the similarities between this and the Note 8.0 are even more obvious and I could go so far as to say the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 will likely be a slightly more affordable Note 8.0 lookalike, sans the S-Pen support.

And apparently with a thinner waist (6.95 vs. 8 mm) and slimmer bezels, which will allow the soon to be unveiled gadget to measure a mere 209.3 mm in height and 122.2 mm in width (vs. 210.8 and 135.9 mm on the Note 8.0).  That… sounds… hot! Now slap this baby with an under $300 price, Samsung, and you have another winner on your hands!

Via [Sam Mobile]

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  1. Here’s hoping Samsung has either a black option or a 32GB option, or both, at launch!

    If they had a 32GB black Galaxy Note 8.0 on launch day I would have bought it on the spot. They didn’t, so that particular model lost me as specs for a new Nexus 7 (didn’t happen) and the Galaxy Tab 8 surfaced.

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