Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 2]

Welcome, dear readers to the second iteration of our Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 troubleshooter series. It’s been a while since our first troubleshooting post was posted. We hope that the issues and solutions mentioned below can help you resolve your own issues on your device.


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Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 notification sync issues

Problem: I’m a big Samsung guy. I have the Galaxy S3 phone and the Tab 3 7.0. Both devices and most apps are synced like Chrome, Facebook, fantasy sports, etc. I always have my phone handy and receive notifications regularly and clear those notifications right away. However, when I grab my tab 3 7.0 to use when at home in the evenings, I receive every notification whether previously viewed on another device or not, from the last time the tablet was used. Sometimes I may receive week old notifications when I first wake the tablet up although those same notifications were previously cleared on another device. Please help. Thanks. —Matt

Troubleshooting: Hi Matt. This type of situation can be a real hassle especially if you have a lot of notifications. One functionality that Android devices don’t have is their capability to synchronize notification updates. Removing a specific notification from your phone doesn’t mean that it has been deleted forever. A lot of Android users voiced out their sentiments regarding this issue as they have noticed that dismissing notifications from one device doesn’t remove them from another. The developers are continuously working so that users like us can enjoy seamless usage of the product.

One solution a user recommended on one of the forums we came across is to turn off most notifications from the tablet rather than the phone. However this can be a pain in the neck especially if the tablet is not within your reach.

The best recommendation we can offer is to install an application which has the capability of syncing notifications across all devices. Multiple applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store which can do just that. Across all apps, Pushbullet emerged the most reliable. Not only that, this app works on all kinds of notifications. As intended, this will allow you to delete notifications on all your synced devices and more.

Pushbullet relies on Android’s notification listening service to keep an eye on all of your other app’s notifications. This can only work on Android 4.3 and up so make sure that all your devices have the latest Android system. Syncing the dismissal of notifications is the top of the iceberg of this application. You no longer have to suffer the confusing barrage of notifications in any of your android device.

For the complete how to’s and installation guide, you can visit this site.

Still, you can install any application of your choice as long as it is legitimate and doesn’t harm your device.


Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 takes a while to charge

Problem: My tablet charges real slow. How do I fix it? Thank you! — Andy

Troubleshooting: Hi Andy. We agree that a slow charging of the battery can get pretty annoying sometimes especially when we’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, this has become a common issue with Android users like you. Some of the possible causes include, but not limited to:

  • A wrong kind, or even faulty, power outlet. This will affect the charging performance of your device and can even cause battery failure in isolated cases if left undetected.
  • Incompatible wall plug or USB cable being used. This can also harm your tablet if usage is continuous.
  • Faulty battery. There are a lot of warning signals the battery gives out if it reaches its capacity limit so you want to be mindful of the estimated time your tab’s battery is supposed to be fully charged.

Key ask, is your tablet turned on or off while charging? If it is on, have you tried rebooting the tablet before plugging it into the charger? A simple restart can solve common issues and works most of the time.

The few items below may also help:

  1. Check the power outlet and make sure that it is fully functional. We suggest you try a different power outlet without any other devices plugged in. It should be the main outlet and not an extension. The main outlet gives out more power compared to an extension outlet.
  2. Check the power or USB cable of your tab. Make sure both ends are properly connected to the outlet connector and the charging head. A loose connection between the cable and the charging head can greatly reduce its effectiveness when charging.
  3. Make sure that you’re using the original charger. A third party charger can cause more serious damage to your battery than you could think of. You can turn off the device completely and then charge.
  4. Use a third party app.Try installing a battery booster application from the Google Play Store (e.g. Battery HD). This app contains an efficient battery calibration tool that detects the battery’s health and a point to point picture of the state of charge of the device.

If none of the above steps work, chances are the battery monitor firmware on the tablet has gone out of sync with the actual battery charge functionality. Tutorial videos on how to open the tab and fix the battery connections have been posted online, however, we don’t recommend this especially if your tab is still within the warranty period as this can void the support provided for it.

Your device is powered by a rechargeable, standard Li-Ion battery so you need to make sure that you are using only approved charging devices. You may consider sending it to Samsung’s service center as the last alternative. They have skilled technicians who can inspect the device and provide a sound resolution. The battery driver may need to be updated or the battery itself has to be replaced. It may take time but it is a guaranteed fix.


Unable to view emails on the tablet

Problem: My tablet won’t pick up and show my emails.  I know they exist but I cannot get them on my tablet. I have tried pressing the sync button under settings but no new emails appeared.

I am not very computer literate and don’t know what to do. Google works fine. — Stella

Troubleshooting: Hi Stella. Does this happen to your Google emails only or does this affect all your email accounts? Regardless, the emails should show up if the email account has been setup properly on your tablet. We need to ensure we have entered the exact settings for each email account we want to get the emails from. The setup is different depending on the type of email account we’re trying to setup. If you have already created an email account and is not sure if the correct settings have been entered, try removing it from your device to clear out any incorrect settings. Don’t worry, this does not delete any of your emails from the original server. It only cuts out the link to your personal account for now. You can follow this link to see instructions on how to remove an email account from your device.

Once the email account has been removed, just follow these steps in setting it up again.

To add an account:

  1. Touch Settings then go to add account.
  2. Select one of the account types.
  3. Use the keyboard and follow the prompts to enter your credentials and set up the account.

Your tablet syncs with the designated account servers to setup your email account.  If you are setting up a third party email, please contact your provider so they can assist you with the server settings. The emails should start to populate once the setup is successful.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 screen doesn’t wake up from sleep

Problem: Hi! I have a big problem and it is when I turn my screen off then turn it back on, it does not turn on unless I power off my tablet. This has started happening lately.

My tab is Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 model SM_T211. Please help solve this problem. Thanks. — Ayub Alansari 

Troubleshooting: Hi Ayub. The issue you have encountered with your tablet is typical especially if the tablet is on rest mode for hours. However, if it happens right after you press the power lock button, then we may be looking into a faulty software.

I need more information from you to further isolate this. Have you tried pressing the power lock button multiple times to try and wake it up? The password screen should show up if you have setup one. You should also hear the music, the notification sounds and alerts even when the tab is sleeping. Have you tried playing music then let the tab sleep and check if you can still hear it? This is just to further isolate the issue.

To eliminate the possibility of a faulty battery, test it by connecting the power charger to your device then turn off the screen for a few minutes. One to two minutes should be an ample time. See if it turns back on. Once it’s on, try pressing the power lock to put it to sleep mode then press the same power lock once to wake it up.

If the battery is working, chances are the display settings needs to be reconfigured. Make sure that display brightness is set to normal and screen timeout should be off. This will allow the tablet to stay awake even with inactivity.

If it still would not work, perform a soft reset in your tablet. This restarts your device without deleting any of your content or data. Start by pressing and holding the power key until your device turns off. Wait for a few seconds, then press the power key one more time to turn it back on.

If a soft reset fails, then a hard reset is needed. This should be taken as a last resort as this is inconvenient to do and will permanently remove all your installed applications and personal data. A backup of your personal files is strongly recommended before starting this process. In fact, we highly suggest you sought professional assistance before you start the setup below:

  1. Open Settings. This can be found in the Applications Menu.
  2. Under the said menu, open Privacy
  3. Highlight and select Factory Data Reset
  4. Touch the Reset Tablet
  5. Choose the Erase Everything button to confirm.

If all else fails, bring your tablet to any Samsung service centers near you.


Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 does not turn on

Problem: My device is just over 1 year old with no extended warranty. The device won’t turn on and will not charge. I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions and even pulled the battery port connector and it is still dead. I have tried different chargers, etc.

Any suggestions? I was looking at a new battery, any experience or success with this?

Thanks! — Deanna

TroubleshootingHi Deanna. It is good to know that you have pretty much exhausted all basic troubleshooting necessary for your issue. Although we definitely want a working product hundred percent of the time if possible, these electronic devices are not receptive to some malfunctions here and there. What specific device do you have?

I presume part of the basic troubleshooting you performed are:

  1. Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. This will perform a soft reset to your device and will not erase any of your personal files or installed applications.
  2. Check that your device and charging port are not damaged. We can do this by carefully inspecting if the device is overheating, swollen or damaged. We have to make sure that the charging port doesn’t contain any debris. These foreign materials can cause your charger to stop functioning as normal.
  3. Make sure that the chargers used are compatible for the device. A third party power charger can be the culprit sometimes.

Though replacing the battery seems more convenient and less of a hassle, we don’t recommend changing it on your own as this can potentially tamper the device regardless of the warranty status.

We strongly suggest you take the device to your courier repair center or to Samsung’s certified service center near you. We are positive they can fix the issue ASAP and have great arrangements for loyal customers like you. The tablet will have a higher chance of working in the long run if checked by skilled and certified technicians.


Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 doesn’t turn on even while charging

Problem: Hope you can help. I have a Tab (SM_T210) which shows as charging but it does not seem to work. Battery would still die even when charging. I replaced the USB connector and used the original charger. Everything is fine other than that specific problem. Also tried different batteries and flashed bios for unit and on last update available. Any ideas? I wanna fix this for my son. Thanks. — Alex 

Troubleshooting: Hi Alex. It seems like you have covered everything and you did an awesome job trying those things out. We have a few more tricks up our sleeves though that you may want to try.

First, we need to determine your battery status. Does it show as charging with the lightning symbol on the battery display or does it say charging with a red X symbol on the battery display?

If it has the charging sign (lightning symbol), we recommend you perform the following steps. Make sure that your phone is not connected to the charger while doing this.

  1. Hold the power button and volume up button down together for 10 to 30 seconds. This will allow your tab to restart and refresh its connections.
  2. Try a trickle charge. To do this, we need to connect the tablet to a computer using a USB cable instead of the wall charger. By doing this, we can fool the tablet into charging by connecting it to a lower amp.
  3. Separate the microSD card from its slot before turning the device on.
  4. Make sure that your charger is supplying 5.0 V to the tablet. Unplug the device from the charger first. Once done, hold the power button down for 1 minute. While still holding, plug it into the charger, then continue to press the power button down for 30 seconds and let it go. Leave it connected to the charger for at least 30 minutes. Make sure that it is off while charging.

If it has the red “x” symbol while attempting to charge, we encourage you to attempt the same steps above. If none works, there is a big possibility that your charging port is defective. You may contact your subscriber line or bring it to a Samsung service center to get it repaired or replaced with a brand new one.


Update caused the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 to not awaken from sleep

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 does not come out of sleep mode by simply pressing the on/off button ever since I updated my software to 4.4.2.  What can I try?  –James Wyss

Troubleshooting: Hi James. Thanks for bringing this issue up. It seems that you are the first person who encountered this after the update. There are no reports of this online. However, it is recommended to everyone who installed the 4.4.2 update to try the following steps should they encounter issues. These problems were iterated as overheating, battery drain, slow performance, WIFI connection issues but it doesn’t limit it there. Any mishaps encountered can be fixed by these troubleshooting steps most of the time. Please bear in mind though that this will wipe out your device’s internal storage so making a backup would be wise at this point.

First thing that needs to be done is to turn off your Galaxy Tab 3. Once off, you need to press this button combination at the same time, Volume Up + Home + Power, and hold it down for 4-5 seconds. Wait until you see the device enters the Recovery Mode. While in this mode, look for the wipe data factory reset option using the volume down key. Once highlighted, press the power button and select Yes. Then go back to the main menu in Recovery and highlight reboot system now. Your device should work as normal once it boots right back.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, try the steps posted above about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 screen doesn’t wake up from sleep.


Battery drains faster than normal on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Problem: Help!!! Just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and it has been 2 weeks since I started using it. I noticed that the battery drains easily. I only have a few apps installed and only use it for hours a day, not 24hours a day, 7 days a week. I only use it for surfing and playing one game. It is getting annoying. Please help. Thanks. — Karen

Troubleshooting: Hi Karen. A powerful tablet like yours should be able to handle a good two days of average use which includes checking your email, surfing the web and playing light games. In fact it can play a video for 7 hours before it dies out on you. There are a few things you can try to hype up your battery life. Bear in mind that running applications in the background, display brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS usage can contribute to easy loss of power.

You may want to reduce your backlight time, turn the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS functionality off when not in use. Turning off Automatic Application Sync is helpful as well. Always plug the tablet to its charger once it prompted you to do so. Don’t wait for the battery to be fully drained as repeating this process of a complete discharge and recharge can deplete a battery’s storage capacity over time. Make it a habit to check your battery status and take note of the features or functions that have been consuming your battery life.

Try configuring the power saving mode on your tablet. This helps crank an extra power to your battery although this may tune down some functionality. Consider reducing the volume of your notifications as well. This can save a huge deal of battery juice.

There are spattering of things you can do to improve your battery’s performance.  For more information on this, you can leaf through the user’s manual for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 here.

 (Note: You need to enter the words or numbers showing on the text box in order to download the full copy of the manual. This is very informative so I would suggest you save this on your local folder.)


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  3. Hi I need help, I have samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0, my battery charges fast but after using it for 10 minutes, battery drains up to 19% or less. If i stop using my tab and letting it be, the battery percentage goes up again to at least 50% but when i use it again it drains fast to 10% for only 10-15 minutes. please help me! Tnx in advance. 🙁

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