Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still Not Computer Friendly

When we first got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LE at Google I/O in May we noticed that we couldn’t use the Honeycomb Android File Transfer on our in house Macs to recognize the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

We thought for sure after the US release date on June 8th and the subsequent upgrade to Android 3.1 we would have better luck, however not only did the June 8th Best Buy Union Square date pass by, so did the rest of the country on Friday. Still, no dice.  At least not on the Mac yet.

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Of course (as we will get comments if we don’t say this now) you can use the Android SDK and use adb to push files from your Mac to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but tell that to the thousands of “normal” consumers who purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Best Buy this weekend.

So after a moment of frustration I used a friends Window’s laptop.  At first it wasn’t easy. I took the USB to proprietary 30 pin connector cord and hooked the Galaxy Tab 10.1 up to the computer.  I was in awe as the windows machine made a ding which I thought meant that it would work… nope…

After more research I found that I would probably need Samsung Kies in order to get up and running. So I went to Samsung’s support site and downloaded Kies for Windows.  I opened up Kies and quickly loaded up the music and movie files I wanted to sync however the “transfer to device” button never engaged.

When I minimized Kies though I found that it had installed the drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and was able to finally use it as a mass storage device.  It says its going to take 4 hours to transfer everything I want so if it doesn’t work I’ll update this post later.

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  1. Does anyone can help with how to transfer my movies from laptop to the tablet?  My laptop says can’t find cdc serial?  ……

  2. I feel the pain too.
    I have yet to get Eclipse to connect to the galaxy tab 10.1
    How hard can this be!!!
    I’m working on a new app I want to test and this seriously comes in my way.

  3. I was wondering if you could be a little bit more detailed in describing what steps you took. Im definitely a novice. I have downloaded Samsung Kies (previously for my Galaxy S phone upgrade), Im assuming its the same needed for the Tab 10.1?? Anyway I went to the Samsung website and download the driver they have on the website. But when I try to connect to my pc (Windows XP) the Install Wizard says it can’t find the driver (CDC Serial). Please, please help. I have contacted Samsung “tech support”, absolutely no help.

  4. mine was quite buggy prior to 3.1, and still a little buggy afterwards, did 100% reset (3.1 stays put) all is fine now 100% solid. 

  5. Lol @mytharak tell “normal” users to use ubuntu… but seriously 4 hours is this on the newfangled usb 3.0? Or on a 2.0 cord? I find that sending files in groups of twenty more or less as long as it’s less than 2gb is fine… for videos I find two vids @ the same time to be better than sending the whole folder

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