Samsung Galaxy S7 spontaneously explodes in the UK

Galaxy S7 Exploding
Picture courtesy: Sun UK

A teacher from Essex, UK, was in for a surprise as she found her #GalaxyS7 to be overheating and subsequently exploding when kept on the table. The entire episode was captured by the cameras at the restaurant, and the video has apparently been sent to the relevant authorities for investigation.

This is quite a surprise to many as the Galaxy S7 has had a smooth run so far. The timing of the incident is quite odd too, given that Samsung had to recall Galaxy Note 7 units a couple of weeks ago. Since we haven’t heard from Samsung on the matter, it would be unwise to jump to conclusions at this point. If you own a Galaxy S7, there’s absolutely no need to worry as of now. We would also like to suggest that you stay away from third party accessories for the time being as these are usually triggers for such incidents.

What do you make of this entire episode?

Source: Sun UK

Via: Phandroid