4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stuck on logo & keeps rebooting after an update”

  1. And he was right again once I got it unstuck the update worked flawlessly because the update got stuck it overheats the phone after I pushed all three buttons home volume and power it unstuck and made the update work and cool down the phone thanks

  2. I cannot get this galaxy s7 to turn off or reboot firmware. Nothing. phone is incredibly hot and keeps rebooting. the screen has been on for a while now. I already contacted Samsung and they suggested hard reset. I cant even do that bevause it wont allow me to get to that screen. The nearest Samsung Experience location from where I am located is over an hour away. How can I turn this phone off before I burn my hand!!!!

  3. Hi. I had a same isue with my phone. No boot option was working. Finaly I connected my phone to the PC while its has just the Samsung message on the sceern nothing else. Start the Kies 3 program. Listening for the connection ping sound and I get the working S7 again.

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