Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 6]

Here’s another collection of issues and solutions for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen transforms screen to black and white | How to turn off Ultra Power Saving mode in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hi. My Samsung S6 Edge has turned black & white. Can you please tell me how to get it back in color? Thanks! — Stevi

Troubleshooting: Hi Stevi. Please check if you have unintentionally enabled Ultra Power Saving mode. If  set to ON, this feature will transform your smartphone into a dumbphone in order to extend the battery’s life. One of the things it does is to turn the screen to greyscale because the lesser the colored pixels are, the more power the phone’s battery can save. However, this also means that the features that makes your S6 great will be prevented from running although internet connection will still be allowed for some limited apps.

It’s advertised that a 10% battery charge on this mode can give 24 more hours to the phone so it can be used for texts and calls.

To turn off Ultra Power Saving mode, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Select Ultra power saving mode.
  • Make sure that it says OFF at the bottom of Ultra power saving mode.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen does not turn off when Night Clock mode is ON

Problem:  Harvey,

The employee at my local AT&T store was about as useful as a (enter pun here). He told me to stop using it….no s*&^ Sherlock.

So here is my problem. When setting the night clock, my backlight stays on and I wake up to a dead phone. It did not do this when I first got the phone a few weeks ago and just recently started. The AT&T employee said I can just live with it and not use the night clock anymore, leave my phone plugged in at night or request a warranty defect and get a new phone.

I don’t know what other information I can provide, I haven’t updated anything that I can recall or changed any settings.

My attempts to trouble shoot have been to completely shut the phone down and turn it back on.  I turned off all the edge screen settings and on again.

Help please.

Thank you. — Milton

Troubleshooting: Hi Milton. As far as we know, the phone’s screen is supposed to dim once Night clock mode has been enabled because this is essentially what makes your S6 Edge a night clock.  The screen is supposed to

If that doesn’t happen, try to check you’re the display timeout settings to ensure that the screen goes off after a certain period.

You can also do a factory reset to eliminate possible software bugs causing this problem.

If a factory reset won’t fix it, please let us know so we can help you further.


Ads appear and Google Play comes up when opening a text message in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: I have the S6 Edge and I am using the texting app that the phone came with. The newer one and since I got this phone less than a month ago there have been ads underneath my texts when I send them. I open my text message and Google play comes up. Or the Internet. Videos hardly play and my Wi-Fi connection is great and I use data when need be. Getting to the point where I would like a different phone. — Alisha

Troubleshooting: Hi Alisha. We hope that your phone has not been infected with a virus or malware but it’s best if you can perform a factory reset on your phone to ensure it runs a fresh copy of the new Android Lollipop. It is not normal to pull up Google Play Store when opening a text message so it may be an indicator that there’s a software issue on your phone or a malware infection.

Please email us again if this does not resolve the issue so we can look deeper into the problem. Giving us more information about the name of the messaging app you are using as well as other details would be helpful in your next email. Thank you.


How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge  after swipe pattern and password failed

Problem: I need your help to unlock the Edge. My finger swipe and password both are not working on the phone, and I tried unlocking through the Google Device Manager with the lock and that didn’t work either. Is there another way beside factory reset? Your help will be greatly appreciated. — Javed

Troubleshooting: Hi Javed. There’s no other available method to unlock your phone other than factory reset. If doing it via Google Device Manager does not work, try your other Google account if you have one. The only instance that a generated password from Google Device Manager won’t work happens if you are trying to log-in to another account.


Gmail and Hangout issue on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Have you heard anything about companies that use Gmail for their work accounts and the S6 Edge not working/connecting to their servers? I’m not sure if it’s a 5.0.2 issue as I believe I had 5.0.2 on my S5 and my work email and hangouts for work worked just fine, but not with the Edge. Thanks. — Drew

Troubleshooting: Hi Drew. We cannot see any reason for Google not to support their product when it runs in their own Android Lollipop operating system. Can you give us more details about your issue with Gmail and Hangout so we can properly assist you? At this time, the problem description is sketchy at best so we really don’t know where to start.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge touch screen not working

Problem: Dear Sir. I recently just got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a few days ago. I was using the phone normally for calls and chatting etc. and for some reason the touch screen wasn’t working. It will turn on and off, like the buttons and finger print security is working. But just that the touch screen completely doesn’t work. This is the second time I am facing this problem. Can you help me regarding this issue? With regards. — Dasari

Troubleshooting: Hello Dasari. The usual reasons why a touchscreen fails include, but are not limited to, physical damage (from a fall), dust, liquid damage, sudden display assembly failure. If this phone was dropped or got wet, please consider asking for a replacement from a relevant party.

If you are using third party accessories like screen protectors or cases, try to check if they are possibly interfering with the screen’s functions.


Setting up Interruptions in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hi TheDroidGuy. I actually bumped to your site searching for a solution to my S6 Edge and I must say your site is a big help and answers the problem of others in a simple yet precise manner.

Anyway, I’m from the Philippines and bought my S6 Edge weeks ago. I’m an Apple user but eventually switched to Edge because of its aesthetic features. I experienced my problem with Edge 3 days ago wherein the sounds of – Call (when someone is calling me, it is not ringing), message (can’t hear the alert tone), notifications (can’t hear the alert tone) – suddenly turned off but if I checked the sound volume, it is actually turned on based from my level of preference. Weird thing was, the sound when you click the icon and “turning off” the phone was there. In order for me to get the sounds or notification alert back, I need to restart my phone but it annoys me every time it happens.

From the past 3 days, the problem happened everyday. Is there a way or even an explanation why the sound notifications of selected features suddenly went off even volume level is not under mute?

Thanks you in advance and more power

PS – if you are going to post this in public, kindly hide my email address and use my code name JB28. Thanks again! — JB28

Troubleshooting: Hi JB28. We suggest that you revisit Interruptions under Settings>Sound & notification> Interruptions to see what works best for you. Because of a wide array of possible setup that you can do under this section, the configuration that you want may take you some time. Also, don’t forget to check if Downtime  settings are enabled as this might be the reason why you are suddenly not receiving notification sounds and alarm. Downtime is similar to your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode, only that it provides more options for you to fine tune your settings.


Internet apps like Facebook and Instagram runs slow in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge when in Wi-Fi | Pandora and Milk Music app stops playing songs in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hey. How’s it going? I just recently got the new S6 Edge and this is my first Galaxy. The phone seems very laggish on Facebook/ Instagram/and the Internet. I’m almost always connected to full Wi-Fi as well. Second problem I’m having is when i have a music app open either Pandora or the Milk Music app, it will play one or two songs and then completely stop. Then I have to go back to the phone and press play (then lags for quite some time then will play again). Any help on what i can do would be awesome! Thanks. — Dalton

Troubleshooting: Hi Dalton. To address your first issue regarding performance issue when running internet apps, try to clear the phone’s cache partition first. This ensures that the set of files the operating needs to load apps are not corrupt. This applies to all apps you have but will not delete any personal data so it’s safe to do. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the following buttons: Power, Volume Up, and Home.
  • Once you see the blue recovery menu, release the buttons.
  • Highlight Wipe Cache Partition option using the Volume Down button and select it using Power key.
  • Wait for a few seconds and select Reboot System Now.

Your phone then restarts and recreate another set of cache. This solution works majority of the time. However, if the issue  persists try checking your internet connection as that might also affect how the phone’s apps work. Also, if there are multiple wireless devices trying to access the internet at the same time, that might significantly slow the connection down.

For your second concern, the solution may lie on other third party apps. A user shared with us before that he was able to resolve a similar issue on his S5 by checking the settings of Juice Defender app. If you installed this app on your phone, look for the option to enable a feature that should allow other apps to run even when the phone is idle.

You can also check Pandora’s own settings under Conserve battery section and see if that’s the cause.


Unable to hear a caller during calls when in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | Caller unable to hear me when answering a call in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: The DroidGuy, I have had this phone for about 1 month and from day 1. When answering the phone I cannot hear the caller and they cannot hear me. This happens at least twice a day. When this happens I just restart the phone. Do you have any solutions? Has this problem been reported by many users?

Thank you in advance for your help. — Paul

Troubleshooting: Hi Paul. This is definitely a strange issue. We haven’t heard a similar story from other users. Are you able to regain the normal call function of your phone after you restart the device? If the phone continues work erratically when answering calls, please do a factory reset and re-test it.

We are going to monitor this case and will update this post if we receive similar issues from other users.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not receiving text messages from iPhone users

Problem: I just purchased a Galaxy 6 Edge and have AT&T phone service. For some reason I can’t receive text messages from at least one phone line. The individual who has an IPhone 5 can receive my text messages but I can’t receive theirs. The number is not on the spam list or blocked. They can send and receive phone calls to my phone, and I can send and receive emails. I can also receive and send text messages to other IPhone users without a problem. This is really bizarre any idea on what the problem is? Thanks. — Jim

Troubleshooting: Hi Jim. The only scenario that can cause this problem is when a user (who previously used iOS devices) failed to turn off iMessage before inserting a SIM card to a non-Apple phone. iOS devices will continue to think that the is still trying to use iMessage. If you were using an Apple device before and simply continued using the same number on your new phone, kindly turn off iMessage using any iOS device. If you still have your old device with you, you can do the following steps:

  • Re-insert your SIM card to your iOS device.
  • Connect the device to the internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Turn off iMessage.
  • Go back to Settings.
  • Tap FaceTime and turn it off.

Let us know if this does not work.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge showing “Unfortunately, email has stopped working”, “Unfortunately, email SYNC has stopped working”, “unfortunately, email storage has stopped working” error

Problem: Hi. My email keeps crashing and saying “unfortunately, email has stopped working”. It also says ” “unfortunately, email SYNC has stopped working” and  “unfortunately, email storage has stopped working” etc.

I have cleared the cache for all native email related apps in the Application Manager and unlinked all my email accounts from it.

When I look at it in Application Manager there are actually 2 email apps there that I can clear the cache from (as well as email sync, email compose, email storage etc), I don’t know if that is a mistake and it is installed twice somehow, except it is only visible once in my app tray.

I have tried the restart but not a restore as new, as I am trying to avoid the whole set up of the phone again.

Please help! It is interrupting me with error messages every couple of minutes!

Your frustrated. — William

Troubleshooting: Hi William. We understand your frustration about this issue but we can only do so much when it comes to app-related problem like this one. There may be a third party app behind this trouble so please boot the phone in Safe mode and see if the stock email app runs normally. If it doesn’t, you have no other option but to do a factory reset on your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge lag issue | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drains battery faster

Problem: I have used iPhone for 5 years and thought of using Samsung new handset due its design and specifications. Its 3GB RAM and some kind of high processor. I thought phone would be amazingly fast without any lag. But i was wrong. It is the most laggy phone I have ever used iPhone 5/5s/6 has completely no lag compared to this latest handset of Samsung with 3GB of RAM comparing to iPhone with only 1 RAM and also least in every hardware feature than iPhone 6 today. But still Samsung is far behind. Appling runs slow my back key and multitasking key doesn’t work sometime until I lock my phone and unlock it again. Battery drains down so much quick than any phone. Though phone charges real quick but I can’t get the point. Phone battery drains down so quick and charges real quick isn’t it the same. And phone heats up so much i think i literally can boil water if it was water proof.

And is there any way i can turn off the lights of the back and multi-function kit while talking to Viber and other internet calling apps because it is really annoying when i make a call at night. Why can’t this phone stays on standby mode better than other phone when using it. My battery drains literally 30% down at night time. I know turning mobile data and Wi-Fi will make it stay a bit longer but I love getting notification at morning when i see my phone at first. Please is any of this problem can be solved. Mostly the lagging phone is the annoying one. Please help me. — Kckoshis

Troubleshooting: Hi Kckoshis. Hardware-wise, your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge clearly trumps iPhones so we know where you are coming from. However, performance issues or lags can be caused by other factors other than hardware. Android operating system, being more open in terms of allowing all sorts of apps, invites both good and bad things. On a positive note, this means that the Android community is more vibrant and attracts more developers that can create more interesting apps. However lesser restriction, in contrast to, say, Apple’s iOS environment, also means that malwares abound more easily and monitoring all apps can become less stringent. Now malicious apps or malwares can also cause performance issues like the one you are experiencing right now. We think that the main reason why your phone appears to lag is due malware or corrupt Android operating system. We usually recommend that users perform these three solutions if apps on their phones start to lag:

  • Wipe the phone’s cache partition. This solution is similar to deleting the cache in your computer’s browser. While not a direct solution itself, deleting corrupt cache can significantly increase the loading time of apps in your phone.
  • Power up the phone in Safe Mode. Booting up in Safe mode is a standard Android troubleshooting step to rule out possible issues with third party apps.
  • Perform a factory reset. This is usually the last solution that an Android user can do to in trying to fix issues due to software. This deletes your personal data so make sure your contacts, photos, videos, etc have copies before proceeding. Doing factory reset may also address your battery drain problem.

To help extend your battery’s power especially during night times, you can use either Power Saving Mode or Ultra Power Saving Mode.


How to enable S Voice back in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hi. I’ve read your post in Very interesting how you describe the functions.

I have a question I couldn’t resolve yet. By mistake I have erased S Voice application and now I can’t re install it because I can´t find it in Play Store. Where can I search it please? Best regards. — Paulo

Troubleshooting: Hi Paulo. S Voice is a pre-installed application from Samsung itself so you can’t uninstall it. We believe you simply disabled or hidden it somewhere so please follow these steps on how to enable it again:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll to and tap Applications.
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Swipe left to the All section.
  • Look for the S Voice app and enable it.

If, for some reason, S Voice has totally vanished into thin air, consider performing a factory reset to restore it.



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  1. During the night when I am on call with my job, my phone doesn’t ring or I can’t hear text messages. When my phone has the loudest ring tone for scheduling. The do not disturb is turned off? My phone is on sounds and volume is turned all the way up too!!

  2. My s6 edge plus plays videos dine most of the time but occasionally they get leggy and have no sound or just plain won’t play at all. A quick restart fixes this issue usually, but only temporarily. I had the issue, restarted my phone, and within a minute it did it again. Really annoying especially for watching snapchat stories.

  3. every time i make a call my internet goes down so i cant check nothing online while im in the phone talking

  4. Mine is having the same problem. No matter where I’m watching the video on (be it Netflix or Youtube, etc.). Everytime I attempt to watch a video it plays at first with no problem but about 30 seconds in, the pictures pause. I’ve tried closing all my windows, clearing cache and data, restarting it. Have you found a solution for this problem yet?

  5. Greetings;
    I have my S6 Edge for more than a month.. before a week I experienced this problem;
    Whenever I watch a video, in the middle of it, it just plays so slow but the voice is streaming regularly. I don’t know why this is happening, I tried pausing and un-pausing the video, but with no use, the pictures are playing sooo slow..

  6. I was reading comments I too have a problem hearing when someone calls me or I call them.. also I get alot of back talk. I HATE THAT.. how can I stop this

  7. My Galaxy S6 Edge appears that I must have dimmed the screen accidentally and now I can’t see anything to be able to unlock or restart??? It is fully charged and the blue light at the top is still blinking?? HELP??

  8. Hi I just bought the 6 edge a few days ago it’s connected to my wifi but when I browse it says page unavailable so I have to disconnect my wifi from my phone and turn it back on island really need help or I’m bringing it back

  9. Hi There, just got my hands on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. i noticed that i’m unable to ‘Love’ instagram post by the usual double tap anymore, anybody share the same problem? instead triple tap cause a extra large zooming. help 🙁

  10. Problem: Hi. My Samsung S6 Edge has turned black & white. I’ve already tried to turn off Ultra Power Saving mode but it doesn’t solve the problem. Can you please tell me how to get it back in color? Thanks!

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