Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 2]

Welcome to our second post for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge troubleshooter series. We are expecting more emails from our loyal readers regarding this device so if you have one and you have a problem with it, keep watching for articles from us.


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OK Google not working properly in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Good afternoon. I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is running a 5.0.2 Android version. The issue with my phone is that I cannot get it to activate “OK Google” on every screen like it did before. It will only work on the main screen. It activated to work on all screens when I first bought it, but then it did some type of update a week after & it stopped working. I tried to reactivate it again but the option to do so is no longer there. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with a solution for this issue due to the fact that it was that I using this feature quite often. I look forward to your response. Thank you. King regards. — Jose Luis

Troubleshooting: Hi Jose Luis. We have not received any reports nor official word from Google that some OK Google functionalities have been changed recently so we will treat this issue as a probable emerging problem. That means we will be on the lookout if there is an ongoing problem with OK Google by monitoring problems being reported to us as well as learn from concerned parties (Google and Samsung) if they have heard of it  as well.

In the meantime, kindly ensure that your phone runs the latest version of the Google app. Because you cannot uninstall a first party app like the Google app, try to delete its cache and data, then re-update it from the Google Play Store.

Here are the steps on how to delete an application’s cache and data in Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Go the home screen.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll to and tap Applications.
  • Swipe left to the ALL tab.
  • Look for Google app in the list and tap it.

Once you have updated Google app, launch it and double check Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” detection. Make sure that the box next to “From Google app” is checked.

Please keep us informed if this helps you so we can confirm it with other readers who may encounter the same problem.


How to enable Swipe lock on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: I originally had fingerprints set up and I switched it to pattern. Now I want to take the password off but I can’t because swipe has been disabled. How do I enable it? Tried going through everything when I first set up fingerprints. Any help is appreciated thank you! — Angela

Troubleshooting: Hi Angela. To enable swipe lock on your phone, please follow these steps below:

  • Touch Apps from the Home screen.
  • Touch Settings.
  • Scroll to and touch to select Lock screen and security from the given options. Hint: If you’ve previously set up a different screen lock type, you may be required to enter your credentials to proceed.
  • Touch Swipe to select Swipe to unlock screen.


Auto-brightness problem on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hello guys. I received my first Galaxy S6 Edge on the first day when it was released in T-Mobile stores on April 10th. I was amazed by the quality of the phone and screen was perfect, but the battery was dead within 2 hours even if the phone was not being in use. Tried all the possible solutions, nothing worked so I exchanged for another one. Now this battery is completely different it gives me around 15 hours of use without draining any battery at all when it’s not in use. BUT i just realized that my screen is defective or may I just don’t know the solution on how to fix it? I have the pink hue especially on the bottom edges and even on the full brightness it is not bright enough any phone comparing next to mine is million times brighter than my S6 Edge. My 14 day return policy is up and now I’m stuck with this defective phone at such a high price 🙁 To be honest I think I would’ve been scared to exchange it on another one and have a faulty battery again, as this battery is so good. But the screen is bothering me so much, once i saw it it cannot be unseen! Just wanted to know what you think. Can this be fixed with an update or its just a faulty AMOLED display i got? Thank you in advance!  P.S. I love everything else about this phone coming from Galaxy S5 to S6 Edge . This phone is super fast, absolutely no lag on it! — Flora

Troubleshooting: Hi Flora. Frankly, the best indicator that a user can use to determine if there’s an on-going display issue is the screen’s brightness. Try to tweak some display settings like changing the intensity of the screen brightness. We know that there is an emerging problem related to your phone’s auto-brightness feature that renders the screen colors negatively. We believe that your phone is among the few S6 Edges that have been affected by this software bug. Because it software by nature, that means that it can fixed by an update. Please give more time for Samsung and Google to work this bug out.

If nothing improves much though, you have no other choice but to call Samsung directly and demand a replacement unit.


How to change standard signature on Messages in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I read your nice article on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  Can you please help me change the “standard signature” which comes from the operator? ( This message was sent from my Samsung Mobile…).  I have not found any option to make such change in the “standard email” icon.  This signature option was only found in the Gmail. Thank you!– Hilton

Troubleshooting: Hi Hilton. We are yet to confirm with Samsung if service providers can change the signature of a message at this time. Based on our research though, some users from U.S. are having a similar issue. We suspect that the issue is due to the limitations that every service provider puts on the device.

In the meantime, kindly do the following steps and see if this can help:

  • Open Messages app.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Signature.

If you can do all these steps, then most probably this is the solution to your problem. Keep us posted though if nothing works.

Alternatively, you can also call your service provider and see if they can help you with it.


Solution for disappearance of apps from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: I’ve had my S6 Edge for about 2 or 3 weeks and recently I’ve noticed this problem after I organized all my apps into folders. Sometimes an app will disappear for no reason like it’s been deleted from the device but, when going into the app store and searching for the missing app, realize it’s still installed on the device. The only way to reach the app after this disappearance is to open the app store and open the app through there.

To fix the problem: Restart device. It should return to your app screen; if you had it in a folder or a shortcut for it on the home/main screen you will have to reorganize it back into the folder it was in as well as create a new short cut for it. — Hannah

Troubleshooting: Hi Hannah. Thank you for generously sharing your time and knowledge about this issue. Due to the newness of this amazing smartphone, we also need our reader’s help in helping others resolve their issue, especially those that are out of the box. We can’t thank you enough. Keep us posted if you have more solutions for us.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge touchscreen not working

Problem: Hey. I recently just got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a few days ago, and today I was using the phone to text and I then put it in my pocket. I took it out a minute later, and for some reason the touch screen wasn’t working. It will turn on and off, like the buttons and finger print security works. it’s just that the touch screen completely doesn’t work. Thanks. — Dawson

Troubleshooting: Hi Dawson. Your phone may have a hardware failure on the display part. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing that we can do at this point for this. Please call your service provider and see if you can get the phone replaced. You can also contact Samsung to let them know about it as well as the circumstances that may have led to this issue. That way, you can also help them know the problem exists so they can rectify it or prevent if from happening on future S6 Edges.


How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge if fingerprint sensor is not working and backup password is forgotten

Problem: Please help me. My Samsung Galaxy S6  Edge cannot accept my fingerprint nor my  password backup. How do I unlock the smart phone?

Thank you for your help. This smart phone is new to me. — Andreas

Troubleshooting: Hi Andreas. If you have a computer, please go to Google’s device manager page. Enter your Gmail credentials and you should see your device in the next page. Click “Lock” and set a new password for your device. Afterwards, go back to your phone and use the new password you just created. It should work.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge calling problem

Problem: Hello. I am the proud owner of a Galaxy S6 Edge. I bought it on day 1. I also bought the regular S6 for my girlfriend the same day. We have been experiencing an odd issue with the phone (either mine or hers) randomly hanging up mid call. This happens quite frequently.  I will be in the middle of a conversation with her when I will unexpectedly hear the hang up tone. I know you may think that somehow I’m inadvertently pressing the end key, but, that is not the case as it will hang up if I have it on speaker too. Another peculiar thing happened today after one of our “hang ups”; when the call “hung up”, I immediately called her back. It rang normally then went to voicemail. I sat the phone down and figured she would call me back momentarily… about 2 minutes later, she called my work phone yelling at me to stop calling her! Apparently, on her end, it popped up that I was calling her. When she slid the “answer” icon over it said that the call was connected but then immediately it showed another incoming call coming from me. It was like an endless loop. Answer, incoming call, answer, incoming call etc… you get the picture.  T-Mobile is who we get our service through.  Have you heard of any sort of connection issue? I’ve owned the Galaxy S4 and S5 on T-Mobile and have never experienced this on their network so I don’t think it’s a carrier issue…any ideas or similar complaints?  Thank you! — Matt

P.S. I apologize, I just sent an email about a hang up issue on my Galaxy S6 Edge… I didn’t include the Android version because I figured it’s obvious that the S6 Edges are running Android 5.0.2.

Problem: Hi. I found your email on a blog this evening, and I was wondering what you’ve heard about the S6 Edge dropping calls? I’m on Verizon, and noticed Sprint was having an issue but not many with Verizon. Have  you heard of this? — Nick

Troubleshooting: Hi Nick and Matt. We have been collecting data about this problem and are yet to work on a solution (if there already is). It’s possible that the problem may have a common trigger. We believe that the real cause may be on the service provider side though we have no idea where to start right now. If the problem originates from the phone itself, we believe there should have been a lot of reports similar to this at this time.

Our best course of action right now is report the problem to your respective service providers. If this is not a network issue on their side or a software bug when they introduced their own customizations, it would, at least, still help them in collecting information about bugs that they could pass to Google and Samsung.

On your side, try to isolate the issue by booting your phone in Safe Mode to isolate possible third party app incompatibility issues. It’s also a great way to identify the issue without the need to modify your phone’s  files or settings. While in Safe mode, try to replicate the problem and see how the phone behaves. Here’s how to boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to Safe mode:

  • Turn off the phone and wait for about a minute or two.
  • Press and hold  Volume Down and the Power button for a few seconds or until the screen lights up.
  • Release the power button but continue holding the Volume Down key.
  • Only release the Volume Down key when you get the lock screen.
  • You will know if you are in Safe mode because it will say so at the lower left side of the screen.

Note: To exit Safe mode, just tap the notification saying your phone is in Safe mode.

If the problem persists even while in Safe mode, you can also try to factory reset the phone (although we recommend against doing this at this time) after you have reported the trouble to your service provider.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fast charging problem

Problem: Hey guys. I’ve had my new S6 Edge for maybe 5 days and for some reason it has stopped fast charging. I’m using the Samsung cord and wall adapter. I’ve tried different wall outlets and nothing seems to work. Can you please help? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers. — Jackson

Troubleshooting: Hi Jackson. These are  the things that we need to consider to allow fast charging in a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge like a battery charger that supports Adaptive fast charging or Quick Charge 2.0. you also need to either turn your phone off or turn the screen off to enable fast charging. Keep in mind that even if you are using the right charger, no fast charging happens if the screen is on. If the problem continues, try using another fast charger and cord. Hopefully it works but if it still doesn’t, we recommend that you get a replacement phone from Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge getting “Low memory detected clearing history” error

Problem: I keep getting the “memory full” message and I have 87GB of free memory on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I’ve included a screen shot with this message. Please help. It is driving me crazy and slowing down the phone. Thank you. — Rene

Troubleshooting: Hi Rene. We noticed this problem before with one of our readers but he was using a Samsung Galaxy S5. He was able to trace the reason for the error to an app called M-GO Movies + TV and the issue got resolved after uninstalling it. We thought it was an isolated case but since you are getting it as well, just try to see if you have that app installed in your phone right. If you don’t have M-Go, try to boot your phone in Safe mode (instructions provided above) and observe if the problem remains. We think the error is triggered by a third party app so you may want to uninstall your third party apps individually, starting from the most recent, to see if your hunch is correct.


Camera features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: Hi. I have a quick question and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. I am aware other Galaxy phones have a mode called ‘drama mode’. I’m not sure if that is the right name. Basically what it does is, you take several shots in quick bursts while you hold your camera in the same position. The subject could be your child or pet running across the screen. After the shot was taken you can apply several images of the subject running across the screen all on the same background. an example of what I am telling is here:

Having said all that, my question is how to do this in my new Galaxy S6 Edge. I see that you have also not mentioned this in your article. Moreover I tried to look for this in the download option for more modes. Regards. — Sany

Troubleshooting: Hi Sany. It appears Samsung has stopped “Drama shot” after releasing it for Galaxy S4. Even their next Galaxy iteration down the line, the S5, no longer received the same exact camera functionality. However, Samsung has kept its camera app open for more incoming modes. Samsung knows that its ubiquitous camera is not for everyone so the company gives users the freedom what mode to install. If you want to check Samsung’s storefront where you can download more camera modes, simply do the following:

  • Launch the camera app.
  • Tap on the Mode button in the lower-right corner (maybe in the lower-left depending on how you hold your phone).
  • You’ll see your currently installed modes.
  • Look for the download icon and tap it.
  • Once you are in the store, you can scroll through available modes.
  • The download option for each mode can be found on its detail screen.

We are yet to come up with our own post for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera features so in the meantime, please visit DigitalTrends for a more detailed description of the current crop of camera features for this device.


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19 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 2]”

  1. hello
    i bought a new samsung s6 edge verizon brand everything was working perfectly well and unfortunately for me the phone fell down and had the screen cracked so had no choice but to buy or do a screen replacement after i did the screen replace it goes off every 30 seconds and comes back on and dont know what to do now so please help me
    it use to be blue colour but i really loved the gold colour so i bought a gold screen replacement and am facing this huge problem…….kindly help me

  2. hey guys, i have a real problem with my S6 Edge, it’s pressing automatically the back button many times and i have no idea why. It’s so annoying because i can’t write a message, i can’t listen to music and so on. Help me with some advices. Thanks a lot!!

  3. Greetings, i have GS6 edge +, after updating the software to marshmellow my fingerprint scanner doesnt work to unlock. Can you please assist me. Thank you

  4. On the hanging up issue. Me and my wife are both experiencing this issue. Recently it has been immediately hanging up on call. You press call and it disconnects in less then a second. This issue is repeatable. I can reboot to fix it for a while but it is defiantly phone side.

  5. Hello
    Just recently got a Samsung S6. I’ve noticed that I cant get connected to my employer, as I use to be able to with my other Androids. Although its says Im connected. Im not able to access the internet using WIFI. HELP! LOL

  6. Hey my 6 edge camera shows really dark and it sometimes have a static when I try to take a pic..the thing is it still is brand new never even dropped it before and case still covers the phone is there a solution for this

  7. Can’t be done. It’s an issue on the Samsung S5 too. If you don’t have the password, only option is a factory rest. (Better have the phone backed up). As you can’t get into the phone directly, it’ll have to be a remote reset. You need to shut it down, then reboot to recovery mode (Press volume down, home button and power button all together). When you see the writing in blue release all three. Then a little green fella will show up and you’ll be in recovery mode. use the volume down button to go down to “wipe and delete user data” (Touchscreen is disabled in recovery mode) Use the power off button to select and execute the wipe. Then when complete, use volume up to go to reboot system now. You’ll have to set it back up from scratch. Sorry. Bit of advice. Don’t use the fingerprint. It’s notoriously fickle on samsungs. Best one is the pattern. It has two rescue options to get back in. There’s the pattern, a numeric passcode and failing that you can reset the security to none via security questions linked to your google account. Hope this helps.

  8. First thing. If possible, try another sim from a friend or family member in the phone in the affected area. It’s called an isolation test to see if it’s a possible sim or phone defect. Also, try booting into safe mode and maybe try uninstalling any third party voip apps such as WhatsApp or skype if you have them. A backup and reset is always worth a go. Not as complicated as it seems. apps like dropbox are perfect for backing up media and you can do it directly to a computer via the data cable that came with the phone via usb. Contacts can easily be backed up to apps like “mc backup” or “contact backup”. To boot into safe mode, from powered off, reboot and hold the volume down button until the startlock screen appears then release the volume down button. Also, check for any software updates from your manufacturer (settings-about device-software update) as they may have bundled carrier settings updates. Also, take note of area codes where it happens and specific times as well. Contact your carrier and see if there are any outages or any optimisation going on in those areas. Also make sure you have not got an unapproved third party case or cover. Sometimes, their design can affect their functionality. Have a look around the sound outlets and check for signs of dirt or dust that may be clogging up the micspeakers. Also, there are engineer codes such as *#0283# and *#0*# which are very useful to check the hardware performance. One other really useful trick that may help is to log the phone off the network by selecting an unsupported carrier in network operators and then searching again and reclogging back on to your network. If you use wifi calling, try disabling it also. You can also try switching network mode under mobile networks. Hope this helps. The guy who writes this couldn’t even be bothered to try and help so at least it’s something.

  9. Regarding the issue with message signatures, you said contact the carrier. I work for a mobile carrier (EE). What a ridiculous statement. We can indirectly influence the network. we provide technical support for issues such as voicemail, text and voice service as well as mobile internet as well as other network services such as apps we run directly but what on earth do you think we could do to affect the functionality of the phone itself. We have no influence over the settings layout or the various updates released by manufacturers. (Apart from wifi calling perhaps). We didn’t build the customer’s S6. It’s not in our remit to fix that issue. We have enough to deal with without idiotic comments like that urging customers to contact their carrier for something we do not affect.

  10. Radomely my notifications bar will show that my speakerphone is on, yet the phone is not in use. I’ve tried deleting all notifications, deleting any missed calls and voice mails, yet it’s still shows.
    But as soon as I call someone and hang up, it disappears?? Could that be a signal that my phone is being tapped? I’m not the paranoid type but I can not come up with an explanation.
    Anyone have any opinion about this? Or have experienced this?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi ,,i love my S6edge had it a little over a month…but I have noticed that when talking to people..they tell me that i am blanking out or they cant hear me..i have full signal (Verizon) an i am usually not moving when this happens.. any suggestions

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  13. Got my S6 Edge a month ago, battery at 80% but the touch screen or any of the buttons work. Rang my own number from a different phone, had a dial tone but the screen didn’t light up or did a text do anything. Tried charging it to see if it sparked anything, but also no effect. What do I do?

  14. Hi there, I am using the finger print security feature on my S6 edge, but sometimes on the lock screen it shows a small lock icon at the bottom that I need to swipe and THEN it will let me use the fingerprint scanner. How can I get rid of this???

  15. even i m facing the same problem from 2 days and i have my photos and a lot stuff in that and i dnt wnna let these things go away like that i m gonna keep my phone unused till i get a solution without factory backup ,please someone tell me the solution! samsung need to give new updates in their software reparing this!
    and its that we are unable to open settings too thts the main one.

  16. If the touchscreen isn’t working, just do a soft rest (power on/off + volume down for 7 seconds). This issue is just as likely a software, rather than a hardware, issue. Why would you recommend someone get it replaced before even attempting this?

  17. Hi so my Samsung edge back button doesn’t work properly sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, after a reset it usually works fine for like 1 min, then nothing, i purchased it 1 day ago with no other issues, this is the second edge i have had (i have had 3 edges in one day the middle one had a pixel problem) in the space of 1 day i have had to replace the phone 3 times, with 2 of the times having the same issue. I googled the problem where it says to go into your power saving mode and uncheck the box saying turn off touch key lights, but on the new system there is no option for this (that i can find) Please help, i actually like the phone its just not being able to get out of things is painful (without using the assistant menu)

  18. Topic – How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge if fingerprint sensor is not working and backup password is forgotten – I have the same problem as Andreas. My Galaxy 6 won’t accept my fingerprint that I established at set up and it won’t accept a backup PW. Actually I don’t remember creating a backup PW when I set up the phone. I believe the solution stated for Andreas will only reset the phone lock PW. It will not reset the fingerprint or backup PW. So far the data that I’ve gathered on various forums and blogs points to the only solution being a reset of the phone. Of course I don’t want to do that painful step if at all possible. The fingerprint problem seems to be common. I hope Samsung or Android comes up with an easier fix. Any help would be appreciated.



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