Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus wireless charging cutting off & other charging related issues


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgePlus) comes packed with two of the best charging technologies today–wireless and adaptive fast charging. Many decided to buy or upgrade from their old phones due to the convenience brought by these technologies and Samsung did a good job in marketing them. But as always, problems haunt the owners after a few days of owning the phone. And the most commonly reported charging issues are:

If you have other issues with your phone, visit the troubleshooting page we’ve setup for the S6 Edge Plus. It contains solutions to problems we already addressed. Use the solutions we provided and if they won’t work, then fill up this form to contact us.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus wireless charging not working

Problem: My new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ will not charge on my wireless charging pad in my 2015 escalade. Lights up then goes right off. I choose this phone because of that capability now it doesn’t work.

Troubleshooting: When it comes to wireless charging, there are a lot of factors that may contribute to the problem and in your case, we really don’t know what the cause is. So, I’ll show you the most common reasons that prevent proper inductive (wireless) charging.

  • Interference. If the wireless charger is near your microwave, inductive charging maybe slow or gets cut off completely. Do not place the pad near appliances that create magnetic field.
  • Blockage. This happens if the case you put on your device blocks the current coming from the pad. If you don’t have a case then you have nothing to worry about this aspect.
  • Proximity. Your phone must be place on top of the pad to charge. However, some users reported that direct contact with the pad may also cause contact disconnection and reconnection. What they did was place a piece of paper folded in half between the phone and the charging pad and it worked.
  • Current. Wired charging is simpler in every way compared with inductive charging because there’s a physical bridge where current can flow. In wireless charging, amperage still matters that’s why it’s important that you check how much current the pad is giving out. Your S6 Edge+ requires at least 2 Amperes to charge at a normal pace. If it’s lower than that, either the phone charges or the process constantly gets cut off.

I know it sounded more scientific than technical but to sum them all up this is what you have to do: check if your charger gives off at least 2 Amps of current, place it in an area where there’s less interference, remove third-party case you put on your phone if there’s one and try putting a piece of paper between your device and the pad.

Now we’re finished with the causes and possible solutions, let’s try some workarounds based on reports from owners who also encountered it.

  • Daydream remedy. If the charging cuts off when the screen lock engages, then this may work. Go to Settings > Display and Wallpaper > enable Daydream. What it does is keep the phone active and screen lock won’t engage until you remove it from the charger.
  • Safe mode remedy. There were a few who said booting in safe mode and charging the phone wirelessly eliminates those pauses and disconnection. It’s worth trying.

I hope this helps.

S6 Edge Plus won’t charge with original power adapter

Problem: I used a different charger other than the original that came with my Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and now it wont charge. I plug in my original charger and my phone vibrates multiple times as if the charger was loose but it isn’t. I have to use my wireless charger to charge my phone but I don’t know what to do to be able to use the original cord again.

Troubleshooting: The fact that your device charges wirelessly means it’s neither a battery issue nor a firmware problem. So, the issue is either with the power adapter or the utility port on your phone. If you know someone who owns the same phone as yours, try borrowing his/her charger and test it on yours. If it works, then it’s time you bought a new charger, otherwise, you need to have the phone checked by a technician as the utility port might be loose.

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S6 Edge+ and its charger get too hot while charging

Problem: Every time I charge my Samsung S6 Edge Plus, I notice that my phone is too hot and my charger also heating. Please help me.

Troubleshooting: For the information of everybody, it is normal for a smartphone like the S6 Edge+ to heat up when it’s plugged in to charge and the same thing happens to the power adapter that pushes the current into the phone.

If the phone gets too hot while charging, it means it’s overheating and as a fail-safe, it would turn off automatically to prevent hardware damages. There’s a thin line that differentiates the words “getting hot”  and “too hot” and for us who depend our troubleshooting on the descriptions provided by our readers, we can’t perform further tests to know if the phone is in fact, overheating or just warming up.

However, during the charging process, if the phone shut itself down without apparent reason and by the time you touch it you feel uncomfortable, then it must have overheated and turned itself off automatically. On the other hand, if it remained on and its performance normal, then it probably just warming up, which is normal.

In case the phone recently suffered liquid damage and then this problem occurs, then water may have found it’s way to some components and messed with the circuit causing overheating. You need a technician this time.

How to turn off fast charging on Galaxy S6 Edge+

Problem: My phone’s charger is a fast charger and when I use it my battery drains fast is this normal? And if it is how could I turn off the fast charging?

Answer: Your device comes with a power adapter that’s capable of adaptive fast charging and there’s no way you can disable that. If you really don’t want the fast charging capability, which I think is very useful, then buy a third-party charger that’s not capable of fast charging.

I don’t want to discredit you about your battery draining quicker when using fast charging but there’s actually nothing wrong with the feature. Besides, the device is designed to make charging quicker so better take advantage of that.

S6 Edge+ can’t get past 40% when charging

Problem: When I plug in my charger,  it keeps beeping saying that it’s connected. It won’t go further than 40 something percent I think.

Troubleshooting: There might be tons of services and apps running in the background and that will drain the battery much quicker. But try to isolate the problem by booting the phone in safe mode. If the phone charges normally in that state, then it’s time to clean up your phone. I understand it would be much of a hassle to reset it but it’s effective.

On the other hand, if the safe mode remedy didn’t work, turn your phone off and plug it in to see if it charges normally. If the problem remained, try a different charger or get a technician to check it up for you. It could be just some loose connection or something.

Related Problem: My phone sometimes doesn’t charge. Only if I turned it off or its stuck on limit of charge and it wont complete.

Related Problem: When I tried to charge my device this morning it wouldn’t charge past turning on and saying 0% and it kept turning itself on and off. I tried to use the original USB part on a wall mount, on a computer, and in the car to charge and it repeated the same behavior. I’ve had my device for only a few weeks.

Fast charging cuts off and on

Problem: Charger is plugged in and it keeps saying fast charger connected over and over. It starts charging and then stops and then does it again continuously.

Troubleshooting: If you want the phone to fast-charge, keep the screen off or better yet turn the device off completely while charging, otherwise, let it be. S6 Edge Plus comes with a fast charger and there’s no way we can control that because unlike the Note 4, S6 Edge+ doesn’t have an option to enable/disable fast charging.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ not charging at all

Problem: I left my phone charging over night yesterday woke with 100%.Today when I tired to connect it again it didn’t seem to charge it, I thought it was just my charger that was broken so I tried a different charger and none of them worked. The only way to charge my phone is by using the wireless charger but I can’t be carrying a charger like that plus the whole cable. Any help or do I have to get my phone fixed?

Troubleshooting: At least, we know that the phone is still capable of charging wirelessly, that’s a relief actually. Here’s what I want you to do:

Using the original charger, try these to see if the phone would react:

  • Boot in safe mode and plug it in to charge.
  • Turn it off and see if it charges without anything running in the background.
  • Turn it on and plug it to a computer. See if it charges or gets detected.

If it charges in safe mode, it means there are so many things running in the background that the phone eats up the battery so fast. Go to battery usage in settings and find the app that use more battery than others and then disable it. If it’s a third-party app, then you may try uninstalling it.

Assuming the phone won’t charge in safe mode but charges fine once turned off, it’s time you did the master reset to clean it up.

Lastly, if the first two procedures didn’t work and the computer couldn’t detect the phone, then it’s more of a hardware issue. The utility port maybe loose or something but it means you need a technician to check what the problem really is.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ keeps showing it’s connected while charging

Problem: Every time I plug it in, no matter what charger I use, every few seconds it will vibrate and tell me that the charger is connected. It will do this even when nothing is touching the wire or making it move at all. This is getting beyond frustrating. This has been happening for around six days now. On other devices I’ve had the problem where you have to hold the wire in a certain position for it to work but no matter what angle I hold it at, it continues to vibrate and tell me it is connected. Trying to read on my phone, text, call or do basically anything has become a nuisance due to the constant vibrations.

Suggestion: Turn the phone off and plug it in to charge. See if that would get rid of the problem. If it remained, then there’s a chance the utility port is loose from the inside. The point is, you need a technician to check that for you. However, if it charges fine when it’s off, then all you need is a reset to clear everything that might have something to do with it.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ lost power and won’t charge nor turn on

Problem: Phone is 30 days old and suddenly lost power, rapidly, and will not power up.  Have tried my two Samsung power devices and one of Best Buy’s.  Samsung will not replace the phone, neither will Best Buy.  Samsung wants me to ship it to them, where they will wipe it and keep it for about a week to try to fix it.  I do not charge it past 100% and use only Samsung charging devices.  This $800 phone is not worth it.  The phone has never been dropped or damaged in any way.  It’s perfect and very dead.

Suggestion: Just keep the phone plugged for 10 minutes. After that, try turning it on normally and if that failed, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for 20 seconds to see if you could force it to start up. If still not, then there’s a serious issue with it and I suggest you do what Samsung told you to do.

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