Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can’t send / receive text & MMS messages, other messaging issues [w/ Troubleshooting Tips]

Text messaging is among the basic functions of a phone so it’s a shame if a phone as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgePlus) is having a hard time sending and/or receiving a single SMS.



In this post, I addressed a few messaging related problems, which include SMS and MMS. So, if you contacted us before about a texting issue, try to go through the list below and see if your concern is among the ones I answered.

Troubleshooting Tips

Before we go any further, here are some tips that might be able to help you troubleshoot messaging problems with your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Tip 1: Not able to send and receive text messages – if this happens, immediately check the coverage. If your device doesn’t detect a bar or signal, then naturally, it can’t send and receive text messages. Try rebooting your phone and watch out for error messages. If the problem persists, call your service provider because, maybe, there’s a problem with the network.

Tip 2: Not able to send but can receive – the first thing you should check is the Message Center Number. If the field is blank, then you need to enter a series of numbers. However, you need to know the correct one so you need to call your service provider.

Tip 3: Unable to receive but can send – check if you device still has sufficient storage space left because if not, then you need to free up some space for new messages. You can’t tell immediately if it’s the case because this problem may be accompanied by a prompt telling you there’s insufficient storage space left. To further troubleshoot the problem, try sending a text message to your own number.

Tip 4: Unable to send / receive MMS messages – the first thing you should check is the mobile data; it must be turned on for this service to work. If it’s already on, then check the APN and verify if everything is correct. If you don’t know what the correct APN for your phone is, call your provider.

Tip 5: Unable to send group text but can send individual message – group messages are already considered MMS so check the mobile data if it’s on then the APN.

Tip 6: Unable to send / receive SMS, MMS and group messages – verify if you can make outgoing calls because if not, your device might still need to be provisioned. Before calling your provider though, make sure there’s no “airplane” icon on the status bar just to make sure Airplane Mode wasn’t enabled.

I hope these tips can help you.

If you have other concerns and need further assistance, we are just an email away. Just fill up this questionnaire and hit submit to reach us. This is a free service we offer so don’t worry about anything. However, we ask you to provide all relevant information about your problem so we can help you better. You may also visit our troubleshooting page and find issues that are similar to yours and use the solutions we provided.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Messaging Problems

Now, here are the problems I cited in this post. Try to check if your issue is among them:

  1. Verizon Galaxy S6 can’t send MMS using T-Mobile SIM
  2. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus spam messages function
  3. S6 Edge Plus no longer prompts about being charged when opening links
  4. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus shows “invalid destination address” when sending group text
  5. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can’t send messages but can receive

Verizon Galaxy S6 can’t send MMS using T-Mobile SIM

Problem: I bought a Verizon unlocked S6 Edge Plus to use on my T-Mobile SIM.  Everything works great but the mms, I can send text but when send picture messages or picture, never sent, stuck on sending. I also used Hangouts and other app, did not work.  I got the “error code” on one of the app I installed, but I deleted all the apps when they were not working.  I tried all the APN on Google and YouTube video, but no luck.  I can send pictures on viber, but want to able to send it through my phone messages system, most people don’t have viber.  Please help, I really frustrated.

Suggestion: Yeah, I think the problem is with the APN as well. You already spent time trying on APN settings you found online so I think it’s time you called T-Mobile and ask for the correct APN for your phone. You may also want to check with the provider if it has size limits in sending files.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus spam messages function

Problem: I have just switched from a Note 4 to a S6 Edge Plus and the ‘Spam Messages’ function is no longer present on the S6. Is there a way i can re-activate this, the software versions are the same between the two phones?

Solution: Galaxy S6 Edge Plus still has a spam filter function. Just open the Messages app, open the unwanted text, tap on More, then touch Add to spam numbers, tap Add to confirm. I hope this helps.

This post may also be able to help you: How to configure Messages Settings.

S6 Edge Plus no longer prompts about being charged when opening links

Problem: I’m trying to send a message out but I made a mistake and hit the never allow messages to send. Hope I’m not confusing but do you know when you click on a link in 1 of the text messages and a box pops up and say “charges may apply would you like to continue” well how do get back to this box if you know what I mean please help!

Answer: You will be prompted with that message if you were trying to access pages or services that requires internet connection. It happens only when mobile data is turned on. I assume you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and that the mobile data is turned off. To get the same prompt, turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus shows “invalid destination address” when sending group text

Problem: While I can text anyone on any device individually, try to group text and the first recipient comes up as invalid destination address. I have turned on group messaging and read the tutorials but still no luck. Help me Obi-Wan.

Answer: When sending individual text messages (without emojis, pictures or files attached), you are simply sending an SMS. But once you try sending a group text, you are now sending an MMS and there’s a big difference between the two. The latter needs to have the mobile data turned on and there might be additional charges.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can’t send messages but can receive

Problem: I can’t send messages to my contacts but I can receive messages from them.

Suggestion: I think the problem here is the Message Center Number; it might have been setup incorrectly or hasn’t been setup at all. Call your provider to receive instructions on how to set it up and ask for the correct number.

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