Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Not Turning On Unless Connected To Charger Issue & Other Related Problems

In 2015 #Samsung not only released the S6 but also an enhanced version of the phone called the #Galaxy #S6Edge. What makes this phone different from the regular version is that it sports a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen that curves around the edges. This curved display gives the phone that distinct look and feel that makes it a more premium device. Although a lot of people are using this as their primary daily driver without experiencing any problems there are still instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S6 Edge not turning on unless connected to charger issue & other related problems.

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S6 Edge Not Turning On Unless Connected To Charger

Problem: hello, thank you for any help you may be able to give regarding my S6 Edge. The phone may have gotten damp when it was in my pocket and I was outside during a light drizzle. Anyways, the phone is completely dead unless the charger is plugged in.  Only if and when the charger is plugged in, I can turn the phone on and see the ‘Samsung S6 Edge’ bootup screen but the phone simply continues to shut off after a few seconds and loops to the screen again and repeats.  I have attempted to do all of the remedies holding down the power and volume and 3rd button to no avail. The only time the phone does not reboot automatically is when I am able to get into the screen offering the 4 options of booting into safe mode, wiping the phone, etc..etc..  As soon as I select on of those options then phone goes back into the infinite loop mode.  I am not positive of the lollipop version as the android version but I have upgraded to all current software when the phone offered the option to upgrade the system.  

Solution: What you will want to do first in this case is to make sure that the phone is completely dry and that the inside is free from any moisture. To do this you need to place the phone in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours. Once this is done try turning on the phone. If the issue still persists then try starting the phone in recovery mode and from here perform a factory reset. Take note that the reset will erase your phone data. In case the issue does not get fixed then this could already be a hardware related problem in which case you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Not Charging Not Turning On

Problem: My phone hasn’t been charging properly for about a week then last night it suddenly died I left it on charge overnight to see if it would work and it hasn’t it’s coming up with an icon that is a battery with a lightning bolt through it but won’t do anything else that all, it won’t even let me do a factory reset please help I’m also unsure of the android version so have put random one.

Solution: The first thing that you will need to do in this particular case is to make sure that the phone has sufficient charge. To do this just follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Clean the charging port of your phone making sure to remove any dirt or debris stuck in it. It’s best to use a can of compressed air when cleaning this port.
  • Charge your phone for at least 20 minutes using a different charging cord and wall charger then turn on the phone.
  • You should also check if the phone can charge from a computer USB port.

In case the issue still remains even after performing the steps listed above then you will have to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked as it looks like the battery might already be faulty.

S6 Edge Battery Level Keeps On Changing

Problem: I have an S6 Edge, using it since 1.5 Years Main Issue – Battery Jumping to 1% & Continuously Restarting until kept on charging Since 1 week my phone’s battery has been jumping from 30-40% to 1% directly, and doesn’t charge untill i restart the phone . But from today, it directly shuts down, and i have to restart the phone . EVEN after that , it is frozen on RESTART SCREEN . It stays there & shut down again & again until i keep it on charging. Due to such problems, i thought of updating to Android 7.0 Nougat, which doesn’t seem to make any difference to the problem PLEASE HELP, Thank You Best regards

Solution: The best thing that you can do right now is to check if the problem is caused by a software glitch. To do this you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then your phone might need a new battery. I suggest that you bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Camera Is Foggy After Phone Got Wet

Problem: Hello, I dropped my Samsung s6 edge in the toilet the other day but quickly retrieved it and put it in rice. I left it there overnight and when i tried it this morning, the phones screen wasn’t responsive so i left it for another half a day and the phone seemed fine. However as the cameras we’re still foggy, I thought it was best to leave it in rice for a bit longer. Now it doesn’t seem to register it charging (except vibrating then red light turning off), and when I try doing the button combination presses, all the phone does is start flashing the blue LED, the keys flash and it just goes back to only the LED flashing. The cameras are fine until the phone heats up a little and they become foggy again which makes me think there is still water inside. I don’t feel comfortable taking the phone apart as its pretty new. Any ideas in what could be wrong at this point? The phone seemed to be working this morning!

Solution:  It appears that the rice is not removing the moisture that is affecting the camera lens. Since the phone needs to be opened then the best way to proceed in this case is to bring the phone to a service center and have them repair this.

S6 Edge IMEI Number Has Changed

Problem: Hi . I have a Samsung s6 edge. Had it for 2 years no real issues. Battery has been draining like crazy for past 3 months but just been charging as and when. Yesterday I used my phone as normal nothing strange . Went to bed and woke up this morning with no data roaming 3g or 4g plus no network available. Cut a long story short I have established that for some weird reason my imei number has changed completely. It is now 35000000000000000006/02 . Spoken to Samsung who insisted I must have rooted my phone to do this but I genuinely have not done anything whatsoever! No one can help. Do you have any advice please?

Solution: A corrupted IMEI is a known issue when flashing or rooting the phone which is why the Samsung representative representative suspected that you phone has been rooted.

For this particular issue you should backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete try checking the IMEI of the phone again.

In case the problem persists then you should try flashing the phone with its updated stock firmware file using Odin. You can get the file from the Sammobile website which is also where you can find the instructions on how to flash your phone.

S6 Edge Not Turning On After Getting Wet

Problem: My wife put Samsung galaxy s6 edge in her hand bag with water bottle and some water got leak from bottle and phone got wet. She clean the phone right ways but now phone is not turning on i kept phone in bag of rice for two days but still wont turn on please help.

Solution: Since placing the phone in a bag of rice for two days doesn’t fix the problem then the phone might be water damaged. The best thing to do right now to determine which component got damaged is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Not Responding After Getting Wet

Problem: Hi my name is Hammad there seems to be a problem with my Samsung galaxy S6 edge. First of all my phone dropped in the water and the it kept on restarting and it started to charge however i accidentally clicked various things from factory reset to wipe internal data after that my phone turned blacked and it isn’t responding i tried hard reset but it still isn’t working can you help me in way possible if you can i would appreciate it a lot thank you.

Solution: The best thing that you can do right now is to place the phone in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture inside the phone. Charge your phone for at least 20 minutes after this. Once this is done try turning in the phone. If the issue still persists then you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Reboots When Connected To Wi-Fi After Software Update

Problem: Hi my name is Jack and I own a galaxy S6 edge and I updated my phone recently and now whenever I try to connect to a WiFi network it ends up rebooting my phone and it won’t stop til I turn off the WiFi or it’ll continue in a rebooting loop that never stops and it kills my battery how can I fix this

Solution: Since this problem occured right after a software update then this is likely caused by some form of old software data that has not been completely removed during the update process. This old data is now causing a conflict with the new software version. The best way to fix this problem is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S6 Edge Radio Signal Fluctuating

Problem: I have an S6 Edge running the latest Nougat update. I’m also having the same problem on an S6 Active, again running latest Nougat update. The radio signal (AT&T 4G/LTE) fluctuates back and forth between say 120 db and 90, give or take a db or two. At&T says there are no known issues with the closest towers. Three other phones I have, a Galaxy S8, HTC U11 and LG V10 are all rock-solid and hold a constant signal around 90 db, fluctuating maybe one db either side of 90. I have several lines and have switched sims around to rule out a sim card issue. I’m wondering if the S6 series simply have a weak/bad radio/antenna design possibly? I have cleared the cache partitions and done several factory resets on the two affected S6 phones with no result. Turning VoLTE off or on does nothing. Like I said, I can line up all 5 phones next to each other and the two S6s have a wildly fluctuating signal and the others are rock solid. I use the app Network Cell Info and also the SIM status in settings to verify the signal. I honestly haven’t had any dropped calls as a result of the signal fluctuation. I have checked many forums, but can’t come up with anyone else having this issue with ether the S6 Edge or S6 Active. I doubt that both phones could be bad. Any ideas?

Solution: We haven’t received any issues regarding this nature from our other readers so right now we can’t say if this is caused by the update. You can try flashing your phone with its  previous software version then check if the radio signal still fluctuates. If it does then the problem could be caused by an issue with the phone antenna.