Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Freezes And Reboots After Software Update Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S6Edge is one of the high end smartphones available in the market that can provide an excellent user experience. Released in 2015 as a flagship device, this phone has a premium build quality which matches its great hardware architecture. Performance wise, this device can smoothly handle any app available at the Google Play Store with ease. While this phone has proven itself as a reliable daily driver there are instances when certain issues can occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S6 Edge freezes and reboots after software update issue & other related problems.

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S6 Edge Freezes And Reboots After Software Update

Problem: Hi Droid guys, Well this morning my S6 Edge receive an update from Samsung, I decide to install it and after that the phone starts working very bad, it freezes sometimes causing the system to reboot itself, then after several reboots, I decide to wipe the cache,, but the same issue continue, after that I went to the wipe data/ Factory reset and the issue continues. Then the phone decide not to turn on anymore. In this moment it is plugged into the charger but no led indicator nor screen turns on. What do you recommend before taking the phone to a technician? Thanks Guys

Solution: The first thing that you need to do for this particular issue is to make sure that the battery has some charge left because if it is drained then you won’t be able to do any troubleshooting. This is why you will need to charge the phone for at least 20 minutes by following the steps listed below.

  • Clean the charging port of the phone making sure that any dirt or debris gets removed.
  • Try charging the phone using a different charging cord.
  • Try using a different wall charger.
  • Check if your phone can charge through a computer USB port.

If the phone does not turn on then this could either be caused by a faulty battery or a malfunctioning power IC. I recommend that you have this checked at a service center.

S6 Edge Turns Off Randomly After Getting Wet

Problem: Phone fell into toilet I let it to stay off had it in rice and it wouldn’t work less it was plugged into the charger it would say it was 100% and work but it would turn off, I decided to blow dry it, i saw water in the camera and that seemed to helped once I put it to charge it was at 30% and seemed to be charging fine but now it will turn on it will work fine but it still will turn off at random times is there anything I could do to fix it or should I just go get a new one?

Solution: It’s very likely that the water has affected some internal component of the phone resulting in this issue. If you have already placed your phone in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours to dry out the moisture inside the device then you should have this checked at a service center. Sometimes the issue could just be caused by a bad battery in which case it needs to be replaced. However, if it’s already a motherboard related problem then you should just consider getting a new phone.

S6 Edge Not Turning On After Getting Wet

Problem: i drop my phone on the toilet for maybe 3 seconds, it was like 11:47am when it fell inside and at 11:49am , I left it in a bowl but then I put it in a bag throughout the day I have tried 3 times to turn it on but it hasn’t . it is now 10:13pm I put it in Jasmine Rice , but would my Galaxy S6 edge dry even though I can’t take out the battery? and could there be a chance that when I wake up at 6am to school it will turn on ?please help thanks !

Solution: Rice is best known as an absorbent and when it is placed in a bag with your phone it will absorb the moisture that is present inside the phone. The problem right now is that your phone does not start which could indicate that some component got shorted out by the water. Try charging your phone for at least 20 minutes. Make sure to regularly touch your device if it heats up ( if it does then disconnect it from its charger). Try turning your phone on. If it doesn’t turn on then you need to have this checked at a service center.

S6 Edge Keeps On Rebooting

Problem: My sprint samsung galaxy s6 edge is rebooting every 1 min 8 secs….phone DOESN’T REBOOT in recovery/download mode. I have successfully flashed the stock firmware via odin…but no it reboots in the app optimizing screen every 1 min 8 secs…Do you know the possible solution of this problem..??

Solution: Try wiping the cache partition of the phone from the recovery mode then follow this up with a factory reset. If the issue still remains then this could be caused by a faulty internal component. I recommend that you have this checked at a service center.

S6 Edge Does Not Turn On

Problem: I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for close to two years. Did not have any battery issue thus far. Last night after I made a call, I noticed the battery level 10%. I plugged the phone using its original Samsung charger over night. This morning the phone was off and would not start the normal way. I tried the pressing the on/off button, and pressed the volume buttons at the same time, no sign of turning ON. It seems that is ALL DEAD. Is there a fuse in the battery which could be blown? What to do, where to have it fixed?

Related Problem: Hi guys: When woke up this morning, my S6 Edge did not turn on. I leave it every night charging and when I picked it up today, it appear the 100% charged sign and then black. I’ve tried every typical thing (charging, recovery…) and no button combination makes anything work. There’s no ‘life’ sign (lights, logos…) and the computer doesn’t detect it. I don’t know if you could help me or give me some advice, because I don’t want to loose all my data. Thank you for your attention

Solution: The first thing that you should do in this case is to try to simulate a battery pull by pressing and holding both the power and volume down button for at least 10 seconds. Normally, the phone should restart after this. If it doesn’t then try charging the phone for at least 20 minutes. If you get no response then do the following steps.

  • Clean the charging port of your phone using a can of compressed air.
  • Try using a different charging cord.
  • Try using a different wall charger.

If the above steps fail to fix the problem then bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

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  1. hello..i have a Samsung s6 edge..i was playing music on my phone and then it freezes..i restarted the phone using the power + volume down button it restarted and i continued using the phone..ever since the phone started freezing and restarting and sometimes wont restart until i perform a hard reset on it…i upgraded it from 5.1 to 6.0.1 still the problem persisted..i have tried alot of firmware but still no result…i don’t know what to do again…please reply through this platform..thanks

  2. Hey droid guys I recently did an update on my Galaxy s6 edge now some of the apps like the make a call app or message app does not load and has the Android icon instead of it’s normal icon. Any way of trying to fix this problem because I’ve tried doing a hard reset and a reset on my settings, haven’t factory data reset hoping I don’t have to do that as I don’t want to lose all my content. Please someone email me if you have any answers.

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