Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge – Ultimate US availability and pricing guide

You’ve seen them pitted against HTC’s new hero device, a handy comparison highlighted the huge gap and copious upgrades operated on the disappointing Galaxy S5, and albeit it was an apple to orange correlation for the most part, we tried our best to match them up to the Note 4 and Note Edge for your convenience.



Meanwhile, although the embargo is probably not entirely lifted, a number of reputable tech publications broadcasted their near-comprehensive Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge reviews already, concluding these are hands down the best Androids in the world.

Only one thing left to do now, our power user friends and readers. Cash in on your aging flagships, and embrace the metal revolution. With or without curves, that’s completely up to you. Also wholly up to you – the carriers and retailers you want to do business with. The good news? The selection is plentiful, and incredibly enough, the premium phones are far from prohibitively priced.

Galaxy S6 Edge

The bad? Online pre-orders are live at the moment, with actual deliveries and physical store sales slated to begin April 10 nationwide. But it’s clearly wise to be prepared, especially when demand reportedly exceeds production capacity. So, here are all your on and off-contract purchase possibilities stateside:


Standard Galaxy S6 32 GB – $199.99 with Sprint pacts; $699.99 free of contractual obligations in black sapphire

Galaxy S6 32 GB, white pearl – $199.99 and $684.99 with or without AT&T agreements respectively

Galaxy S6 black

Just to be clear, no one can promise pre-April 10 shipments. So, Amazon is doing the very best possible with the only two S6 configurations operators are able to spare for the time being. Yes, interest is that high. But worry not, Verizon SKUs should show up as well after April 1, and factory unlocked models, including of the S6 Edge, will likely be easiest to find here, as always. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Best Buy

Well, well, well, what have we here? Basically every single AT&T and Sprint variant ready for primetime, with or without seductive edges, coated in black or white, hoisting 32 to 128 GB native storage. Check that, 128 GB-ers are still listed as “coming soon”, as are gold platinum S6s and powerhouse phones meant for the number one network in the US.

Galaxy S6 wireless

If you’re okay settling for the silver or bronze medalists, it’s good to know BB throws in a free wireless charging pad ($59.99 value) to further incentivize prospective buyers. 32 GB S6s cost $199.99 with carrier agreements on both AT&T and Sprint, whereas S6 Edges offering the somewhat skimpy depository yield $299.99 expenses.

It’s almost needless to say therefore 64 GB versions are $299.99 and $399.99 respectively.


Did your Netflix subscription run out before the new House of Cards season went live? Is it about to expire, and all you can think of is Piper Chapman and her orange-clad cronies? Don’t be so quick to renew the service, as Magenta offers one free year of full Netflix access for all GS6/S6 Edge shoppers.

Galaxy S6 Netflix

No tricky fine print, no strings attached, just a $100+ worth gift from the nation’s leading “Uncarrier.”

And no, their pricing isn’t artificially inflated either. It’s around $680 (full retail) for the “entry-level” S6, and $780 and up for the Edge. Split in monthly payments, that’s a sensible $28.33 and $32.49. Alas, 64 and 128 GB configs come with mandatory upfront fees of $100 and $200, and regular installments ranging from $27.50 to $31.66.


Two storage options for each device, two colors, three Next purchase choices, plus on-contract and outright possibilities. There’s something for everyone here, unless you feel “gold is best”, or your digital hoarding illness is a little out of control.

Galaxy S6 back

32 GB Galaxy S6 – $685 on full retail; $200 with pacts; $22.84 on Next 24 with 30 monthly installments; $28.55 on Next 18 (24 months); $34.25 on Next 12 for 20 months

64 GB S6 – $785; $300; $26.17; $32.71; $39.25

32 GB S6 Edge – $815; $300; $27.17; $33.96; $40.75

64 GB Galaxy S6 Edge – $915; $400; $30.50; $38.13; $45.75


The Now Network is fairly aggressively promoting its unique 12 and 24-month leases, the latter of which lets you have the 32 GB S6 for “free” with $80 monthly payments that include unlimited high-speed data, talk and text.


Not bad, but if you want to go for a more traditional purchase, you can always cough up $648 and choose your service plan separate. The 64 GB SKU is $768 outright or $300 on-contract. Of course, the 32 GB S6 is $200 with two-year Sprint pledges, and the S6 Edge starts at $300 and $768.

Easy Pay drops everything to $27 for the lesser GS6 config, or $32 if you’re into curvy gear.


Just because they’re (un) fashionably late to the flagship pair’s US launch party (what’s new?), it doesn’t mean they’re not worth waiting for. Au contraire, given Big Red will cut you arguably the best no-contract deal before Amazon receives unlocked inventory.

Verizon Galaxy S6

Ready? $600, $700 and $800 for the 32, 64 and 128 GB Galaxy S6, and $700, $800 and $900 for the S6 Edge. That’s almost affordable. Which isn’t quite what we can say about Verizon’s 24-month-tied-to-the-network “special offer.”

Technically, they want $200 and up and $300 and up, just like everyone else. But you’ll have to pay them $250 and $350, and remember to ask them for rebates. Forget it!

US Cellular

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-2

With all these popular, mainstream choices, we can’t imagine you’d ever go for a service provider covering a measly 23 states and less than 5 million people. But if you’re eccentric like that, USC has your back – $200 and $300 for S6 and S6 Edges with contracts, or $34 and $39.50 monthly fees, with no down payment.


Again, why would anyone go to Target to buy an AT&T or Sprint-locked handheld is beyond us. Particularly as brick and mortar stock is unlikely to arrive before the two carriers themselves get the phones out in physical outlets.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Once again, purely for informative purposes, an S6 starts at $200 and an S6 Edge at $300 with Target. You can pre-order them in black or white, ready to hold 32 or 64 GB data.

That’s all she wrote… for now, but stay tuned for updates, more promotions, discounts and, first and foremost, elated deliveries and “exotic” variant spreads. We’re looking at you, golden S6s, and also gargantuan 128 GB-ers.