Samsung Galaxy S5 Whole Screen Flickering Issue & Other Related Problems

One of the best features of the #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 is its 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display. This display has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at 432 ppi making images on the screen stand out. Devices that use this screen type are known to produce crisp and vivid images on the screen. While the display of this phone is quite exceptional there are instances when certain screen issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 whole screen flickering issue & other related problems.


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S5 Whole Screen Flickering

Problem: I’ve been having a problem with my phone for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve had a galaxy s5 for probably about a year now with no problems until recently. I usually turn my phone to the lowest light setting when I go to bed so that it doesn’t hurt my eyes, but about a week ago the bottom of my screen (probably 1/4th) began flickering. It only does this at the lowest light setting, and the flicker is only that, it’s just a constant flicker, the screen image isn’t distorted, other than a slightly brighter flickering. I honestly just ignored it because it didn’t bother me all too much because I was just glad my phone was still working. Tonight though, I had my phone set to the lowest light setting and my whole screen was flickering, with flashes of lime green too. I immediately turned my phone light setting up in fear of my phone breaking all together. Do you have any advice in fixing this issue, if at all possible? I’m not sure if I have a warranty on my phone, and I seriously don’t have the money to get a new one. On a side note, I have a son who has dropped my phone multiple times, and there’s been times where I’ve left my phone to charge all night. Could that have caused this?

Solution: One characteristic of an AMOLED display is that it tends to flicker whenever the brightness level is set to a low setting. Unlike the LED/LCD displays where a light is projected to the array of pixels, the AMOLED display pixel emits its own light. When the brightness is decreased this lowers the electrical current going to these pixels which can usually cause the flickering effect. Some phone’s that use an AMOLED display don’t exhibit this behavior while others do.

If your screen is flickering a lot at a low brightness level what you will want to do is to increase the brightness level of your phone. You should also turn off the automatic brightness setting of your phone.

If the brightness level is already at its maximum level and the screen still flickers you will then need to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in the phone software by doing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. Once the reset is complete try to check if the display still flickers. If it does then should have the phone checked at a service center as this could already be a hardware related problem.

S5 With Cracked Screen Is Flickering

Problem: I have a galaxy s5. It has had a cracked screen for months that hasn’t caused an issue. All of a sudden, about a week ago my phone started flickering green once it got below 5% battery. Over the last 2 days it has been flickering more and more often. When I lock my phone and try to unlock my screen is black. If I press the right places for my pass code I can unlock it. It’s responsive it just doesn’t show anything. I’ve downloaded antivirus, tried safe mode, popped the battery several times, cleared the cache. Not sure what else to do.

Solution: What you will want to do in this case is to check if a glitch in the phone software is causing the problem. Backup your phone data first then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete don’t install anything in your phone just yet. Try to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then this could be caused by the damaged display. I recommend that you have this checked at a service center.

S5 Screen Doesn’t Turn On

Problem: Hi I’ve been having issues with my Samsung galaxy s5. The screen doesn’t turn on 95% of the time. When i press power button the screen turns on for less than a second and goes black again. I have to repeatedly press power button to make it work. I’ve tried pretty much everything including factory reset but nothing seems to work. Do you think this is hardware issue or firmware or anything else. Thanks

Solution: It’s possible that the problem is caused by either a loose connection between the display and the phone motherboard or the display itself is already defective. I recommend that you have this checked at a service center so the issue can be resolved. Worst case scenario is that the display assembly will have to be replaced.

S5 Screen Not Recognizing Touch

Problem: So my galaxy s5 screen wouldn’t sense my touch right like I would try to press one letter and it would choose a bunch of random letters so I got a new one and it is still doing the same thing and now sometimes it won’t even recognize my touch

Solution: Do you have a screen protector installed? If you have then remove it from your phone as this could sometimes interfere with the screen sensitivity. If your phone doesn’t have a screen protector installed then the next steps is to check if the phone software is causing this problem by doing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. If the issue still occurs after the reset then the problem could be caused by a damaged digitizer. You should have this checked at a service center if this is the case.

S5 Screen Flickering Yellowish Green

Problem: Hi. My phone has recently started flickering a yellowish green color. It happens randomly when the screen brightness is low. It also happens sometimes when I click the power button to check if I got texts or any notifications, if that makes sense. Other times it happens when the screen is on and I’m not doing anything on it. Just waiting for it to sleep. Why is it doing that? Should I go to the t-mobile store? or should I get a new phone? Thanks!

Solution: AMOLED displays usually flicker when the brightness setting is set to low. Try checking if the same issue occurs when you increase the brightness setting and turn off the auto brightness setting. If the screen still flickers then what you will want to do next is to check if a glitch in the phone software is causing the issue by doing a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. Once the reset is complete do not install anything just yet in the phone. Try to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then the problem could already be hardware related possibly caused by a faulty display. You should have this checked at a service center.

S5 Screen Is Black But Notification Work

Problem: My screen is black for like 2 months. I have tried all the methods possible, but there’s no use. I know it’s not a software problem cause i did a master factory reset and also did a factory reset through computer. My phone’s screen is black but all the soft buttons, notification sound, plug in sound, volume sound ; all those things work but the screen is black. Please tell me which part of my hardware is making my phone’s screen black forever. And this is a new phone it’s only been 5 months after i got it. Please help me!!

Solution: It looks like the display assembly of your phone is damaged already. You can check if this is the case by having the display replaced at a service center.

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  1. Hello dear, I am Mustafa, I am using galaxy s5 SM G900A, Baseband: G900AUCU4CO15, Android Version 5.1.1 . My mobile problem is screen flickering at low brightness as you know low brightness is really essential at night but I can’t use it. I have tried several ways to fix it but didn’t worked like : hard reset, soft reset, unthinkable auto adjust screen tone, disabling hardware overlays through developer mode. But didn’t worked for me. Is there anyway to fix this device, I don’t even know is this the problem of hardware or software. Please show me a way .

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