Samsung Galaxy S5 Voice To Text Creates Multiple Copies Of Message Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to assist our readers who own the #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 fix the issues that they are experiencing with their phone. Today we will tackle the Galaxy S5 voice to text creates multiple copies of message issue & other related problems. What happens in this case is that when text to speech is used it will type in the message multiple times. We will take a look at how to fix this as well as other text messaging problems.

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S5 Voice to Text Creates Multiple Copies Of Message

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S5 just started inserting multiples of what I say when I do text to speech while composing an IM.  for example, if I say “do you need any help”, it will type in the message, do you need any help, do you need any help, do you need any help.  

Related Problem: Voice to Text problem.  When I say a sentence I get several versions of the sentence.  For example I will say “is Skyler ready yet” and I get is Skyler ready yet is Skylar ready yet is Schuyler ready yet is Schlylar ready yet How do I stop this?

Solution: This appears to be a Google server side issue since it is affecting various models and brands. You should try checking if any Google apps need updating ( go to the Google Play Store then tap on the My Apps & Games section) and update them accordingly.

You can however do some troubleshooting on your end to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in the phone software.

  • If you are using a third party keyboard app try uninstalling this app.
  • Start your phone in Safe mode then check if the issue occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by a third party app installed in your phone. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.
  • Clear the cache and data of the text messaging app.

If the above steps fail to fix the problem then try the step below.

  • Navigate to your Settings Menu
  • Open your Application Manager & Find the Google App
  • Pressing the Top-Right Icon Select to Uninstall Updates
  • Make Sure the Google Update is NOT Set to Auto-Update from the Play Store
  • Restart your Device

S5 Not Receiving Text Messages With Bitmoji

Problem: I have one friend that will send me pictures or bitmoji. If she puts anything besides letters in her text, I can’t see it – the text comes across like a blank text. I don’t have the problem with anyone else – my husband sent me a picture right before she did and I saw his picture fine. She was having problems with everyone, she just got an update and now it’s only happening with me. I have Android version 6.0.1; software version g900pvps3cqb3; hardware version g900p.04. Ideas on what to try? I thought maybe it was because I didn’t install bitmoji, did that, still doesn’t work.  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Thanks!!

Solution: Sometimes when someone sends a bitmoji it is sent your way as an MMS message. Try turning on your phone mobile data switch and make sure that you are able to send and receive an MMS.

Other troubleshooting steps that you should consider doing are as follows.

  • Clear the cache and data of your text messaging app.
  • Start the phone in Safe Mode then check if the issue occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.
  • Try clearing wiping the cache partition of your phone.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Cannot Send Text Message

Problem: Can not send txt msg…i’ve tried the following restarted my phone…took battery out for a few mins…checked message centre number…and even factory reset my phone and still nothing has worked

Solution: If a factory rest fails to fix the problem then this could by either the network, your account, or the SIM.

  • Try checking if the issue occurs when you are in another location. Make sure that the phone is getting a good network signal.
  • Try using a different SIM in our phone.
  • Contact your service provider as the problem could be account related.

S5 Notification Sound When Music Is Playing

Problem: Hello everyone! And Thank You greatly for such a forum. Many of my questions have already been answered. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this one… Many users complain about being unable to hear incoming notifications while playing their media (via BT or headphone jack) Or the opposite…music cuts completely out, allowing the device’s speaker to notify, then the music resumes. My S3 used the latter case, cutting all media output, so it can sound from it’s own speaker. I need my new S5, 6.0.1, to use this method also,… instead of (currently) dimming the music volume slightly, and outputting the notification sound (text/email etc) through the connected media. I dislike missing texts because their sounds blend with the music. Please help? Is there even a fix?

Solution: Unfortunately this is how the new Marshmallow notification system works. You can try increasing the volume for the notifications ( which is different from the media volume) so as to increase the notification sound of the phone.

S5 Lags A Lot when A Call Is Made

Problem: Good day. Recently my phone updated its Android system to 6.0.1, and after that next problem began to occur: When I call someone my phone just lags a lot. Contacts and Phone apps just freezes and I can’t do anything except rebooting it by taking off battery. Sometimes it says that System app stopped to work. And the most interesting thing is when I take my phone and listen to it (display turn off because I take phone to my ear) there are no crashes, lags or freezes and everything works just fine. I believe it happened because of new Android update (I haven’t been installing any new apps or doing some work to phone for last few months).

Solution: If this problem occurs right after a software update then it could be caused by some old software data that got left behind during the upgrade process. This old data causes a conflict with the new software version resulting in this problem. What you should do in this case is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

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