Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport the company’s next-gen LED flash

Samsung Flash

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is only a week away from launch with reports of a 20MP camera sensor being used on the smartphone. And now we’re hearing of the company’s intentions to possibly include a new gen LED flash to accompany the camera sensor. A total of five new LED flash units were announced by Samsung earlier today in a press statement. These LED flash units come with a reflective technology inside which allows for it to cover more area in a confined environment.

A company statement read – “Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LEDs are designed to enable a great deal of flexibility by providing a wide FOV [field of view] within a small space through the integration of a light source, a lead frame, and a reflector with its own optics and diffusion features.”

Samsung indirectly hinted that this smartphone will be used on the Galaxy S5 by mentioning that it will be showcased at next week’s MWC event in Barcelona. So in addition to a 16 or 20MP camera sensor that the next Samsung flagship is believed to sport, we can also add this new gen LED flash to the list.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Via: Android Police