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  1. I was having some really bizarre problems with my S5. The screen would randomly freeze for no good reason, and then just as mysteriously, unfreeze sometime later. It would work, then it wouldn’t work, then it would work again – sometimes. Sometimes the touch screen would not accept inputs, sometimes the control buttons and home buttons would go dead. The camera would selectively go dead as well depending on how I accessed it. That’s when my journey to fix the phone began.

    At various points, I backed up the phone, did three factory resets, cleared the cache multiple times, deleted and reinstalled apps, installed “cleaning apps”, ran the phone without some apps to see if that was it, did SAFE MODE reboots, removed the battery, removed the SD card, and NOTHING SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Absolutely nothing solved the problem. I really thought I had a defective, damaged or infected phone. I was ready to take the phone up to the 12th floor of our office, go out on the roof, and heave it as far as I could throw. I really HAD IT with this stooopid phone! I had invested WAY too much time trying to figure this out.

    Then it occurred to me that I had not formatted a new 16GB Micro SD card I had installed in the phone. So I went ahead and formatted the card, and the phone warned me that all my files would be erased, but I didn’t care at that point and said, “OK”, and the phone formatted the card and erased all the files and my previous backup (or so I was led to believe).

    Did that fix it? NO, the phone still froze randomly. Sometimes it wouldn’t even let me shut it down and turn it off. I was really starting to see red.

    Then as a last resort, something I read here worked. Not sure which specific step worked, but I will tell you everything I did.

    Going into SETTINGS>STORAGE I selected the “UNMOUNT SD CARD” function, then shut down the phone. I hadn’t used this function on the phone before when removing the SD card, but I did it this time. I then opened the back and removed the battery, and then the SD Card (you must remove the battery in order to access the SD card slot because the battery obstructs the slot). I then put the SD card into a multi-card reader attached to my desktop computer and manually deleted ALL FILES on the SD Card. Oddly enough, my back-up files were still there, even though I had previously reformatted the card two times on the phone. So perhaps the S5 is NOT erasing all the files when it formats. Once every single file and directory had been deleted off the card, I reinstalled it in the phone, and again, using the Samsung SETTINGS>STORAGE menu, formatted the SD Card.
    At this point, when I checked to make sure all my APPS were still on the phone, something weird occurred. Some of my apps – I believe, those I had originally moved to the SD card – had “ghost” shortcuts shown. I assume when I deleted all the files from the SD card, some of these apps got blown away. Yet when I tried to reinstall these apps, the phone was telling me they were >already installed<. What I discovered was that the phone was starting to download and re-install the missing apps over my home WIFI. So I decided to let the phone sit for a while and do its thing and see whether my apps would reappear. After about a half hour, I checked the phone. The apps were still "there but not there". So In frustration, I shut the phone down completely and decided to tackle that challenge later. A few hours later when I re-started the phone, all the ghost apps had mysteriously reappeared. Even better, the phone appeared to be fully functional with no hangs or freezes. I have been using it for a day now with no problems and no freezes. Phone is fixed.
    I hope this helps some folks out there. This has been a real journey, but it seems I have finally reached my destination. I just wish this information had been easier to find….

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