Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 13]

Dear readers, welcome to our 13th troubleshooting post for Samsung Galaxy S5.


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Three Samsung Galaxy S5 with same problem–Nova Launcher failing,camera not working,photos getting corrupted

Problem: Hi I saw your articles on Drippler regarding S5 problems and errors and I thought I would bring mine up.   I own a Galaxy S5 with T-Mobile.  In fact this is my 3rd one with them and let me state why and get straight to the point. The first S5 I owned I had for about 9 months and I had seemingly no problems. I really am not that excited about the Touch Wiz, so as I have in the past when I owned a Samsung Galaxy S3,  I installed a 3rd party home screen called Go Launcher.  It worked fine for some months, then mysteriously my camera stopped working and I got error messages that the camera would not open.  I thought maybe it had something to do with the Go Launcher,  so being a techie guy myself, of course I went thru the agony of troubleshooting. I uninstalled the launcher but it didn’t help. I installed a 3rd party camera, it did not help either. So I did a factory reset.  Each time a fix was temporary,  so I researched the problem online and found that it is a known problem with the S5 and actually had something to do with the front camera failing. So I contacted Samsung and T-Mobile,  they sent me a new phone. After setting up this new phone and feeling like a change I switched to a new launcher in Nova Launcher. Well this phone began acting up, but this time not just the camera, but the phone continued to shut itself off unexpectedly and reboot, especially when being charged with and without a certified Samsung charger. Once again, T-Mobile said it was a defective phone and there was a possible hardware issue and sent me my 3rd phone that I have now. I have the Nova Launcher running in this S5 and in taking pictures with the stock camera in touch Wiz or in my Nova Launcher,  pictures do not save and I get nothing but a black background with a person avatar and no picture.  I have since installed Google camera that seems to be ok, but the bottom line is why do I have to go 3rd party? Is it that the fabulous S5 cannot handle 3rd party launchers or is really that the S5 just has this many problems and glitches.

Maybe it is time to try the Note 4, or maybe I should just go to an iPhone. Blah.

Thank you for your time in reading my email. — Damian

Troubleshooting: Hi Damian. We thank you for taking the time to write us about your case.  You have an interesting situation here given that you already have three S5s all showing more or less the same problem. We may have to do a little more digging for this issue as we can’t find a reliable partner website with a similar case.

It seems odd to think that even replacement units encounter the exact or similar problem after some time. It’s easy to blame coincidence after you got the first replacement but for the same problem to happen on the second replacement S5 already suggests that there must be something common to all three phones that is causing this.

The only possible common denominator that we can think that may be the real cause is the microSD card you are using. We have had some reported cases in the past wherein replacement phones did not resolve a problem because the root cause was never the phone in the first place.

If you have been using the same microSD card for all your S5 phones, there’s a big chance that it is the source of all these hassles. We suggest that you remove it  from your phone first and observe if the problem remains without it. MicroSD cards are not created equal. There are some that can last years but others may only reach a few months. Depending on a few variables, the life expectancy of your microSD card right now may be almost over. This is usually indicated, based on experience, by minor corrupted files at first, like your observation of some of your pictures getting corrupted.

A bad microSD card is also one of the causes of a camera app failing so it’s best if you try to narrow down the possible causes by replacing it first.

Another possible cause may be a rogue app you installed on all three S5s before. Performing Safe Mode on your S5 and uninstalling apps individually can also help isolate the source of trouble.

We can’t think of any suggestions for you right now but we will be pleased to hear from you again if the above steps won’t help.


Samsung Galaxy S5 “Unfortunately your contacts have stopped” error

Problem: I am having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S5. Every time I want to go to my phone icon it says “Unfortunately your contacts have stopped”. Can someone help me with this? I can’t fix it. Thank you. — Monica

Troubleshooting: Hello Monica. This problem does not only happen on a Samsung Galaxy S5 so we can fairly say it’s a pretty common failure for Android smartphones. What is happening is that the stock or built-in phone application on your S5 may become corrupted or damaged. It needs to replaced or reinstalled. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to remove it from your phone like any ordinary app because it comes with your phone and Samsung made it a permanent feature. The best thing that we can do right now is to reset your phone to its factory defaults. This process will delete all your settings, photos, videos, and customizations on your phone so make sure to back them up before doing it. Remember to keep copies of important photos, videos, and files you may have on your phone and keep them, if possible, in another storage device. Alternatively, you can transfer all the files stored in your phone’s internal storage to the external storage medium you have called microSD card. Make sure to eject the microSD card before proceeding to restore the phone’s factory defaults.

For a more detailed instruction on how to reset the phone to its factory state, just click this link.


 Samsung Galaxy S5 freezing when using apps

Problem: Hola Mr. Droid man. I bought my Galaxy S5 a few months ago and I’ve never had one problem with it, until lately. The keyboard freezes, and the screen glitches more when I’m using Internet. Say for instance I was typing this on Facebook right now. The keyboard would be completely frozen at this moment, and I would continue to type as the phone took a few seconds to catch up. It happens when I text too, but not as much. I know I feel guilty for complaining about a delay, of only seconds, but I wanted to know if my phone has a virus. I usually update the profile, or prl when suggested, but I’m not sure of what else to do. Thank you very much for your time, and mind. A valued customer of Samsung products. — lhightower710

Troubleshooting: Hi Lhightower710. Lag, freezing, or slow performance of apps are telltale signs of a software issue. With such powerful hardware, your Samsung Galaxy S5 should be intuitive and smooth and not give you any perception that it’s catching up when you are doing something. Our first step in trying to resolve the problem would be to identify the culprit.

Sometimes, apps can affect the performance of other apps and even the Android operating system when installed. Have you installed an app prior to noticing the lag or slow performance of your phone? If you did, try to uninstall that app and see how the phone goes. If you installed several apps, do the same drill on each of them, observing between uninstalls so you can isolate which is the offending one. You may also perform a Safe Mode on your S5 in the event that can no longer remember your recent apps.

If a rogue app is not the reason, try checking if it is the microSD card. Reused, recycled, or old microSD cards makes the phone double its effort in trying to access and read files, resulting to perceptible delay by the user. Make sure to eject the microSD card properly by turning off the device first. Without the card, use the phone to open apps again and observe. If there’s no delay or lag, it’s time to get rid of your microSD card.

Another step that you can try is to get away with third party launchers if you have one. However, if you are using Samsung’s Touch Wiz and it looks like it may be the causing this trouble, you want to proceed to the last step–resetting the phone to its factory defaults.

Restoring the phone’s defaults is the final step so if you the problem remains it will be a good time to ask for a replacement unit.


 Stopping background apps in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I perceive the major problem with my Galaxy S5 is my inability to stop background applications from running at startup. I found several utilities that will kill background apps only to find that they start up seconds later.

I was able to root my galaxy s4 but not have not found a way to do it with my galaxy s5. Any ideas? — Bob

Troubleshooting: Hi Bob. You’re right when you say that utilities claiming to be able to stop background apps from running during startup fail. There’s just no way to prevent startup apps, especially those hardcoded by Samsung, Google, or your carrier to the operating system, from running except if you have administrator access. The only way to gain such access is by rooting your S5, which is not yet possible at the moment, except if you have the SM-G870W variant. We have identified a reliable site to give you instructions on how to root model SM-G870W in this link. If you have this particular model, just follow the link for details but remember, rooting your S5 voids the manufacturer’s warranty. There’s also a chance you will end up bricking your phone so do it at your risk.

If your phone is not the  SM-G870W model the best thing that you can do right now is to use the only legal way of stopping background apps from running by disabling them.

  • Go to home screen
  • Tap Recent Apps button
  • Tap Active apps icon
  • Tap End next to the required application
  • Alternatively you can tap End all
  • Tap OK


Samsung Galaxy S5 incoming emails becoming unread

Problem: I have a Samsung S5 and recently my emails keep coming back up as unread whenever I open the widget. I have tried reinstalling the email account as well as a few other things which doesn’t solve the problem. Any help would be great. Thanks. — Jim 

Troubleshooting: Hi Jim. Are you using the stock email app? If you are, try using a specific app for your email like the one from Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo (if you are using any of them). If this is an email provided by your carrier, you also want to check if they have their own special app like the ones above.

If you are already using any of the popular email apps, try to reinstall it. Sometimes, reinstallation can bring back the original working condition of the app to its finest.

We have no other information to give you more suggestions but you can always try to do a factory reset if you think resolving the issue is worth it. Restoring your phone to its factory defaults can be a time-consuming effort so make sure that you are decided before doing so.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth won’t remain enabled

Problem: Hello. The Bluetooth on my Samsung S5 will not stay active when the screen goes to sleep.  So when I get into my car the Bluetooth does not connect to my 2013 Ford Explorer without me waking the phone up and waiting for the Bluetooth symbol to appear.

I had Ford send me the most recent firmware upgrade and this still did not fix it.  When I got the phone earlier this fall this was not a problem and overnight something changed.

So also in the same vein, when listening to Milk music through my car’s Bluetooth or on the phone itself it disconnects when the screen goes black- loses network connection.  I have to set the screen time out to 10 minutes, etc. Please help! Thank you. — Jana

Troubleshooting: Hello Jana. There’s no reason for your S5 to automatically turn off Bluetooth if the screen locks (unless there’s a third party app that we haven’t encountered yet doing so). The only instance that we know Bluetooth functionality stops working is when you enable Ultra power-saving mode. Even then, you still can manually enable it back just in case so we are just as baffled as you are by this problem.

Fortunately, there is still something that we can do for a Bluetooth-related issue like this one. Just follow the steps below to ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth functionality. Remember, this step is to ensure that we eliminate a possible phone problem so if your Bluetooth works with any other gadget like headsets or be able to connect properly with other phones, then you have to go back to Ford and ask for more assistance.

  • Go to Settings on the Home screen
  • Select Application Manager under the Application section
  • Look for Bluetooth under All tab by swiping the tabs left or right
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Look for Force stop and tap it
  • Tap the option to clear the cache
  • Tap the option to clear Bluetooth data
  • Touch OK
  • If prompted, restart the phone

After you reboot the phone, try to connect to another Bluetooth device and see how it goes.

An additional troubleshooting step that you can do is to wipe the phone’s cache partition. Just follow this link how to perform a Recovery Mode on your S5, then select the option to clear the cache partition.

Finally, you can try restoring the phone’s factory defaults before you call Ford again for more support. We mention how to do a full factory reset on an S5 above so just follow the instructions.


 Samsung Galaxy S5 Geo News app not refreshing

Problem: I can “refresh” the widget but it will always provide the smiley face and say “your zone is OK” even when it isn’t.

How I found this out is from my boyfriend and his brother. Both have Samsung Galaxy S5s like I do, all purchased from the same store in town at the same time.

We were all in the same room, and both my boyfriend’s and his brother’s phones alerted them that there was a wildfire 17 miles away but mine did not, no matter how many times I opened and refreshed the app. I even deleted the widget, reinstalled it, and restarted my phone, to no avail. Location services/GPS was on, as well as Wi-Fi and mobile data. They are always on so I know that isn’t the issue. There are even times where I will refresh or open the app, it will crash, and I will get the error message: “unfortunately, Geo News has stopped working”.

I would really like to use the service, seeing as it provides useful information. It would be great to get Geo News to work. Thank you so much. — Caitlin

Troubleshooting: Hi Caitlin. Based on your account, it looks like the problem is isolated to your device only so the best thing that you can do is clear the cache of Geo News. Some apps accumulate large cache after a few days, resulting to performance issues and other conflicts. Deleting an app’s cache regularly can mitigate the problem like the one you have here. However, doing so also deletes settings and login information so need to reconfigure the app afterward.

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap Apps
  • Scroll to and touch Settings
  • Go to the Applications section
  • Tap Application manager
  • Swipe to the left and look for the All tab
  • Under All tab, look for Geo News and tap it
  • Tap Clear cache
  • Tap Clear data. This option is like giving you a newly installed app because it will wipe out everything.


Samsung Galaxy S5 S Health pedometer setup

Problem: My S Health app reports as much as 3,000 or more steps and all I did was drive across town. This is a new Samsung Galaxy S5. I haven’t even down loaded any apps yet. Any advice? Thanks. — rherron8

Troubleshooting: Hi Rherron8. Your S Health’s pedometer can be fooled by any other type of movement or bumps when driving around. In other words, your S Health app will continue to give false readings and number of steps if the pedometer is on while driving around because that’s how it’s supposed to work when placed in your pocket when walking or running.

We recommend that you turn off the S Health’s pedometer when you are not working out.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap Apps
  • Locate S Health and tap it to open
  • From the main page of S Health app, tap on the Pedometer icon (picture of a shoe)
  • Tap on Start button then tap on Pause. This will pause the pedometer until you manually restart it to record your steps.


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