Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 14]

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Multiple apps failure on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi! I’m having some problems with my Samsung Galaxy S5. When i try to login in any app with my Facebook account it doesn’t work and when the app does work it doesn’t even work properly. For example, Instagram doesn’t  upload any photo, Facebook messenger doesn’t work at all (doesn’t  login), Timehop also found problems and many other apps.

I have already made a factory reset and everything is still the same.

If you could help me it would be really nice! Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English. — Kevin

Troubleshooting: Hi Kevin. If multiple apps fail to work normally even after doing a factory reset, the problem very likely springs from either a corrupted Android operating system or bad hardware. Does your S5 receive the latest available Android update? If it’s running the latest KitKat version (or even Lollipop), then most probably the phone’s hardware is simply failing for some reason.

Because we don’t have any means to diagnose if our hunch is right, we recommend that you call Samsung or your carrier for a replacement. Alternatively, you can let a technician check your phone.


Email and SMS apps sluggish in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello DroidGuy. My S5 has been having some problems. I experience sluggish typing when I compose a text message. Also, when I check my email the screen would usually black out before I read the message. After a moment the screen would usually go back to normal for no reason.

I have not done anything unnatural to my phone except download some apps and root it. Speaking about rooting it, I did try to revert it to the original Android version and the phone worked just fine afterwards.

I am going abroad in the next few weeks and my S5 and laptop will be my only contact points with my family so I’m hoping to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. I don’t want to call Samsung because they might recommend a replacement, which might not happen before I go.

Do you think there’s a fix for this problem? I rely on my S5 when checking my email almost everyday so not having this phone in good order would really a pain.

Please help. Thank you. — Harry

Troubleshooting: Hello Harry. Since you mentioned downloading some apps and attempting to root your phone prior to having this problem, it is highly probable that your device may have encountered a software issue. We suggest that you follow the troubleshooting steps below so you can identify the root cause of this trouble.

Uninstall suspect apps. With hundreds of thousands of apps in Google Play Store today, even Google is having a hard time tracking if each one can be trusted. Even seemingly innocent-looking productivity apps may turn out to be a host of malware in disguise, making it nearly impossible for a basic Android user to know what they are installing on their device. Your phone may have enabled a malware via the apps you installed before.

If you can still remember what apps you installed before this problem started happening, try to uninstall them individually. We recommend that you remove each one and observe how your phone behaves afterward. This method works best if you have a shortlist of apps that were installed prior to encountering the problem. In case you can’t remember when your apps were installed, just uninstall each one systematically but make sure to observe the device between every uninstallation.

A good way to be certain if the problem is caused by apps is by performing a Safe Mode on your phone. You can visit our S5 troubleshooting tutorial page by following this link.

Delete cache and or data of apps. Another way to do in this situation is to delete the cache and data of the apps in question. Deleting an app’s data is like reinstalling it, only quicker.  After weeks of using an app, the phone’s cache storage may begin accumulating a large amount of data that can result to slow performance. It is recommended that users regularly clear an app’s cache but given the number of apps installed on smartphones today, this suggestion can be time-consuming. For the sake of troubleshooting, we will only try to delete the cache and data of both your email and SMS apps.

Here are the steps on who to clear cache and data:

  • Go to Home screen
  • Open the Apps list
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Touch Application manager
  • Look for the app in question
  • Tap Clear data
  • Tap OK
  • Tap Clear cache

Perform a factory reset. If all else fails, wipe your phone clean by restoring all the factory defaults. This is highly recommended especially for apps-related problems. This solution works 90% of the time when it comes to slow performing apps or device. You can visit this link for guidance.


Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving group messages from iPhones

Problem: Most of my friends and family have iPhones. I have noticed that when they try to group message and include me I do not receive any of their messages.

When they text me outside of the group there are no issues. Why can I not get the group messages? I have Samsung Galaxy S5. —Averon

Troubleshooting: Hi Averon. Are they using iMessage when sending their group message? It’s a known issue that Apple’s messaging platform limits itself to iOS users only. As far as we know, Android does not have this restriction so the problem lies on your friends’ end.

Try to ask them to turn off their iMessage app when sending a group message and send SMS only through regular means. If they are not willing to turn off iMessage, you can suggest to let them use a third party app like WhatsApp instead.


Android Lollipop release on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi, I am very satisfied with your answers in Drippler. I have a question. When is the Android Lollipop update release coming on Galaxy S5? Thank you. — Sushanth

Troubleshooting: Hi Sushanth. Although Lollipop had been officially released starting November 12, 2014 on selected gadgets that includes Google’s Nexus, there is still no definite schedule when it will become available to other devices running Android. Just like any other previous major Android updates in the past, it will take a while for devices to download the most updated operating system because every manufacturer needs time to port it to their devices.

In your case, Samsung needs to do some testing on their end before they will give a nod for release to their devices like the S5. Even then, a delay can be expected even if Samsung has given the OK as individual networks may also do some of their own testing to make sure that its fully compatible with their services.

Right now, the most educated guess that we can give you for a probable release date of Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S5 is late January or early February. Samsung has given us a hint via Seoul-based Reuters tech journalist’s tweet that its flagship gadgets that includes Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5 will be receiving the update early next year.


Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “Failed to enable Private Mode” error

Problem: My phone has a problem with Private Mode. I can’t open it. Every time I put the password it says “Failed to enable Private Mode”. Please help. I have the Galaxy S5 from AT&T. — Raul

Troubleshooting:  Hi Raul. Have you tried switching your phone’s runtime from Dalvik to ART prior to encountering this problem? If you did, opting for Dalvik runtime is the most likely solution to the problem. ART runtime is not yet as stable relative to Dalvik now and it is known to cause some crashing issues with some apps, not only Private Mode.

If you also rooted your phone, the new ROM may have tripped Samsung’s security feature called Knox, which in turn can cause Private Mode to fail. Try to revert your phone’s ROM to its default to fix the problem.


Capacitive buttons on Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped working

Problem: Hello. I have a US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-N900R4) running Android 4.4.2 with all updates.

My problem is that the screen buttons on either side of the Home Button no longer light up and haven’t for the past about 3 months. In the display settings I have the Touch Key Light Duration set to Always On, but this has no effect.  I have adjusted the Light Duration, turned the phone off then on, cleared the cache partition by holding down the Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button all to no avail.  I have not done a factory reset yet hoping to avoid having to redo all my apps and their placement as well as not sure it will have an effect due to the below findings.

It used to be, when I restarted the S5, the Touch Buttons would light up and stay on for a few seconds. Now they flash on then off in less than a second but at least do come on. Coincidently, I have a friend who just got a new Verizon S5 and her buttons will not light up at all even when Touch Screen Light Duration is set to Always On.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide as well as for doing these troubleshooting guides. — James

Troubleshooting: Hi James. You did well in checking the Touch Key Light Duration option first before consulting us as this should have also been the first thing that we would ask you to do. There’s really not much that we can do when it comes to button or LED issues because most of the time they are caused by hardware malfunction. Another possible cause can be a rare Android bug that prevents LED to function properly.

There is, however, a little known option under Power Saving mode wherein you can check or uncheck the touch key light to save power. Power Saving Mode is an excellent feature added by Samsung to its flagship phones starting with Galaxy S2 to extend the battery’s life. This feature disables several power-hungry functions of your phone including the capacitive buttons beside the Home key. While it can significantly add more juice to your phone’s battery, some cosmetic features on your phone like the touch keys will be turned off making some casual users discouraged in the process. It all boils down to what you want at this point.

If you have Power Saving set to ON, you probably have unknowingly enabled Turn off touch key light under Restrict performance option. Removing the check mark for touch key light may do the trick for you.

To access Power Saving Mode menu, just go to Apps>Settings>Power Saving icon>Power Saving Mode>Restrict Performance.

As a next step, you want to perform a factory reset because this will ensure that your phone will be running the stable stock Android. As you might already know, making a copy of your important files is a must prior to doing the steps. If the problem remains, that is a clear indication of a hardware failure.

We suggest that you contact Samsung technical support first for more assistance. It is expected that they will recommend to replace your unit, or tell you to call your carrier for more help. Either way, a hardware failure is best resolved by having a new phone instead of having a third-party technician check your device. If you allow a non-Samsung certified technician check your phone, it’s very likely that you are forfeiting the phone’s manufacturer warranty.


Samsung Galaxy S5 freezes when viewing photos and videos in Gallery

Problem: Anytime I try to view a picture or a video that I took with my S5, in my Gallery, the phone freezes. Could you please help me to resolve this problem? — Roshanramnath

Troubleshooting: Hello Roshanramnath. There are a few things that we have to check if an app starts to show lag or freezes up. In your case, checking the microSD card is a good starting point because that where some of users’ pictures and videos are kept. Begin by removing the microSD card. Make sure that the phone has been powered down for at least one minute before attempting to physically disconnect the microSD card to avoid causing unnecessary problems.

If you haven’t tried removing a microSD card from your phone before, just follow these simple steps below:

  • Go to Apps
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Storage
  • Tap Unmount SD card
  • Tap OK to confirm unmounting the card
  • Gently pull the cover off the device by using the slot on the left side of the rear camera. Just look for a thin opening on this side.
  • Now lift the cover slowly off the device
  • Remove the battery
  • Grasp the microSD card on top of the SIM card then remove it physically from the phone

After removing the microSD card, try to see how the device behaves by accessing your Gallery app again to look for your pictures and videos. If the same problem happens, you must move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Clearing your Gallery App’s data is the next logical step to isolate and resolve the issue. Just follow the steps provided above on how to delete an app’s data. This will ensure that your Gallery app has a clean cache that may be causing it to lag.

If deleting an app’s data will not help, try to check if the problem is being caused by third party camera apps you may be using to take your pictures or videos. You can uninstall any camera app you may have installed or try running your phone in Safe Mode while accessing your photos.

As a final step, restoring your Samsung Galaxy S5 to its defaults should help but we want to keep you from doing this as it entails a lot of work to do. We hope that you will not reach this step but should you, make sure that your personal files are safe by making a copy on your computer or another SD card.


Samsung Galaxy S5 has no signal, unable to send SMS, and not getting calls

Problem: Hi. I can’t get a signal, send text or make phone calls unless I’m connected to the  Internet. The issue has been going on for 5 days now. — Sandra

Troubleshooting: Hi Sandra. Have you talked to your service provider about this problem? It’s always good to consult your carrier if there are any service interruptions in your area to save you from doing unnecessary troubleshooting steps. If you haven’t called them yet, we recommend that you do so before you continue to do the solution steps that we outline for you below.

Check the signal strength. Because you mentioned that your phone is losing signal, there’s a high likelihood that there is an ongoing outage in your area. Poor to no signal strength is a clear indicator that your device is having a hard time establishing connection to your carrier’s network, which can caused by a technical issue on your provider’s end.

Sometimes, fluctuating signals can also be caused by things around you like machinery, metals, or walls. Try to go to an open space to ensure there’s minimum interference and see how your device performs.

Check the SIM card. Try checking if there are any visible marks or damage to your SIM card. If you can, remove the SIM card and see if it’s dirty. Smudges on the connectors can cause it to malfunction because of poor contacts. You also want to check if the SIM card holder is dirty or not. You can follow the guide below on how to remove and reinsert a SIM card on a Samsung Galaxy S5. Remember, care must be taken when handling, removing, and inserting a SIM card as it is very susceptible to bending and scratching.

  • Remove the rear cover using the slot on the side
  • Lift the cover up and away from your phone
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the microSD card
  • Push the SIM card in then pull it out by slowly sliding it down

In re-inserting the SIM card, make sure that all the contacts align by following the correct position of the angled corner.

Check if unconditional call forwarding or automatic voicemail pickup are enabled. This step requires assistance from your service provider. Just ask them if your S5 has any voicemail or call forwarding features enabled so they can tell you what to do next. During this time, it’s also good if you can ask them if your phone is properly provisioned to send and receive calls. To add, it’s also worth asking them if you have accidentally enabled the roaming option, which is preventing you from locally making calls and sending text messages.

Turn off Bluetooth. This only applies if you usually connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth car kit. There’s a chance that your phone may still be in range with your car’s Bluetooth kit, routing your calls to the car’s speakers instead.


Samsung Galaxy S5 battery solutions

Problem: Hello, I just got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and after setting it up and using it the first day, the battery was great. It got me through the day with some charge left. I am a heavy user who is seeing 4-5 hours of on screen time, including watching YouTube videos and all. The second day though I was at 40% by noon. I had charged the phone to 100% and taken it off at 8 AM. I did not use it very much, on screen time was less than an hour and it was mainly sitting idle. This has been the battery life for the past 6 days now. I tried clearing the cache partition, restarting, factory reset but nothing seems to help. Do you have an suggestions? Thanks. — Taimour

Troubleshooting: Hi Taimour. It’s unusual for a new Samsung Galaxy S5 battery to give you an issue this soon.  Any device bleeding power as fast as yours is highly unusual so there must be something causing it. One of the things that we can think of is a rogue app running in the background. It’s the most common cause why smartphone batteries drain a lot faster than expected.

We have published a post on how to give more life to an S5’s battery. It’s a great guide in making sure that you are taking care of the battery as well as giving it more precious juice for more longer usage.

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