iPhone 5s reportedly outsold the Galaxy S5 during its launch

Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was certainly off to a flying start when it was unveiled earlier this year. In the days following the launch, the smartphone reportedly sold north of 5 million units, which is a commendable feat for any mobile device. However, a new report from Reuters claims that the Apple iPhone 5s sold 7 million units during the same period, indicating that the Cupertino giant still holds the upper hand in the high end segment. The data comes from an analyst from Counterpoint, Tom Kang.

In comparison, last year’s Galaxy S4 sold approximately 7 million units during the launch week, which makes it clear that the Galaxy S5 wasn’t as successful as the company had hoped.

This was further clarified with Samsung’s recent quarterly figures, which showed diminishing smartphone sales. Several criticisms were not addressed with the company’s latest flagship, most importantly the use of polycarbonate body instead of metal. The sales figures have taken a further beating due to the competition provided by LG, Sony and HTC with their high end offerings.

Samsung has claimed that lack of sales in the midrange and low end segment have been a crucial factor for its dismal showing in the past couple quarters. And the fact that its high end offerings aren’t doing well either, is indeed troubling for the Korean manufacturer.

What’s even more worrying for Samsung is the fact that a new iPhone is due in a couple of months. So will the Korean manufacturer manage to make a quick turnaround and negate the impact generated by the iPhone 6? We are expecting the Galaxy Note 4 to break cover sometime in September followed by the Galaxy Alpha, so things could change pretty quickly.

Source: Reuters

Via: Talk Android