Samsung Galaxy S5 already rooted courtesy of Chainfire

Galaxy S5

Chainfire has a reputation of rooting all Samsung Galaxy S flagships before they even hit the markets. And the yet to be announced Galaxy S5 has received similar treatment using ODIN and CF-Auto-Root. This procedure is only applicable to the LTE-A model of the smartphone which goes by the model number SM-G900F, so not all variants are compatible. But that shouldn’t be much of a concern as international variants are still two weeks away from an official release.

We expect Chainfire to make this root method available for other variants of the Galaxy S5 just in time for the April 11 release. Rooting isn’t something which every Galaxy S5 owner would be looking to do, but it’s good to know that the option is available should the user choose to take that route. Hit the source link below to get detailed instructions on rooting your SM-G900F.

Source: XDA

Via: Android Beat

10 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S5 already rooted courtesy of Chainfire”

  1. I’m sure CM developers are busy right now but they should have prioritized the S5 given the significant number of users using this phone.

  2. You have a Nexus 5 man! Why on earth will you will waste your money on it just for a camera? Instead, buy a nice semi-professional camera. Will be a lot more cheaper.

  3. I don’t root. Tell me why I would want to? If it is easy to do and it will be beneficial to me I might just do it. You are right though. Everyone likes to test their own skills.

  4. That would be awesome. Buy the phone at a store, get it home, and install CM. That sounds so good. 🙂

  5. Awesome! Now there is a reason to think about buying a Galaxy S5. But I would buy one only if/when CM people come out with a port for the phone. That would be awesome. I would buy this only for the camera though.

  6. It is always inevitable. People like to test their skills, tell them they can’t and they will prove you wrong every single time. Options are good to, not everyone roots but those that do will be looking on how to do it ASAP.

  7. Agreed. I guess it’s inevitable now. There should be a port the moment the GS5 hits stores.

  8. It was only a matter of time. I can’t wait for the CM guys to get CyanogenMod on here! So much better than TouchWiz.

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