Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems: Dark Screen, Pairing and WiFi Calling

galaxy s4 problems

Some Samsung Galaxy S4 problems were sent to us via Mailbag just recently. Among the Galaxy S4 Problems mentioned by the sender were dark screen when dialing, problem in pairing with a similar device and problem in putting calls on hold while using the phone’s WiFi calling feature.

Dark Screen When Dialing Issue

The issue regarding the screen going dark while dialing may only be due to the configuration under the Settings of the phone. You may apply the solutions mentioned in our previous article titled, Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Darkens While Dialing to solve this particular issue.

Bluetooth Pairing Problem with Another Galaxy S4

The Bluetooth pairing issue of the Galaxy S4 may only be fixed by unpairing and then pairing again the device that you wish to share files with. If doing so does not fix the problem, check if there are apps interfering with the normal function of your device. Then, a last resort if every solution fails to work is performing a Factory Reset to your device.

For more information about the solutions suggested in this item, check out the article titled, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Bluetooth Pairing

WiFi Calling Problems

According to the ¬†support page of T-Mobile’s official website, among the commonly encountered problems of people using the WiFi calling feature of some Android devices are call drops, inability to connect to conference calls, inability to swap calls, not being able to forward incoming calls to voicemail and no ringback tone on outgoing calls. This is especially true when both parties in the call are using WiFi calling.

T-Mobile suggests using the phone’s carrier when making calls to avoid such problems.

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