Samsung Galaxy S4 Lockscreen not Showing the Date

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“The date is not showing up in my Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen. Is there a solution that you can suggest?” This question came in a few hours ago through The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Upon researching for possible solutions in other websites and technical forums dedicated to Android devices, I found out that there were numerous users who experienced the same problem with their Galaxy S4 and other Android Smartphones.

According to them, the following remedies fixed their Galaxy S4 lock screen problem wherein the date is not showing up:

1. Ensure that Date is Activated in Lockscreen

First, make sure that the date is activated in your lock screen. To do this, go to Settings. Proceed to Display. After that go to Lock Screen and activate the date widget by ticking the box next to it. This is for Android 4.3 though, so it varies a little if you are running the 4.4 version or Kitkat. For KitKat, simply repeat the whole process but select the plus symbol to add the widget that displays the date in the lockscreen.

2. Change the Date Format

Some users shared that changing the date format of their phone actually fixed the issue. So, simply try changing the phone into a regional format to solve the problem.

3. Contact Your Carrier

Some carriers put their own apps upon rolling out updates over the air. Although it is unlikely that your carrier will change the way that your phone displays the date in its lockscreen, it might still be worth calling them if you run out of options. This is to confirm whether there was indeed a change in how your phone displays its date in the lockscreen after an update.

4. Do a Factory Reset

When everything fails, try  a Factory Reset. This will revert your system to its default state. This will eliminate all the bugs brought about by its corrupted system files but it will also wipe out all your data. So, be sure to back up before doing this.

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Source: Android Central