Samsung Galaxy S4’s Already Impressive Battery Got Even Better After Latest Software Update

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4, many rejoiced, many got psyched out of their minds, but equally as many got bummed out. Why? Because the thing just didn’t seem like that massive of an upgrade compared with the GS3. It surely didn’t feel like it stepped things up the way the S3 did over the S2.

But when everyone chilled out and looked at the monster a little less superficially, the overall consensus changed from “not a major upgrade” to “still the best Android in town”.

Samsung Galaxy S4 battery

I’m sure you all remember how the S4 kicked both HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro’s asses in our special comparison posts, beating the two to the punch even in departments you’d never think that was possible. For instance, though the G Pro packs a much larger battery than the S4, it’s Samsung’s flagship that comes out on top in terms of actual autonomy.

And guess what, things have just gotten better for the Galaxy S4 from the battery life standpoint after a recent software update. We’re talking specifically about the Snapdragon 600-based version, which considerably boosted its battery numbers in GSM Arena’s very comprehensive test.

The biggest step up is in talk time performance, with the updated S4 lasting a whopping four hours more on a single charge than the “old” phone. The new result, 18 hours and 3 minutes, is still not a record-breaker, but it’s enough to leave the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One to dust and also close the gap to LG’s Optimus G Pro.

Oddly, the web browsing autonomy actually got a dive after S4’s software update, plummeting from 8 hours and 42 minutes to a much more modest 7:24. That’s still enough to top the Xperia Z and G Pro, but it’s considerably behind HTC One’s rating.

Fortunately (for Samsung), the video playback autonomy seems to have improved greatly too, making the software update an overall success in terms of battery life. The new score, 12 hours and a half, puts the S4 in the overall leading pack, just slightly behind Apple’s iPad Mini. Also, that’s 2 and a half hours better than HTC One’s autonomy and an incredible four hours edge over the G Pro.

The GS4’s endurance rating has itself been boosted courtesy of the software tweak, with the 5-incher now promising to hold its own for a neat 69 hours when used an hour per day for web browsing, an hour for video watching and 60 minutes in talk time. And to think HTC One’s endurance rating is just 48 hours…

Via [GSM Arena]