Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 42]

Welcome to the 42nd part of our longest running series. I addressed ten Samsung Galaxy S3 problems in this post and majority of them are common issues with the phone. So, if you have concerns with your unit, take a little time skimming through this page because may be one of the problems I addressed is related to yours.


We’ve already addressed almost 500 problems with this device so it is most likely your concerns have already been addressed in our previous post. We created an index of problems, troubleshooting guides, tips and tutorials so it would be easy for you to find what you’re looking for. I urge you to visit our Samsung Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting Page.

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Galaxy S3 Keeps Vibrating And Trying To Start (The Fix)

Paul is one of our readers who sent us email last week but we haven’t been able to respond to his message nor included his concern in our posts. The day after he emailed us again detailing how he was able to fix the issue. Thanks for sharing, Paul! The following are his email messages:

Problem: My Galaxy S3 died (power button stuck?) and when the used replacement came, I was laboriously able to restore all my programs and files except my contacts. I was using a very poor backup program MyBackup Pro. You don’t know how these backup programs will (or won’t) work until it’s too late.

My contacts were on the phone rather than the SIM, SD card, or the cloud. I can’t figure out what the file would be called or where it even is on the phone. HELP! How should I backup from now on? Thanks, Paul R.

The Fix: My Galaxy S3, just over 2 years old, hence no warranty, suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t boot it in any mode at all. It would vibrate briefly, and sometimes I’d see a logo then nothing, sometimes not even the logo. And this would repeat by itself, or nothing at all.

The Droid Guy helped with the post that it was either the battery (not in this case) or the power switch. I found out that this problem, as reported by many people, is actually the power switch gone bad and continually “pressing”. Upon getting a used S3 for a replacement, I took out the screws from the back of my original unit. This allowed me to pry open a space at the power switch. Using a tiny eye glasses screw driver, I wedged it under the circuit board, raising it away from the power button on the case. Then, taking another small screw driver, I pushed the small white button on the circuit board and Joila, my phone started up.

This was critical as I’d been unable to recover my 324 contacts from any of my pitiful “backups”. So I was able to export my contacts to a VCF file and off load it to my laptop then onto my replacement unit.

This proved that it’s the power switch being continually pressed, no matter what I did, that was preventing my unit from booting. I did use a case protector that had rubber over the switches. Perhaps there was slight, continued pressure on the switch that led it to fail, but based on the many reports of a similar problem, I think it’s just a poorly designed switch. Hope this helps others, Paul R.

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Facebook SSL Handshake Error On Galaxy S3

Problem 1: Good afternoon. Since yesterday I can’t log into my Facebook account. I was signed in but noticed that my news feeds did not update since yesterday. I tried to resolve the issue by logging out but now I cant log in again. I also un installed Facebook and installed it again to see if it won’t solve that problem but it did not work.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S3. A friend of mine with the same phone has the same problem. I’m attaching a screen grab of the error message I het although I can’t   understand why it gives that message seeing that everything else work fine on the phone concerning internet it’s just Facebook that’s giving me trouble. Hope you can assist me. Thank you, Laurika.

Problem 2: Hello Harold. Mitch here. I’ve been following your articles and The Droid Guy for months now and it’s my first time to email you regarding the problem I have with Facebook. As a background, this problem started more than a week already and I never exerted any effort to fix it until a couple of days thinking it would be fixed on its own–well, it wasn’t. Every time I log in to Facebook (using the official FB app), I keep getting this error message: Login Failed: Sorry, unable to login to Facebook. Please check your network connection or try again later. (SocketTimeoutException:SSL handshake timed out).

Again, It started more than a week ago when I had to change the battery of my phone because I bought a new one. After changing the battery, everything seemed to have been reset to default but I didn’t look into it because my videos and photos are still in my phone–that’s all that mattered. I’m quite annoyed by this problem and I really need to log in to Facebook. Can you help me? Thanks, Harold.

Potential Solutions: I know a couple of ways to deal with this problem and they don’t require advanced knowledge. Before I give you the step-by-step procedures, I just want to briefly explain what the problem is all about.

Facebook SSL related problems that occur either using the company’s official app or through a web browser has something to do with time and/or date. So, that’s what you need to check first before doing anything on your phone or the app.

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Date and time.
  4. Tap Automatic date and time to clear the check box if you want to manually set them. ‘Set date’ and ‘Set time’ light up and are now accessible.
  5. Tap Set date to set the date. When finished, tap Set.
  6. Tap Set time to set the time. When finished, tap Set.

If you’ve made sure both the time and date are correct, then it must be the cache and data that have gone corrupt at some point. You need to clear those first:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the More tab.
  4. Tap Application manager.
  5. Swipe left or right to go to the All tab.
  6. Tap Facebook.
  7. Tap Clear cache.
  8. Tap Clear data and then tap OK.

If clearing the cache and data won’t fix the problem, uninstall the app and download the fresh copy from the Play Store. In case these two procedures couldn’t fix the problem, then it must be an issue with Facebook. Wait it out and it should be fixed on its own.

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Galaxy S3 Discharges Battery Quicker, Possible Power Switch Issue

Problem: Hi thedroidguy, I have been searching for anyone who is experiencing what I’m experiencing with my S3 but haven’t found anything, so I’m hoping you have some ideas.

I have owned my S3 (16GB, non-rooted) since June 2013. I’ve replaced the battery once about six months ago and, recently, my replacement battery started showing sign of not holding the charge as long. Additionally, I noticed that the phone was acting funky when I pressed the power button – it would go dark and then immediately wake back up again. This would happen a 2-3 times before the screen would just stay dark, and then would happen again the next time I tried to lock the screen using the power button after using the phone. And then sometimes depressing the power button didn’t wake up the phone at all.

So I got another replacement battery, charged it up in the (powered-down) phone over night, and when I turned the phone on the next morning, I noticed that the battery was at 92% after power on. I plugged it back in until it reach 100% (which seemed to take an inordinately long time), and have been using it since. The battery is still draining much too quickly for a brand new battery, and the phone is still acting funky when I hit the power button.

Yesterday, I couldn’t even get the phone to power down because holding down the power button didn’t bring up the power-off option, so I had to pull the battery out to restart the phone.

So then I decided to try another new battery (I had ordered two, just in case). I did the same thing – charged it over night and am still having the same issues – battery drain, funky behavior when I hit the power button, etc.

I’d love to hear any advice you have. I really love my S3 and don’t want to replace it if I don’t have to. Thank you! — Mae

Potential Solution & Suggestion: Mae, this is not a firmware issue or a problem with any of the apps. There is however, a possible issue with the power switch; it might be stuck, damaged or has been short-circuited. I believe that the quick battery drain problem can be fixed if the power switch problem is fixed. If you are using a jelly or hard case, please try to remove it first to make sure it’s not the one causing the problem. There are cases that could press down the power/sleep button so it would be stuck. Otherwise, I suggest you bring the phone to a technician and have it checked. You may need to buy or pay for a new power button/switch but it all depends if it’s damaged beyond repair or just has a loose connection.

Copy/Paste Not Working On Galaxy S3

Problem: Hello Mr. Droid, I have been using my Samsung S3 for almost 2 years without any hitch, suddenly in the last week it developed a problem that keep on nagging me; problem is, it can no longer copy and paste selected texts, whenever I copy something, it won’t tell me ‘copied to clipboard’ as it used to do and when I tried to paste, the clipboard will appear but will not paste. I’ve gone through settings for keyboards and messages but could not find the solution. I also searched several websites and forums in my quest to find solution but to no avail. Today as I’m thinking of taking the phone for repairs, I came across your website, after going through I feel you may be the best wizard to help me. Will be grateful if you address this issue please. Thanks. — SaniI

Related Problem: Hi, I have updated my galaxy s3 from android 4.0.2 to 4.3 and I have replaced my battery and recently my phone restarts when I am calling someone and then after the rebooting it shows a very high battery drain for example before the restart it had 52% battery and then it has 2% then It restarts again with the 52% battery again but it constantly switches to no service and i don’t know why this problem happens , looking forward for your answer , thank you for your consideration

Solutions: Basically, some or all data in the clipboard are corrupted by TestServices. If your phone were rooted, it’s very easy to fix this. All you need to do is navigate to data > clipboard directory and just clear everything in it. Then go to the Application Manager, find TestServices and clear off its cache and data. That should take care of the problem.

Now, if your phone isn’t rooted, there’s no way we can clear the clipboard without performing factory reset. So, backup your data and reset the phone. I suggest you take the more effective route–via the recovery mode.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  2. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the Power button to select it.
  4. Still use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘delete all user data’ and press the Power button to select the option.
  5. Once the master reset is finished, highlight ‘reboot system now’ and hit the Power button one more time.

Galaxy S3 Restarts and/or Shuts Down Randomly

Problem: Hello. I’ve been experiencing some major issues with my Samsung Galaxy S3, which I’ve had for nearly 2 years. For about 4 days now, my phone has been shutting off and restarting on its own. When it does eventually and miraculously turn on, its usually not for very long. I can hardly send a text, make a call, or be on the phone for more than a couple of minutes before it shuts itself down. I have also found that the phone/ battery area gets quite hot as well. Thinking that the battery may be causing the difficulties, I replaced it with a spare battery that I have, only to find that the same thing was happening– automatic re-starting and switching off.

At this point, I’m thinking that the problem lies in the phone itself, and I’m not sure what to do. Is the phone on it’s deathbed? What should I have looked at/repaired (hardware, firmware update)? Is the problem even worth fixing? Should I consider just buying a new phone, altogether? Any thoughts, troubleshooting tips, or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much 🙂 — Priscilla

Potential Solution & Suggestion: Hi Priscilla thanks for providing the details. So, you’ve already ruled out the possibility that it’s just a battery issue. The next suspect is (and always will be) the USB charging port. It bridges the current that comes in to and from the battery. Since your phone is suffering a power-related issue, it is logical to think this component as the culprit. One of the components may have been damaged but if you were to have it replaced (no it cannot be repaired), it costs less than $10 but you may have to pay more for tech services.

If the problem was really the USB charging port and you had it replaced, your phone will be like new. Having it repaired may still be the more practical option as far as financial matters are concerned. As long as the problem is properly diagnosed, then repair will cost less than $100. So, I suggest you have the phone checked.

Now, before actually doing that, please try the following procedure first:

  1. While the phone is on, open the back cover and remove the battery.
  2. Press and hold the power button for a minute.
  3. Replace the battery, then the back cover.
  4. Now, turn the phone on and observe closely if the problem still happens.

If the problem persisted, it’s really necessary to have the phone checked by a technician. But before doing that, backup your data and perform factory reset first. This will delete all your personal information for privacy sake while ruling out the possibility that it’s a firmware issue.

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Galaxy S3 Won’t Charge Without Putting Pressure

Problem: Hello, well I have a galaxy s3 (of course), but well one day my little cousin tripped over the charger cord, and well it threw my phone clear across the room and bent my charger cord. Well I went it go plug it in that night and it wouldn’t charge unless I kept pressure on the cord. So I thought it was just the cord and went out and bought a new one but it wouldn’t even work at all. So now I set something my phone to make it charge and it takes 2 days to fully charge. So I was wondering if it needed a new charger port put into the phone? And if so how can I do it and what’s it going to cost because I live my phone and would like to use it daily again. So if there is anything you can do for me it will be very much appreciated. Thank you. — Denton

Suggestion: It is obvious the problem happened after the incident and the owner bought a new cord to no avail. It is, therefore, logical to think that it’s the USB or utility port that may have been damaged, or at least its connection became loose that there is now only minimal contact between the connectors of the port and the receptors on the board. If you know how to open your phone (and don’t care about warranty), you can re-solder each of the pins of the USB or utility port and that should fix the problem. At least, that’s what I can think of based on the description of the owner.

Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Turns Off Automatically

Problem: Begging for a bit of help here! Ever since Sprint’s last update (4.4.2), I’ve experienced problems with Bluetooth, which used to work perfectly in my car (2011 Buick). Now, the BT setting on my phone won’t even turn on, even when I’m in my car. When I try to turn it on, it automatically turns off within 3 seconds – no error message or anything. I’m afraid to unpair from my car, since it seems re-pairing will be impossible. Please help! Thanks, Kathy M.

Solution: Kathy, it is obviously an update-related concern. There are times when caches used by the Android system to make services run smoother become corrupted after an update. If you couldn’t clear those, the phone will act up as it would continue using those caches. Since you don’t have access to caches of core services, you need to do a general cache wipe via the recovery mode. I am certain this could fix your problem:

  1. With your phone still on, open the back panel and remove the battery. That’s what you call power-shocking and it often helps.
  2. Without the battery removed, press and hold the Power button of your phone for about 30 seconds. This will discharge stored electricity in the components.
  3. Place the battery back, then close the back panel.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  5. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears.
  6. Use the Volume Down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power button to select it.
  7. The phone will reboot automatically after the cache partition was wiped out. Otherwise, highlight ‘reboot system now’ and press the Power button to initiate reboot.

Galaxy S3 Dropped On Water, Keeps Turning Off

Question: So, my brother gave me his phone that he months ago dropped it on a pile of water & he didn’t do anything about it. Now it keeps on turning off on me & I don’t know what to do about it. Can I put rice on it? Will it eventually work later on? — Giselle

Answer: The phone has been exposed to water “months ago” and water may have already dried off inside it but to be honest, unless you had it checked by a tech, there’s no way for us to know if the exposure to liquid damaged the phone and to what extent. For starters, remove the battery and look at the liquid damage indicator (LDI), which is located beside where the connectors are. If the LDI turned pink, red or purple, then there is a possibility the battery was damaged. But to be sure, let the tech check the phone.

Galaxy S3 Charges Very Slowly

Question: Hi! My Samsung Galaxy S3 has had a battery on the decline. But recently the battery won’t charge when plugged into the charger. It recognizes that it is plugged in, but the percentage will not increase. It really only charges when the phone’s mobile data is turned off (leaving on wifi). Could this strictly be a battery issue or an actual phone issue? Thanks for any insight you could provide! — Rebekah K

Answer: Mobile data eats up more power than WiFi but the phone may still continue charging even if it’s on. It’s possible that there are a lot of apps and services running in the background. They don’t only use up RAM but also battery and the fact they also put the CPU in hyper drive, the phone heats up faster, which also drains the battery faster. To isolate the problem, you need to boot the phone in safe mode and try to charge in that state.

Safe Mode

  1. Turn the phone off completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. When the Galaxy S3 screen appears, release the Power button.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume Down key until the phone finished restarting.
  5. “Safe Mode” will be displayed on the lower left corner of the screen

If the phone charges fine in safe mode even when mobile data is turned on, then third-party apps are causing the problem. You need to close all recent apps when in normal mode and clear the RAM from time to time. However, if the phone still refuses to charge with mobile data on in safe mode, then it’s a possible charger issue.

Galaxy S3 Gets The Same Message Multiple Times

Question: Just recently me messages on my Galaxy S3 are coming through 3 and 4 times with the same message. Sometimes within a minute or 2 and sometimes 15 minutes later the same message will come through again. Is there any way to fix this? I have rebooted the phone, removed the battery, completely cleaned out old messages and nothing has worked. It is sporadic, not every message does this but a lot of them do. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Answer: It sounds like you have more than one messaging app installed on your phone. Please uninstall other messaging apps; that should take care of the problem. If, however, you’re only using the stock messaging app and this problem recently happened, clear its cache and data to bring the app back to its original settings. Perhaps there were settings that were messed up.

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