Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors, Troubleshooting and Solutions [Part 44]


This is the 44th part of our longest running series that deals with Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, errors, glitches and annoyances. We’ve addressed more than 500 problems sent by our readers and we still can’t see the end of the line because we still have thousands of emails to be addressed. If you have issues with your phone, I suggest you skim through our Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page as we listed all issues we’ve addressed since we started publishing these kinds of posts.

If you found issues related to yours, try to follow our troubleshooting procedures or solutions first, if they don’t work, then try to contact us at [email protected] What we offer here is a free service to our readers and we enjoy every bit of work we do. But please, do your part. Provide as much details as possible including your phone model, Android version that runs on it, error messages if there’s any, apps you use when the problem happened (if applicable), and the general behavior of the phone prior to or after the issue occurred.

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  1. Galaxy S3 Gets Hotter
  2. Galaxy S3 WiFi Turns Off Automatically
  3. Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Issues
  4. Galaxy S3 Call And Text Issues
  5. Galaxy S3 Won’t Go Past Startup
  6. Galaxy S3 Power key not working
  7. Galaxy S3 Gets Stuck At Startup
  8. Galaxy S3 Shows Notification Of Failed Messages
  9. Galaxy S3 Freezes And Reboots When Closing Apps
  10. Galaxy S3 Turns Off If Not Plugged In

Galaxy S3 Gets Hotter

Problem: Once every day my S3 gets hot. Hot enough that I can feel the heat against my leg when it’s in my pocket. It has the original factory battery. When it happens I remove the battery and let it cool down and it’s fine but this is getting pretty annoying. And ideas?

Related Problem: My Galaxy S3 becomes really hot that it’s very uncomfortable to hold. I don’t know what’s causing but it happens daily that I have to pull the battery out and let it cool down. But the problem doesn’t stop there because any time soon the phone gets hotter again. What should I do to fix it?

Troubleshooting: I don’t know your phone’s setup nor the apps that run on it so it’s difficult to pinpoint what causes the issue. What you can do is try to isolate the problem and one way to do that is to boot the phone in safe mode.

While in safe mode, closely observe the phone to see if it still gets hotter. If it does, then the cause can be one of the pre-installed apps or its core functions. For the second phase of isolating the problem, turn off all connectivity functions; Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data. If the S3 still heats up even with all these services turned off, then it’s almost confirmed the problem is with the hardware. Which one? No idea, but it could be the battery or the USB charging port, which bridges the battery and the motherboard.

You will need to have the phone checked by an authorized technician but I suggest before you do that, reset the phone to its factory settings. This will clear off your personal information and rule out the possibility that it’s just a firmware issue. Don’t forget to backup your data before the reset, of course.

Galaxy S3 WiFi Turns Off Automatically

Problem: Hi, I’m having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3, when I am at home and on my secure WiFi connection and using that wifi connection, the wifi connection on the phone will turn off. This can be very frustrating when trying to research things on line. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Carol.

Related Problem: Hi, I have a very annoying issue with my phone. When I’m connected to my WiFi network, the phone automatically disconnects so I will reconnect it and the same thing happens. Please help me with it because I really don’t have any idea what’s the matter with my device. I noticed that when it disconnects, it will automatically connect to mobile data and I can see the icon displaying 3G. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks. — Marinel

Troubleshooting: I understand how annoying this problem can be but based on these two descriptions, it seems it’s not really a major problem. I will give you a list of what you should do to troubleshoot it:

  1. Reboot your network equipment such as the router or the modem.
  2. Check if your WiFi connection still disconnects.
  3. If the problem remains, go to Settings.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi and hit the Menu key.
  5. Choose Advanced.
  6. Set Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to Always.
  7. Unmark the checkbox next to Auto network switch.

The procedure above will refresh your network connection and set your phone to always connect to Wi-Fi even if it goes idle for hours. The last step, on the other hand, prevents the phone from automatically connecting to the mobile data network. Based on the descriptions, this procedure will fix the issue.

Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Issues

Problem: Hi good evening…I was reading your articles and I was hoping I would find something about bluetooth connectivity but I didn’t so here is my problem.

I have the 4.3 update on the galaxy s3 and I just bought a portable Bluetooth speaker so I can listen to my music and stuff anyway for some reason it won’t connect to it…the device runs BT 4.0 and a Sprint representative told me there should be no reason why it’s not connecting.

Please help!! Cause I don’t know what to do. I would really like to use my phone to connect to my new portable device. I researched and saw that people who have the update really do have the bluetooth issues. Help me thank you. — Jerillia

Troubleshooting: Jerillia, I understand how frustrating it is not to be able to use your new accessory, happened to me twice. But you what? There are things that aren’t compatible sometimes. In your case, however, I think it’s not a compatibility issue but we can never be certain about it that’s why it’s necessary to troubleshoot it to know what the problem really is.

  1. Pair your S3 with other Bluetooth devices and see if it works fine.
  2. Now, pair your new portable Bluetooth speaker to other gadgets to see if it works.
  3. If both worked fine with other devices, then it’s compatibility issue between the S3 and your new BT speaker.
  4. If your phone is the only one that can’t connect, then its BT is the problem. Otherwise, it’s with your new speaker.

In case of compatibility issues, try installing the Bluetooth Auto Connect app (just launch Play Store and search for it). It has always been lauded to fix common Bluetooth problems.

Galaxy S3 Call And Text Issues

Problem: I’m having an issue when it comes to sending/receiving calls/texts. I’ve restarted the phone, I’ve updated the Profile/PRL, I’ve done a soft reset and… nothing. I had my roommate call me and the message he got was just as though I didn’t pick up, there was no message such as “user is no longer in service”… “experiencing network difficulties”… etc. It just rang and went to voicemail as though i simply didn’t pick up. Texts all fail to send and I get a message akin to “code: -1, message to 555-555-5555 has failed.” When I attempt to call out, the phone doesn’t even ring. There is a difference in the call display when the phone connects. It starts off as black and when it connects, turns green. That doesn’t happen. It just continues to attempt to call until it fails about 20 seconds later saying “call ended.”

I still have great 4G connectivity. I can download apps and such as fast as 4G typically does but I can’t do anything that involves phone calls or text messaging. I have no idea what to do with this and it’s driving me bonkers. Thanks. Best regards, Zack.

Suggestion: Hey Zack. Thanks for providing the details. You know, I worked as a tech support for a wireless company in the U.S. and during my tenure, I’ve received a lot of calls from customers who have the same issues as yours. My point is, the issue isn’t really with the phone, it’s a network-related problem. There is a tool that can fix it in one click so I advice you to call your provider and provide as much details as possible. I hope you understand that this is beyond our control and only your provider can help you with it.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Go Past Startup

Problem: Hi, I found your website a few weeks ago and i tried your tricks and it worked! Now it’s happening again and it’s not. My phone will randomly die during the day and it won’t turn back on. When it does actually turn on, it shows me the “samsung” sign followed by the Samsung Galexy S3 sign and then it shuts off. I tried going into Safe Mode and Recovery mode and they work until it gets to the main “AT&T” sign and then it shuts off. I’ve tried a new battery. Any suggestions? Thank you! — –Spudninja

Potential Solution: Hey there, Spudninja! I assume having a new battery didn’t fix the problem but I’m glad to know you could boot in safe and recovery modes successfully. Booting in these modes may prove one thing; the hardware may be fine. I suggest you boot in recovery and try wiping the cache partition first as it may be just some kind of corrupted caches. If the phone is still stuck at startup, then boot back in safe mode and backup all your important data and contacts. Should you have any suspected apps, try uninstalling them first but if there aren’t, then proceed to doing factory reset via recovery.

Galaxy S3 Power key not working

Problem: Hello Droid Guy, just a few hours ago the button on the right which locks the phone and lets you perform “shutdown” and “restart” suddenly stopped working. I tried to wait and tried several times and it still won’t work. So I pulled out the battery in an attempt to restart the phone and see if the button will work again. However, the phone won’t turn on. Please let me know what you would suggest in this case? Thanks. — Mazen

Related Problem: Hello Harold, been following your articles for a while now. I have an issue with my Galaxy S3, it won’t respond when the Power button is pressed. So, basically it won’t lock and I can’t boot in either safe mode or recovery mode. Yesterday, the phone froze and won’t respond to touch commands so I had no other option but to pull the battery out. The phone is now a paper weight as it won’t turn on. What should I do? — Josh

Suggestion: Either the power key is just stuck or totally damaged but either way, I suggest you bring it to a technician to have it diagnosed properly. If it was just stuck, then there’s nothing much to do and I assume you don’t have to pay much to have the button working again. However, if the button was damaged, then it needed replacement and it’s a pretty easy job for a seasoned technician. You may have to pay for the repair including the switch.

At this point, we don’t know if it’s stuck or damaged but if you know how to open your device up, you can confirm what the problem really is. If it still under warranty, however, I suggest you let the tech handle it as you may end up voiding the warranty.

Galaxy S3 Gets Stuck At Startup

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I updated the software but after I did that my phone won’t function properly. My galaxy will power on, get past the “Samsung Galaxy SIII” screen and the sprint 4G LTE screen but its freezes when its on the all black Samsung screen. What should I do and can it be fixed? — Josh

Related Problem: Hi! My Samsung Galaxy S3 is having tantrums as of late and one of the most annoying problems I encountered is that it couldn’t continue booting up. It shows the Galaxy S3 logo, then my provider’s, but after that, the screen just goes black and it stays there until I decide to power it off and start it up again. If I’m not mistaken, it could have been the recent update that caused it. I have a lot of data I don’t want to lose so if possible I will avoid having to reset it. — Mia

Potential Solution: The most common reason why this issue happens after an update is that some caches may have been corrupted during the process. Caches are data used by the Android system to make apps run smoother after installation. The change in Android version may corrupt these files, which could have adverse effects preventing the phone from booting up normally. Needless to say, clearing these caches will fix the problem as it will force the device to cache newer and fresher sets of data. To do so, you have to boot in recovery mode and choose the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and follow on-screen instructions after that.

Galaxy S3 Shows Notification Of Failed Messages

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.4.2 and I am getting a notification that there are 2 failed text messages although there are none. Every time I clear it it comes right back. I am using the default message program and no additional app manager. Not sure whether SMS or MMS. This has been going on for about a week. Sprint is the provider with unlimited text and data although I’m sure that doesn’t matter. Any ideas? Thanks, Les.

Related Problem: Hi droid guy. I’m so happy I found your site as I have issues with my phone. Many were fixed when I did the master reset as suggested by Verizon rep but there’s one thing that’s bugging me right now; the messaging app is saying that I have 1 failed message. I did check everywhere inside the app, checked all my messages and there’s none. I know it’s not really a serious problem but if you were in my shoes, I’m sure you’ll feel the annoyance I have right now. Please suggest a fix for this. Thank you. — Jane

Solution: I personally encountered this problem, although not with an S3. I didn’t go deeper into the cause but I’m sure it’s just a minor glitch because what I did was a very basic troubleshooting procedure–clearing the cache and data.

I suggest you do the same thing with your phone. The downside is that all your text and MMS messages will be deleted, so before doing so, back them up if they are so important to you.

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the More tab.
  4. Tap Application manager.
  5. Swipe left or right to go to the All tab.
  6. Tap Messaging.
  7. Tap Clear cache.
  8. Tap Clear data and then tap OK.

Galaxy S3 Freezes And Reboots When Closing Apps

Problem: I have the galaxy s3 with the current 4.4.2 update and I’m have two issues that i can’t seem to find any help with. the first is when i go to close apps that are in standby in the background sometimes the phone freezes and reboots. the second that is not probably related to the update is my vibrate mode for notifications doesn’t vibrate. the phone goes silent but no vibrate. i have checked it in the test menu and it works when i tap the corner of the phone on something hard, but won’t vibrate like it should when i place the phone on silent mode. any help you can give would be great. Thanks in advance. — Mark

Related Problem: Hello. I have one issue with my Galaxy S3. Whenever I close one of the apps that is running in the background, the phone either freezes for several minutes or reboots. It never did this before, although I can’t say exactly when this problem started. I can’t figure out why it happens but if you have a fix for this, please let me know. Thank you. — Janice

Potential Solution: It could have been better if the name of apps that cause this issue was included. If it started after an app was installed, it is more likely that it was the one causing it. However, if the problem started without apparent reason, then it is possible some settings are the cause. One way to address it is to reset app preferences. It is kind of general troubleshooting but the problem is also vague and the fact that it happens only when apps are being closed, the procedure is logical:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the More tab.
  4. Tap Application manager.
  5. Tap the Menu key.
  6. Choose Reset app preferences.

Don’t worry, only the settings of the apps are changed and no data will be lost. Another way to deal with it is to boot in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition.

Galaxy S3 Turns Off If Not Plugged In

Problem: Hi, For some reason, after charging my phone, my S3 completely died on me and won’t power on unless I charge my phone. When charged the phone lights up to the battery icon and then shows that my phone is 100% charged. I’ve tried the hard factory resert, recovery mode, everything the phone won’t power on unless I charge it. When I power it on when charged, it would not let me use any wifi, bluetooth or send msgs or calls even with an working sim card. It says I have no network. When I try to use it without the charger, it complete dies when I unplug it. This phone was taken good care of, not water damaged, or physical damages. I was just wondering do you know what the problem is and how can I solve it?

I’ve asked a technical guy for help and he wasn’t able to figure it out. He said it might have to do something with the internal chip but he isn’t too sure. I have important data on this phone and would like to recover this phone. I would really appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you, Jen.

Troubleshooting: Hi Jen. The fact that the tech said he’s not sure means he didn’t know what the problem really is. Well, this problem cannot be fully determined without proper observation. But my suggestions will be based on your description of the problem.

You said “he phone won’t power on unless I charge it.” Based on this, it is almost logical to think the battery is the problem, isn’t it? The best thing to do is to try a different battery to see if the phone would power on just fine even if not plugged in. If it still won’t, then it’s time you believed what the tech said about the “internal chip” but it shouldn’t just any chip, it must be one of the chips on the USB charging port. It couldn’t be replaced but you can replace the entire component, which I believe, won’t cost more than $20.

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