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  1. i am using samsung s-III neo model GT-I9301I with android . The problem is with charging. Initially, it worked well i.e. the phone used to charge the battery full in almost 02 hrs, but after a use of about almost two months, it suddenly started slow charging i.e. it took almost 7 to 8 hrs to get 100% charged. I got new charger with 5V and 2A output. This solution worked well and phone again started working normal and took almost 2.5 hrs to get fully charged. In the mean while, i again tried the original old charger of 5V and 1A output, it worked well and brought my battery to 100 % charge in 2.5 hrs. After that, i started charging my phone with 1A output charger, but it again getting same issue of charging in more than 10 to 12 hrs. I again started working with 2A output charger, it again worked good but after some time, it also got the same issue of slow charging and charged up to 87% in more than 24 hrs. I used phone only for wifi internet use. Now, the situation is even worse, the phone is dead and cannot be charged with even 2A output charger. I have checked with mutimeter, the charger outputs exact 5V, but when i measure voltage at the phone terminal for battery connection, it shows only 0.45 V, while battery is out of phone. I measure the same voltage on the same terminals on another huawei smart phone, my meter shows continuously varying reading of between 4.2 V and 3.2 almost. Can you suggest me any solution ?

  2. I hav purchased two same s3 neo phone same model at same time but one is having more brightnes.than the another one.and i have checked all the adjustment brightness factor

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