Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors, Questions, Glitches and Solutions [Part 46]

Galaxy S3

This is the 46th part of our Samsung Galaxy S3 troubleshooter series. There are, at least, 15 problems or questions I addressed in this post, so for those who sent us email, browse through it to see if I’ve included your concerns here. If not, I suggest you visit our Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page as we’ve listed all problems we’ve addressed since the first part of this series.

We are always open to your questions, problems and issues with your Galaxy S3. So, if you can’t find your concern here yet or the solutions we provided didn’t work for you, feel free to email us at [email protected] and provide as much details as possible. Yes, we need details including the model of your phone, version of Android it’s currently running, and when the problem started. Other details are always welcome and if you can provide screenshots or photos, that would be very helpful as well.

We are serious in what we’re doing so we made sure you can contact us easily. Aside from the email, you may also post your concerns on our Facebook wall or Google+ page. We use those media to help our readers as well. Now, for the problems, click on a link to jump to a specific issue:

  1. Galaxy S3 Can’t Make Or Receive Calls
  2. Galaxy S3 Mini Won’t Switch On
  3. Galaxy S3 Thrown Out Of Window, Won’t Turn On
  4. Galaxy S3 Screen Won’t Turn On
  5. Galaxy S3 Memory Damaged Error
  6. Galaxy S3 Won’t Boot Up, Facebook Issue
  7. Galaxy S3 Shut Down And Won’t Turn Back On
  8. Some Galaxy S3 Keys Don’t Work
  9. Galaxy S3 Shuts Down Randomly
  10. New Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On
  11. Galaxy S3 WiFi Keeps Turning On By Itself
  12. Galaxy S3 Camera Not Working
  13. Multiple Issues With Galaxy S3
  14. Galaxy S3 Possible Utility Port Issue
  15. Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On But Becomes Hot When Charging

Galaxy S3 Can’t Make Or Receive Calls

Problem: Hi, my S3 is 16 months old and has almost stopped receiving and sending phone calls. It is hit and miss but more miss. Rogers says their system is fine and it’s my phone. I think it may have started after the software update. Do you have any suggestions. WiFi works great etc. Texts sometimes does not work as well but it can phone through Wifi Rogers one no problem. Please help. Regards, Rob.

Potential Solution: Hey Rob. I hope you understand that we (you and I) don’t know the real problem here but since it is a firmware-related issue, I would suggest you boot the phone in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. If that doesn’t work, proceed with factory reset. Please note that you may lose your data when you do so, thus, I urge you to try to boot the phone in safe mode first and backup your data from there.

Galaxy S3 Mini Won’t Switch On

Problem: Good afternoon. My name is Michael. I have a recently purchased Samsung S3 mini, I am however having a problem switching the phone on all day. It just shut down this morning and when I switched it on it didn’t have any of my apps or setting so I restarted the phone and it wont switch back on. I don’t see how it could be the battery cause I’ve had the phone for less then a month. Is there anything you can recommend that might get it started again. I would prefer not to take my phone in for a service if possible. I really appreciate any advice that you can give me to try solve the problem. Thank you. — Michael

Troubleshooting: When it comes to phone problems, we really can’t be sure what the cause is or what’s happening inside the device. In your case, Michael, the first thing you should try is bring the device back to life. You said it won’t turn on at all, so you should try booting it in different modes. If you can get the phone to boot up in any of the modes, at least, there is a chance the hardware is good. I suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Let the phone charge for at least 30 minutes first.
  2. Pull the battery out.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 1 minute.
  4. Re-insert the battery and attempt to turn the phone on.
  5. If the phone refuses to boot up normally, try booting it up in safe mode.
  6. If safe mode failed, attempt to boot it up in recovery mode.
  7. If the phone doesn’t respond or its screen remains black after all those procedures, then it could be a hardware issue. Have the device checked by a technician.

In case the phone successfully booted up in safe mode, backup all your data and perform factory reset after as the problem may be a firmware glitch. However, if the phone refused to boot in safe mode but got into recovery mode, wipe the cache partition and factory reset it from there. The downside of this procedure is that you will never have a chance to backup your data.

Galaxy S3 Thrown Out Of Window, Won’t Turn On

Problem: Hello, I came across your page looking for ways to retrieve old files from my old/broken phone. A little backstory, the phone in question is a Samsung galaxy s3 with Verizon wireless. It was thrown from about four stories up and the already cracked screen cracked even more. The phone was also dented up pretty bad. The plastic on the side, by the on button was damaged pretty badly. The device no longer turns on. I might have to get a new screen, but there are some files from the phone I’d like to retrieve which I don’t need the phone to be on (I don’t think).

Is there a way to perhaps plug my phone to my computer and attempt to retrieve these files? I am completely unaware of how to do something like this, but was hoping you might be able to help. The phone won’t turn on or even light up with the battery in the phone, but when I remove the battery and plug it into a charger, the red light on the top left of the phone lights up. At this point, anything would help. Thanks, Dave.

Suggestion: If the phone doesn’t turn on, getting a new screen may not help at all. The only time we can access the phone’s internal memory is when it is on. Without power, we can do nothing. We don’t know the extent of the physical damage so we can’t assess if the phone is still repairable or not. But I suggest you have a technician take a look at it.

Galaxy S3 Screen Won’t Turn On

Problem: My sister Galaxy S3 dropped on the floor and her screen cracked. She repaired the screen for $160 and 2 days after, my brother accidentally hit her phone and it didn’t crack but the screen didn’t turn on. She doesn’t know what to do and she seems to be really mad. Can you please explain to me why her phone isn’t working or help me solve this problem? Please respond to me as quickly as possible before she pays a whole bunch of money to get another phone. Thank you! — Diem

Suggestion: For a cracked screen, the most common solution is to replace the digitizer, which can be bought for less than $10. It’s a very easy job and can get done in less than 30 minutes. The $160 cost for repair is not reasonable; either the technician replaced the entire display panel or he overcharged.

By the way, about the new problem, I don’t know if the “hit” damaged or its display. But there is a chance it’s just a connection problem. The display panel is connected to the motherboard by a flex cable. If not properly secured, the connection may become loose or will totally disconnect. If you know how to open the phone, you can check it by yourself but it means voiding the warranty. Of course, if you’re not confident to open it up, have the tech take a look at it.

Galaxy S3 Memory Damaged Error

Problem: Dear Droid guy, I love the column and support you provide to us S3 users. I hope you can help me. I’ve had my S3 for a little over 2 years with no problems until a few months ago. My charging port went bad. So rather then get it fixed for a cheaper solution I bought a standalone battery charger and it also came with a spare battery. I still haven’t really had any issues until today. When I swapped out the batteries and restarted my phone a message appeared that said “samsung device memory damage, the data partition has been corrupted. You need to reset your device to factory defaults. This will erase your data.” Beneath the message sits a reset button. Rather than press it I restarted my phone. The message did not appear again. What can I do to fix/prevent this from happening again? Thanks — Greg

Suggestion: The error appears when the phone can’t read from the internal storage or some of data needed to load core functions are corrupted. The latter can be caused by firmware updates while the former is often caused by a glitch just like your case. It was a good call on your part to reboot the phone because minor glitches are often rectified by that very simple procedure. But honestly, we don’t know for sure when it will happen again and unluckily we can’t prevent it from happening. I suggest, however, that you backup your data because there’s always a chance you can’t do anything but factory reset when this happens again.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Boot Up, Facebook Issue

Problems: I updated my software on my Samsung Galaxy S3 on 11/8/14 & have been having issues. The phone locked up on the Samsung screen & did not want to turn on. Also, I keep getting internet freezing up on FB. I have to reboot the phone every 20 minutes to get on FB. Anyone else having this issues? — Michelle

Potential Solution: Technically, the phone powers on, it just won’t boot up completely. Since it’s an update-related issue, wiping the cache partition via recovery mode will fix it. About your Facebook problem, try to check if there’s an available update for the app. If the problem still persists after updating the app, uninstall it, reboot the phone, download FB app again and install it. Do the same thing if there’s no update available for it.

Galaxy S3 Shut Down And Won’t Turn Back On

Problem: Hi, my phone randomly shut off one day, and I can’t get it to turn back on, it loads the Samsung logo then shuts right off. I try charging it and it won’t work. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks. — Geena

Solution: Try booting the phone in safe mode to isolate the problem. If it were caused by a third-party app, then the device must be able to boot successfully. But in case it won’t, boot it in recovery and wipe the cache partition. That must fix the issue if it were caused by a minor firmware glitch. If for some reason some of the data files necessary to load android system were corrupted, then there’s no other option but to perform factory reset.

Some Galaxy S3 Keys Don’t Work

Problem: Hi there, I have a Galaxy S3 and right side of the phone is not working (x, l, p) is not working I cannot type my message properly. Can you please help me to fix the problem? Thank you, Chat.

Troubleshooting: This is the kind of a problem where we often ask when and how it started. Physical and water damage can cause this issue and that’s what makes things a little complicated especially if no further details are provided.

Well, I will base my troubleshooting on this very short description. To address this, it’s necessary to try typing using both portrait and landscape orientation. If those keys won’t function in both orientation, then it’s a keyboard app issue. If, however, those function in one of the orientation, it’s a possible digitizer issue. You need to have it checked by a tech.

Galaxy S3 Charging Issues Katie Pearson

Problem: Hello! I have an issue with my S3. It will not charge at all. I’ve tried a few different chargers. I finally got it to say it was charging. The red light was on and everything. I left it on the charger for 3 hours. When I turned it on, it said 10 percent. What do I do? — Katie

Troubleshooting: Let’s not dwell on the idea that the phone doesn’t charge because apparently it does, it’s just slow. As long as the device can detect a charger is plugged in and it reacts to it, it will charge.

You are facing a slow charging problem. The first thing I want you to check is the amperage of the charger you’re using. It must show that it’s output current is 2 amperes (or 2000mA); if you see a lower figure, then that must be the reason why the phone charges slow.

However, if the amperage is just right but the phone still charges slow, try booting it is safe mode, turn on Airplane Mode to disable all wireless connectivity functions and charge the phone. If it still charges slowly, then there’s an issue with the USB charging port. You need to have the device checked by a tech.

Galaxy S3 Shuts Down Randomly

Problem: Hi there! For the past few weeks, my Samsung S3 would randomly shut down even at 70% then, when I try to turn it on again, the battery will be at 3%! The phone will hang first before it suddenly shuts down… What should I do? — Daniela

Troubleshooting: You need to observe the phone closely to know what the cause is. When the phone shuts down and when it shows there’s little power left, remove the battery and then press and hold the power key for a minute. Place the battery back in and turn the phone on.

Now, if the device shows a different figure, the problem could be in the USB charging port and it may need replacement. However, if it shows the same figure (I mean the lower figure), then it could be just the battery.

Of course, for hardware problems, you need the services of a technician. If the issue was with the battery, then buy a new one.

New Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On

Problem: I recently won a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 on eBay. I received it yesterday, November 10, 2014. I got out of school and went to go get it activated and everything. Upon the activation process, there were technical difficulties going on. So we had to activate it over the phone. The person put my phone on the charger to turn it on. For some reason, it wouldn’t turn on. I started to get nervous because it wasn’t turning on. We tried to turn it on for 20 minutes and nothing happened. Can you guys please help me?

Related Problem: Hi, I am having severe issues with my Samsung S3, model GT-19300. Basically I had full charge, however the phone suddenly went off and wont power again, the only thing I was able to see was the samsung logo and thats it. I then charged it all night.

However next day I realised that the phone now wont start up at all, all I can now see is a black blank screen an thats it.

I have tried things like taking memory card out, took battery out an re-inserted it, also tried to power up using normal method as well as by pressing power button + home button + volume up button. However all to no avail. Please kindly help urgently. — Aktar

Troubleshooting: My question is, what happened after the “person” plugged the phone in to charge? Did the device show the usual charging icon or did the LED Notification turned red? If the answer to these questions are yes, then leave the phone to charge until full or until the red light turns green and turn it on and try to turn it on. It should work.

However, if the phone didn’t display the charging sign nor did it emit the red notification light, open the back cover and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Place the battery back in and this time make sure the battery’s interface makes contact with the phone’s connectors. Then plug the charger again or attempt to turn it on. If it still won’t charge or turn on, then return the phone and have it replaced.

Galaxy S3 WiFi Keeps Turning On By Itself

Problem: Hello! My S3 continues to turn on the WIFI and drains my battery searching for it. I’ve done everything in my settings to keep it off but, it still goes back on. It never did this before so, I’m guessing that it could be and Update or an app. How can I find which one it is or disable them from doing this? Thanks, Jim.

Potential Solution: Hey Jim. If you happen to be under Sprint’s network, try this: go to Settings > Connections > More networks > Mobile Networks > Connection Optimizer > Uncheck box. The company’s connection optimizer can turn on WiFi automatically if it can detect there’s one within range to avoid high data usage.

If you’re not with Sprint, however, I want you to try this: go to Settings > Connections > WiFi > hit the Menu key and make sure “Always allow scanning” and “Auto connect” options are disabled.

Galaxy S3 Camera Not Working
Problem: Hello sir, I am Dennis from Ghana and have had a problem with my s3 lately. For the past one month, the camera does not work again. I have tried with the four available steps you have provided on the internet and it all proved futile. I will therefore be glad if you can help me out with some other processes. Thank you. — Dennis

Suggestion: We often provide troubleshooting steps that rule out every possibility. If all the possible fixes we provided didn’t work for you, then I’m sure it’s a hardware issue and there’s nothing we can do about it. You said you’ve tried everything we provided, but I’m sure there’s one thing you haven’t tried yet or refused to do–having the phone checked by a tech.

Multiple Issues With Galaxy S3

Problems: Hi I have a Samsung S3 SGH-T999. Recently I am facing some problem. Recently when I call or receive a call in skype my phone got hang. I can see video but no one can see me in skype and my phone shut down when using Skype. Today my phone also shutdown when I open camera and retrica application… it’s also getting slow day by day and my phone charge is so bad that I can’t use it for 1 hours… and continue overheat problem. Please give me solution. Regards, Sabuj.

Suggestion: That’s a lot of problem for a phone and with you not providing necessary details, we can’t assess what the problem really is. Does the Skype problem happens every single time you use the app? When did the phone begin to slow down? Does the phone overheats everyday? Finally, what did you do with it?

These problems are a sign of mixed firmware, app and hardware issues. The best thing to do is backup your data and perform factory reset. If that wouldn’t work, contact T-Mobile and report the phone is defective and have it replaced.

Galaxy S3 Possible Utility Port Issue

Problem: Hi – I have a Samsung S3 that from one day to the next quit charging. No matter what’s plugged into it, the phone won’t charge. You can’t wiggle the plug to get it to work (initially it would), now it just doesn’t charge. Repeatedly I’ll plug it in, says it’s charging, and fully charges. When I unplug it, I’m at 13% – 19% charged, and then won’t take a charge until it dies. I saw where you said to replace the port, and while I think I can accomplish that, I’m not sure where to PURCHASE a port? Any help you could give would be so much appreciated, because I can’t afford to replace this phone, and am not up for a upgrade until next September (it’s November)! Thanks — Christina

Suggestion: Christina, actually only a few technicians would want the hassle to install or solder the fine pins of the actual USB port. What we usually do is but the component where the port is attached and just replace the old one. You can but the USB charging port off eBay and I believe it will not cost you more than $20, but please check. It’s a pretty easy job to install the new component so if you’re up for it, you can do it yourself. If it’s too complicated for you or you want the entire process to be safe for your device, let the tech do it.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On But Becomes Hot When Charging

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S3 was working fine when I put it for charging. After an hour or so I noticed that it’s charging light is ON with red color but screen was also ON and Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-19300 was appearing on the screen.

When I touched it, it was quite hot. I disconnected the charger and cooled it down. When I tried to put it ON, it only displays “Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-19300”. When I tried to put it OFF, it gets OFF momentarily and again gets ON and displays “Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-19300”. I changed the battery but no change was observed.

When I again plugged the charger, battery sign appears in Grey color and remains there even if unplugged until the battery is removed. I tried your “Troubleshooting Steps” ie Boot to Safe Mode and Boot to Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition. But it did not work. Could you guide me what to do next to put it ON in working condition? Regards, Tariq.

Suggestion: Tariq, there is a big chance the Power button is stuck or damaged. So, please check the button physically and see if you can fix it. If, however, the button works fine, then it’s a possible hardware issue and you need help from a tech to get this sorted out. There’s no possible one-click fix for this issue and the best thing you can do about it is find out what the problem is and let someone with sufficient know-how take care of the problem.

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