Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors, Questions, Glitches and Solutions [Part 43]

Galaxy S3

Welcome to the 43rd part of our longest running series that tackles with Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, error messages, glitches and questions sent by our readers. We’ve addressed more than 500 problems in this site so if you have issues with your phone, it is more likely we’ve already written something about them.

Browse through our Samsung Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page to find issues related to yours. Try the troubleshooting procedures and solutions we provided first and if they didn’t work, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. We are always open to your questions and problems but we urge you provide as much details as possible so we can assess your concerns well.

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Galaxy S3 Screen Glitches, Shuts Down, Drains Battery Quicker

Problems: Hi! I’ve been searching on the web a solution for two problems with my S3, and I found your website.

1st Problem: S3 still has battery, but the screen glitches (like the horizontal static lines on the screen of an old TV) and then shuts down. This first happened at 5%, then 15%, 20%, 40%, and most recently 80% (!!!) (Approximate percentages). Even a while ago while I was searching, the screen glitched but fortunately didn’t shut down. Before these problems, I charged my phone when it’s about 10%, and unplugged it even if it isn’t fully charged yet. I also sometimes use it while it’s charging. Is it the battery or the phone? And what should I do?

2nd Problem: S3 loses battery fast, especially when cellular data is on. It’s probably related to problem 1. Example: 20% now; 18% 1 minute later; 16% another minute later. Thanks in advance. — Silas

Suggestion: Hello Silas. After almost three years since we started supporting Android devices, we’ve already seen a lot of problems. Personally, I saw the flickering screen problem on the S3 before but it was caused by a break in the flex cable, which bridges the display panel and the motherboard. That said, there is always the possibility that the issue with the display itself, the cable that connects it to the main board, or other hardware components. But let’s set that aside for now.

In your follow up email, you suspected the battery and that’s logical considering the problem happens when the battery percentage reaches a certain point. But you what? The best thing you can do is to test whether it’s a battery problem or not. So, if you have a spare battery, try to use it to find out if the problem still persists. If it does, then we’re looking at a possible hardware problem. For that, there’s nothing you can do but have the phone checked by a technician. Your second problem can be solved if the first one is fixed.

Galaxy S3 Shuts Down By Itself If Used More Than 10 Minutes

Problem: Hi, I have had my S3 for a year and now whenever I use my phone for more than about 10 minutes whilst not on charge it crashes and switches itself off. This problem is solved by putting the phone on charge and restarting it. Any ideas what I can do to solve this issue? Thanks, Jonathan.

Suggestion: Hey Jonathan. The battery is among the components that will deteriorate quicker. That said, it is obvious the one that’s currently powering up your phone doesn’t have enough power to sustain your device’s needs like it used to, although there is also the possibility that the USB charging port, the component that serves as a bridge between the battery and the motherboard, is causing the problem.

If the phone turns off without apparent reason, then the battery may be at fault. But if prior to or after the shut down the phone manifests some kind of firmware problems (i.e. crashes, freezes, hangs, lags, etc.) then the USB charging port may be the culprit. The worst case scenario is when the former damaged the latter. In this case, you need to replace both.

The only thing you can do is rule out the possibility that the battery is the problem. In order to do that, you need to try a different battery that’s perfectly working. If the problem was fixed, then you don’t have to worry about your phone’s hardware. Otherwise, you need help from a tech.

Related Problem: Hi. I am having problems with my phone, each time I plug my Samsung S3 to charge it shows the power yet it doesn’t charge and when I remove it from the charger it drains, for example if it was 60% it will be 50%….but when I put some else’s battery it charges a it. My question is could it be the battery or charging system please help. — Regina

Suggestion: Regina, if the phone charges fine while using a different battery but the same charger, then it’s obviously the battery that’s at fault here, otherwise it’s the charger. To confirm further, try using “someone else’s” charger with your own battery to find out if the phone still behaves abnormally. Based on your description, there’s still no certainty if it were the battery or the charger that has issues. It needs further observation.

TouchWiz Home Has Stopped Error On Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi, I hope you can help me, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I decided to factory reset my phone since it’s getting slower. I just finished the reset and then I encountered the “TouchWiz home has stopped” error. I searched online for solutions and I have tried to change the home screen mode from standard to easy mode, tried going to application manager and clearing the data of the touchwiz home, also tried to change window animation scale still to no avail. I tried to factory reset my phone again for a number of times but it’s no helping. My current android version is 4.3 Jelly bean and I can’t remember the version I had before when I first reseted my phone. Your assistance will be much appreciated. Thank you. — Kaypeen

Potential Solution: Kaypeen, if the “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” error appears during the first boot or before you install any third-party apps, then it’s a firmware issue. However, if it appears right after you installed your apps back, then it’s possible it’s caused by third-party app.

If it were a firmware issue, it would be fixed even if you reset your phone a hundred times. The best thing to do is to download the firmware that has the same version and baseband as the one you have in your phone. You can find one from

If, however, the problem was caused by a third-party app, you just need to find that app and uninstall it. However, you still need to verify that by booting the Galaxy S3 in safe mode.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Access Google Play Store

Problem: I’m having problems with accessing play store on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Please tell me how to solve this, so I can enjoy this app. Thank you, Susan.

Potential Solution: Susan, it could have been very easy for us to determine the real problem and provide you with appropriate solution if you included the error message your getting or told us the behavior of the phone when accessing the Play Store. Try to see if your concern is one of the following:

  • Can’t open Play Store – clear its cache and data
  • Can’t download / install apps – uninstall app updates
  • Displays error 403 – wait it out as it is probably a Google issue
  • No internet connection error – check your internet connection
  • App closes by itself – reboot your phone

If your problem isn’t included in this short list, email us back and please provide as much details as possible.

Galaxy S3 Power Button Problem

Problem: For my husband’s S3: After a recent update, the power button shuts down the phone with a swipe instead of a push. How can I fix this for him? I have searched all over his settings and can’t find it. Thanks. — Shannon

Suggestion: Shannon, the external button may have been stuck and slightly pressing the switch that a small amount of pressure will close the circuit. Try to press the power button multiple times to find out if that could make a difference but to avoid the phone from powering on and off while you do that, remove the battery first.

If the problem remained, you may try removing the back part that covers the components inside. Once you’ve done that, you can see clearing the power switch and you can determine whether it’s damaged or pressed. However, if that’s a little complicated for you, just have the phone checked by a professional.

LED Notification Glows Red Even After Charging

Problem: Hi, my problem is the red light on the top left of phone stays on even after charging. It has never been wet. Can you help me? Thank you. — Therese

Troubleshooting: Therese, we are serious in helping our readers but we really can’t assess the problem well without necessary details like how the problem started and when.

But anyway, if you have an app called Light Flow, uninstall it as it often cause problems like this. The same goes for apps that has the capability to manipulate the phone’s LED notification. Lastly, try to see if you can turn the light off by going to Settings > My device > Blocking mode > unmark Turn off LED indicator.

Apps In SD Card Appear Uninstalled, Photos Disappeared

Problem: Hello, my Samsung Galaxy S3 problem: Applications on SD card suddenly cannot open, they appear to be uninstalled. Also camera photos have been lost. Please provide me with any explanation or solution. Thank you. — Lina

Explanation: Apps that were installed in your SD card may appear uninstalled or greyed out because Android cannot access the executable file. However, some caches and data are left in your phone’s internal memory that’s why those apps still show their respective icons, although they appear transparent. As to your photos, the same thing happens; the phone cannot find their location so whatever you do, you can never find them using any of the file manager you may have installed.

Troubleshooting: Lina, it is obvious the phone can longer detect the microSD card mounted on it. The first thing you have to do is reboot the phone to see if that makes a difference. If not, then physically unmount the SD card from your phone, attach it to a card reader and let your laptop or computer read from it. Two things may happen; the computer may ask you right on to reformat it or prompts what you want to do with files inside.

If the phone asked to reformat the SD card because it’s already unreadable, then there is a big chance it’s damaged. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about your data inside it. However, if the computer can read from it, then copy everything while you still can. After that reformat the card using FAT32 format and mount it back to your phone. No one can tell how the card stays usable but if it started to act up, don’t trust it anymore.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Receive Some Emails

Problem: Hi I am using Samsung S3. From the past 3 days all my emails not coming through. 30% emails i can receive in the phone but not all. Can you please help it is really annoys me if i don’t carry my laptop. Please help. Thanks, Prasad.

Suggestion: While email problems seem easy to resolve, they’re actually complicated and what makes your problem more difficult for us is the lack of details. To be able to assess this issue better, we need to know what email app you use and what kind of email you have (corporate or standard email service).

Try to check with other folders if those emails you thought weren’t received are there. If you can’t find them anywhere, try to re-setup your account. If you’re using Gmail, try to use the official Gmail app; if you’re using Yahoo mail, then use the official Yahoo app.

Galaxy S3 Battery Problem

Problem: I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 brought on June 2013. I replace the battery with new original battery on July 2014 due to blugging issues that is usual for smartphones. But after three months, the battery again starts to blug. Please help me out. Is charging the phone frequently leads to blugging of the battery. Regrads, Avinash.

Suggestion: Battery-related issues are also complicated but what confuses me is the term you used in describing the problem–“blugging.” I would assume it means “swollen” or “bulging” which happens to batteries.

Swelling and bulging happen all the time and they’re often caused by overcharging. However, battery technologies evolved significantly in the last 5 years that it is now impossible for batterie to overcharge. Once the battery reaches 100%, the phone automatically stops the charging process even if left plugged in.

Another cause of a swollen battery is overheating. There’s no way for us to know if the phone reaches a temperature beyond its threshold so you need to monitor that. It’s normal for the phone to heat up but not to the point that it becomes uncomfortable for you to hold it.

Now, if the phone doesn’t overheat, then observe the phone if it discharges the battery faster than it normally does. In this case, there is a possibility that the USB charging port has a problem and you need to have it checked.

Galaxy S3 Won’t Turn On

Problem: I went to bed last night with my galaxy s3 working perfectly as it has done since I got it in July. When I woke up it was off and it won’t turn back on. I’ve no idea what’s wrong with it.

Related Problem: Hey I went to bed with my S3 turn on when I got up in the morning it was rather hot and switch off and it has never turn back on it has been 3 weeks.

Troubleshooting: First of all, make sure there is enough power left in the battery. After charging, remove the battery and then press and hold the power key for a minute. After that, place the battery back in and attempt to turn back on.

If the first procedure failed, attempt to boot in safe mode and then in recovery mode. If the phone cannot boot in any of those modes, then there’s an issue with the hardware. There’s no point in troubleshooting a hardware issue especially if you the phone is still within its warranty period, so have a professional take a look at it.

LogsProvider Has Stopped Error On Galaxy S3

Error: Hello droid guy, my galaxy S3 keep showing Unfortunately LogsProvider has stopped. Please help me how to get rid of it.

Related Problem: Hi guys. I have a problem with my Galaxy S3. Every time I open the dialer or the phone, I get the error message “Unfortunately, LogsProvider has stopped.” How can I fix this problem?

Potential Solution: LogsProvider is a service and for some Galaxy S3 variants, users can clear its cache and data as it is visible in the Application Manager. So, try to see first if there is a service named Log Provider. If none, then backup all your contacts especially those that are saved in your phone and then clear the data of the Contacts Storage service. This error is often caused by corrupt contacts or call logs. But if all these failed, there’s no other option to fix this but to perform factory reset. Backup all your data before doing so.

Galaxy S3 Issues After An Update

Problem: Ever since the last update, which arrived on a Sunday and downloaded itself, I have had phone issues. The biggest problem is that I can’t receive calls and the 2 buttons (phone & contacts) freeze. I can tell someone is calling but cannot pick it up. A full reset was already done as well as cleaning the cache but nothing seems to work. The phone is only 1 1/2 years old and the battery has already been replaced once. Any suggestions? — Jenny

Potential Solution: Jenny, I think the update wasn’t complete or interrupted. Some data or files may be corrupt that that’s causing the problem. If you already did factory reset and it didn’t get away, then there is a need for the firmware to be manually flashed or installed. If you’re up to it, there is a flashing tool called Odin, which can be download for free online, that you can use to install the current firmware. This, however, will void the warranty so, it would be better if you bring the phone to your provider and have its technician take care of the problem for you.

Apps Takes So Long To Load, Phone Lags A Lot

Problem: Recently, my S3 has some problem which is sometime you let it to load something like games or movies, the screen will turn into all black for about 10 sec which is not normal. You won’t know whether the game is still loading or the screen timeout. Then I tried to turn the screen on again but failed. I tried few more times until I fed up and let it . It take a few seconds more to come out.

Other than that, my phone is facing abnormally lag. Before that I use smart and doddle launcher and it gone smooth. But now I turn back to touchwiz, it’s lagger than usual. Tried before to delete cache file in android recovery mode, used clean master a few times for everyday, deleted unused apps. Still very laggy. REALLY HOPE YOU ALL CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

Suggestion: It seems to like you already did everything but the problem remained. Based on your description, the problem is with third-party apps but we really can’t be sure of that if you don’t isolate the problem. So, try to boot the phone in safe mode. If the phone still lags while in the state, then it’s a firmware issue and you need to perform factory reset.

If, however, the phone is performing normally in safe mode, then you just need to find the app that’s causing the problem. I understand that you already uninstalled your unused apps so, the problem could be in the apps you’re using.

Galaxy S3 Turns Off When Taking Photos

Problem: Dear sir, I have Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile new one actually. It’s is having a problem while taking picture from camera when keeping flash on in dark room. If we take photo even in slight dark room also with camera flash on mobile automatically gets switch off. If I have restart the phone again either I have remove the battery and install again or I have to connect the charger. Otherwise I cannot switch on the mobile. I tried by updating firmware also. But it is of no use. Kindly suggest us what we have to do.

Suggestion: I encountered this problem before the only difference is that the phone would shut down when the Camera app was launched. We tried everything including factory reset and re-flashing of the firmware to no avail. The tech replaced the camera sensor as it appeared to be defective. In your case, it seems that the problem is triggered by the flash. The only thing you can do for now is factory reset to find out if that makes a difference. If not, then you need to have the phone checked by a tech.

Galaxy S3 WiFi Problem

Problem: I get att wifi not in range on available networks, took it to the att store and they said it looked like it got wet so the wifi won’t work. If this is true can I replace the wifi in the phone.

I have tried adjusting the settings, but to no avail. Thank you, Danny.

Potential Solution: If it was true that the WiFi function of the ceased to work due to water damage and the tech said it couldn’t be fixed anymore, then replacing the motherboard will do the trick. A chip handles the WiFi function and it is virtually impossible for a tech to remove the chip and solder the replacement to the board. Besides, there’s no guarantee that once the chip is replaced, the problem will be solved. If you plan on buying a new motherboard, I suggest you buy a new phone instead.

Galaxy S3 Issues Installing Apps From Unknown Sources

Problem: I am using a G S3 android device. I am facing a problem when I try to download a third party application from outside the play store.

I checked the box in the security options in the settings menu of unknown sources but the problem continues.

When I download a third party app, the downloading occurs but the problem is in the installation page which appears asking me to install the application. So when I press the install button, nothing occurs. As if the install button is broken or out of function.

I did some net research about this problem, and one solution was to turn the device to safe mode and go to the same downloaded file and try to install it. I did it and the application was successfully installed.

  • So what is the issue in your opinion?
  • Shall I continue to install unknown sourced applications just in the safe mode?
  • Is there a way to solve this problem and be able to install any application though it is from outside the play store?

Some articles that I read, mention that if such application was successfully installed only in safe mode, this means that the problem is in one or maybe more of my third party applications. (So how can I know which application is causing this problem?)

Is there a way to detect these apps that are preventing me from installing any unknown sourced application on my device? I don’t prefer to do a factory reset). Thanks a lot for any kind of help that you will offer to me.Rashid

Suggestion: Does this happen to all apps you side-load? If so, then it’s a firmware issue, otherwise, the problem is app-specific. It’s all up to you if continue sideloading apps via the safe mode. If it were a firmware issue, wiping the cache partition may make a difference.

There’s no easy way to find apps that may be causing this issue but to disable each suspected app and attempt to install or side load the .apk file.

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