Samsung Galaxy Note To Offer The Precision Of A Bamboo Tablet

If you’re a graphic artist, or perhaps work in CAD then you are undoubtedly familiar with the precision of the Bamboo tablets made by Wacom.

It’s Wacom’s pen input technology that makes the Bamboo tablets so easy to use and so precise. They are perfect for drawing, signing, writing, retouching and much more. Well the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note is said to have precision close to that of the top of the line Bamboo tablets on the market today.


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The answer is simple, Samsung has teamed up with Wacom to design the pen technology that combines the precision of the S-Pen with the power of the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Wacom and Samsung announced their partnership in a press release issued late Thursday.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note and the accompanying S-Pen users can take memos, sketch ideas, edit photos, and personalize things like email, tweets, blog posts and more. When they use the S-Pen they are going to get the highest level of precision available on the market.

Our mission is to provide the best user interface experiences that are creative, natural, precise and intuitive to use. Our partnership with Samsung is an important step for us to introduce a new way of user interaction, enabling people to enjoy their own creativity,” says Masahiko Yamada, President & CEO of Wacom Co., Ltd. “From now on, technology will feel different.”

Wacom has been in the pen tablet business since 1983. Theyv’e received some criticism as of late for the texture in some of their tablets, however with the Samsnug Galaxy Note you’ll be using the S-Pen on a very smooth screen.  With Wacom technology at the helm the S-Pen is sure to feel more like a natural writing experience rather than just another stylus.

The S-Pen comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note in it’s package and is actually stored on the device similar to the way styli were stored on Palm Pilots.

source: Wacom

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