Samsung Galaxy Note II with flexible display and 12 MP camera

Samsung has been releasing some news about flexible or bendable displays for some time now, and we have been hoping that we would have smart phones with flexible displays in our hands very soon. Rumors also say that the South Korean smart phone giant will be releasing a smart phone with flexible display some time this year. And new rumors say that this is going to be the next version of the Galaxy Note.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note II would come with a flexible display and some more goodies. The story does seem very interesting and sometimes even mouth watering. According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will have a quad core 1.4 GHz processor and Exynos chipset, 1.5 GB or RAM, and an awesome 5.3 inch Super AMOLED flexible display. Not just that, but the smart phone would also feature a 12 mega pixel camera and run the yet to be released Android 5.0, code named Jelly Bean.

See, the story is interesting, is it not? The Samsung Galaxy Note already is an awesome smart phone with a massive 5.3 inch Super AMOLED HD display and now running Ice Cream Sandwich with a very good 8 mega pixel camera. Upgrades to the hardware and the software on the smart phone with a flexible display would make it the best smart phone the world has seen till now.

And yes, according to the rumors, this is going to happen this October. There are no official words on the release date or even a smart phone with flexible display hitting the market anytime soon. But it would be just awesome if these rumors come true real soon.

Right now, this is all we have on the Samsung Galaxy Note II with flexible display. But stay tuned because we are sure to get more news on this.

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3 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note II with flexible display and 12 MP camera”

  1. one of the bells & whistles of the galaxy s3 is a noise cancellation microphone. is there any info about whether or not a similar mike will be available in the Note2

  2. This is as outrageous as the note was when it came out…lol
    This is just hype. Let’s look at logic shall we:
    1. The note has a will bepractically impossible to write on a surface that gives.
    2. For the note 2 to establish dominance in the phablet market…it is wise to increase screen size to 5.5 to take full advantage of the pen apps.
    3.Google has not announce an up coming phone release that has jellybean…and they always get first dibs on-the-job new OS through the Nexus line.
    4. Samsung should be moving towards a goal of making sure all recent smarts have the latest ICS OS! I have the SG2 and still waiting for that upgrade!

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