Samsung GALAXY Note II pricing for T-Mobile revealed

T-Mobile is well known to overprice smartphone devices. Nation’s fourth largest carrier recently launched the popular Samsung’s Android flagship device for 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III, at relatively higher initial price than the competing carriers. The GS 3 is available to T-Mobile customers with a down payment of $229.99 for the 16GB version or $279.99 for the 32GB variant with 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). The price tag is of course a frustration to customers as T-Mobile’s S III variant costs about $80 more than the competition, which is a bad thing as one would expect US carriers will try to lure customers by lowering the price of the phone.

Though the initial cost of procuring an S III from T-Mobile is a costly affair, the overall cost for keeping the phone running over the next 2 years still seems to be a competitive one, besides people can always buy their S III from T-Mobile off-contract for $622.99. Samsung announced the sequel of their popular phablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, recently. It’s a great compact portable device with lot of raw power, and yes, it is coming to T-Mobile. T-Mobile will be launching the Galaxy Note II very soon, and we have got some leaked information on that. According to the latest leaked documents, T-Mobile will be launching the Galaxy Note II for $299.99 on Value Plans.

The $299.99 we are talking about is the Value Plan. Coming to the Classic Plan, the word has it that T-Mobile will be pricing it at $419.99 before $50 mail-in rebate, so doing some quick math, the device will be costing a good $379.99 after rebate, which is still $80 ahead of what Sprint is pricing their own Note II. We had expected T-Mobile’s price tag for Galaxy Note 2 to be a bit higher than the competition after seeing Galaxy S3’s case, but then depending on the plan you will choose, you may end up paying less with T-Mobile when considering the overall course of 2 year contract.

If you have been following news related to Note 2 lately, a recently leaked Walmart internal doc has T-Mobile’s GNote 2 at $299 on contract. We know that Walmart is often found to be undercutting official prices, so if you feel T-Mobile’s direct pricing to be costly, you always have Walmart to fall back on. If you take look at leaked photo above from Walmart, it reveals pricing details of few smartphone devices including LG Optimus L9 which according to the image will be coming to Walmart for as low as $0.97 on contract. The HTC Windows Phone 8X will cost $148, while the Windows Phone 7.5 based Nokia Lumia 810 will go sale for $99.88.

Talking about the launch of T-Mobile Note 2, the device will either launch on October 24th/25th or in the middle of November. What are your thoughts on this? Are you planning to buy Galaxy Note II? Let us know using the comment form below.

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  1. It’s really shocking news. This is unbelievable almost they are giving fifty percent discount. I hope this is the best time to buy it.

  2. Well the price u pay for note 2 is 288 oops tax then 20 $ 4 20 months on value but I must say v plan on t mobile makes big dif I pay 125$ for 2lines 5gig and two gigs but I always wifi so to me all other carriers suc been there

  3. Actually, just got it, it’s $249.00. which has the value plan, same price. pricing was confusing, but really, when you go into the store is $249.00. the other is for the classic plan which nobody gets.

  4. 1. You’re wrong. Tmobile USED to have a throttle down unlimited plan. That is NOT the case anymore. Tmobile has moved to a FULL unlimited plan just like Sprint. 2. The one guy is correct you pay 200 cancellation PER LINE so you’re gonna blow $1,000 to go to sprint? That’s a great idea! 3. The price at ATT isn’t $229, it’s $299. The same price that Walmart has it for. You can also wait for Best Buy to carry the GN2 and then turn in your old phone for a little extra cash towards your phone. You will also SAVE money over the two year contract by sticking with Tmobile because Sprint is a crap load more expensive, also in 2013 Tmo will begin their LTE network and with the help of the MetroPCS network Tmo’s LTE will most likely be FASTER and larger than Sprints LTE network. SO good luck bro!

  5. You mentioned you have 4 line family plan, so you need to multiply the cancellation fee by 4. That makes it $800 cancellation fee.

  6. Think twice. We recently brought 5 lines from Sprint to T-Mobile after extensive research and hands on testing against competitive offerings. T-Mobile coverage is WAY better and WAY less expensive than Sprint’s. In addition, T-Mobile coverage proved as good or better than Verizon’s in the Chicago area we live in and the cities we travel to.
    Bottom Line: Sprint’s system is all screwed up and we had to leave as we could not communicate properly as a family or for business. Sprint’s problems seem to have started with the botched Nextel merger integration and got way worse after they started trying to upgrade to 4G without any money. — Check out the coverage maps, they cover less than 5% of the country’s population and none of the top cities in the U.S. are covered. Now, hopefully (after all consumers need the cell companies to compete) Sprint will eventually become more competitive if they get bought out by Softbank, but it will take years.
    Here’s the real kicker. We went with a T-Mobile Value plan and are saving $100+ a month by throttling lines 3-5. We get away with this because one is not a smart phone and the other two belong to the kids. We all use T-Mobile’s industry exclusive wifi service (which doesn’t count against phone or data limits) and are getting by just fine on 2GB of data. If the kids need more, we’ve told them they can pay the $10 extra to get unlimited data. I’ve got an unlocked Note 2 and we’ll pick up a second Note II from T-Mobile for $299 under the value plan deal which is a way better deal than the Classic Plan you reference or any other major carrier deal going… especially since our bill will go down even more once the phones are done amortizing. Your bill never goes down under the Classic plan or the major competitor’s plans. You just got locked in the loop of paying a lot more than you need to because of big company financing schemes. As for me and my family, we’ll take the Value Plan’s 0%, closed-end financing instead of over-priced Classic plan schemes every time.

  7. That’s gonna be $200 x 4 lines to get out bud! $800.00 ! Ouch! Just wait about a month or two and let all the hype pass then go get your note 2, I bet they we bring down the price. Or go to Costco or Walmart and pay a cheaper price.

  8. if this is true than GOODBYE T MOB, HALLO SPRINT!!! how is it that t mob always manages to shoot itself in the foot. i have a 4 line family plan and have been with t mob for 5 years and i had it. that mail in rebate is fake. i got 3 phones with the mail in fake bate. never got the 50$ debit card. so if this article is right THE PRICE OF THE NOTE 2 ON T MOBILE IS ACTUALY 420$. you know what?, instead of paying 120$ extra, il just put 80$ more and pay the 200$ cancelation fee and get a SPRINT note 2 for 300$ with really unlimited internet. u hear that folks?! T MOBILE 4G IS NOT UNLIMITED. SPRINT IS TRULY UNLIMITED. after reaching your 2GB cap t-mob will throtel u down to 20kb which is half edge speed. if u wiki edge ul see that edge is 40kb. so they slow u down not to 2g, not to g, not even to edge speed, but to half edge speed. so instead of paying 120$ extra for t mobs note 2, il pay 200$ to cancel a line,and get truly unlimited internet from sprint.

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