Samsung Galaxy Note II Multi-View Functionality Comes Packed With An Update

A recent official update for Samsung Galaxy Note II dubbed as XXALIJ1 comes with few fixes, a new baseband and Google Chrome update. The most notable functionality that comes packed with this update, however, is the split-screen or multi-view capability that we have previously seen from the Galaxy Tab, only this time it’s better both in performance and aesthetics.

Image: GSM Arena

Samsung Galaxy Note II Multi-View is more than just splitting the screen it allows users to run two compatible apps simultaneously. This same feature can also be found in Galaxy Note 10.1 and either you’re using the smaller or bigger Note II, you’d be getting the same functionality. However, there are only a handful of apps that are compatible with this feature. The Galaxy Note II split-screen function supports all native Samsung apps and Google apps such as Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and Talk.

Galaxy Note II owners, albeit this feature is far more advanced, cannot enjoy it to the fullest as there are no reported compatible apps aside from the ones mentioned above. The good thing is the device is so popular with millions of users around the world, so it is just a matter of time before developers would update their apps to make them compatible.

One developer I was able to talk to regarding this matter said that the update needed to make an app compatible with this feature would include adjusting screen size and arrangement of buttons on top of few line of codes to make things run smoothly.

“Obviously, the update should contain screen size or resolution adjustment… buttons or other components on screen should be rearranged. But that’s the easy part… a few lines of codes are needed to make an app perfectly compatible. Apps designed for Gingerbread OS may need a bit more time. But overall, it is an easy job that could be done in a day or two.”

Some owners who have already updated their devices reported that Google Chrome loads way faster now and while it’s not included in the change log, Gmail app also syncs faster after the update.

Source: GSM Arena

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  1. Really nice feature, for a few seconds I sorta forgot how to make it ‘go away’!
    Thats why I Google d it

    Thanks for the reminder

    Samsung galaxy Note 2

  2. The split screen mode is great but how do I get rid of the little blue split screen tab that is sticking up whichever app I am using. Its really bugging me now especially when trying to watch fullscreen videos. How do I make it go away?

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