Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera Review


The Galaxy Note II has surpassed my expectations on the quality of camera that would be offered in the device. It captures images of the highest quality, even in low-light situations. In example, our Christmas tree was recently put up. Just about all of the lights were off, and the tree really wasn’t generating a whole lot of light at all. I turned on the “Low-light” feature in the options and managed to take a picture like all of the lights in the room were suddenly turned on and focused around the tree. There are tons of different camera options to choose from, including what they call “smile detection.” When smile detection is on, the camera will automatically take a picture when it detects that the person in front of the camera has smiled. It’s just small little things like this that make the Galaxy Note II’s camera great.

Camera features were definitely not the first thing I checked out when I first managed to get the device. In fact, camera features were not a huge worry for me simply because I didn’t use it a whole lot on my Motorola Atrix II due to how terrible the quality was. I was used to using a bad camera on my phone, so it wasn’t a huge worry. Now that I’ve been able to experience all of the features that the Note II offers in its camera, I doubt I’ll be going back to any other device aside from anything in Samsung’s Note lineup.

Features like “best face” and “best photo” allow the user of the camera to take multiple images in a short span of time and then choose which image they see as the best shot. After choosing what image was the best shot, the Note II will delete all of the images that didn’t make the users approval. While I have seen all of the ads and videos that showcase the camera features on the Note II, I didn’t expect it to actually have such good facial detection due to ads tending to over exaggerate things.

The camera does have an 8-megapixel shooter, which actually takes some nice pictures that are nicer than my 8-megapixel shooter on the Atrix II. I’m no camera geek, but I tend to think that a lot of the image quality is on the software side of things instead of the hardware itself. Sure the hardware has a lot to deal with the image, but I’ve honestly never seen such a clear image on a smartphone before. The Note II surpasses all of my expectations in this area.

Now, if someone were looking for a smartphone that had a good camera, I’m not sure I would suggest the Note II to that person. The device sits at a $299 price tag and is loaded with all types of features that I’m sure not everyone would be interested in using (e.g. the numerous S-compatible apps). If I were to suggest a Note-like device for camera features, I’d point that person in the direction of the Galaxy S III. Yes, it has a lot of features the Note does, but isn’t as expensive, especially for someone looking to use their smartphone as their main camera device.

If you’ve got the money to throw out though, the Note II is something you don’t want to pass up.

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  1. Pic or it didn’t happen 😛

    But seriously I think the Note 2 is the best phone of 2012 period.

    P.S. Please show is the images you’ve taken to help us see the goodness ourselves. Thanks

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