Samsung Galaxy Note 5 shows insufficient storage space warning, other storage & memory issues

We actually just received a few memory related issues from #Samsung Galaxy #Note5 owners because it doesn’t have a microSD card slot and storage problems seldom happen…but they do happen. That’s the reason I wrote this post to address some of the issues we received.


The first problem is about the insufficient storage issue with the Note 5. It is an obvious problem and the solution can never be too apparent. That’s why I just wrote a simple guide for our reader to follow on how to free up some space in her phone.

Here’s the list of the problems I included here…

  1. Note 5 shows insufficient storage space
  2. Note 5 gives out SIM card error at random times
  3. Note 5 can’t recognize Lexar 3.00 memory stick
  4. Note 5 can’t find all contents of SD card

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Note 5 shows insufficient storage space

Problem: Hi guys. My Note 5 recently shows a warning about the storage space that’s insufficient. I was told by a friend to buy a microSD card to compensate it but the store attendant said I don’t need one because the Note 5 doesn’t have a microSD card slot. Instead, she said I need to have the memory stick, which I bought. But the thing is, I really don’t know what to do with it that’s why I’m asking you to help me. I’m old and I’m not really tech-oriented but not ignorant though. Can you help me? — Lisa

Answer: Hello Lisa! Actually, if you have a computer, you don’t need a memory stick to fix the problem about your phone but since you already bought that, I will help you with it. I am assuming, however, that you know how to copy files on your phone.

  1. Plug in your memory stick to your phone.
  2. Wait for My Files screen to pop up and touch the arrow at the top-left hand corner of the screen. (If it won’t pop up, then tap Apps > Samsung, then choose My Files.)
  3. Under Local storage section, tap Device storage.
  4. The first thing you need to copy are your pictures and videos so touch and hold DCIM folder until the checkbox on the left is ticked.
  5. Now tap on More on the top-right corner and touch Move. (If you move files, no copies are left in the phone’s storage.)
  6. Touch the device where you’re going to move the files to or in this case the USB Storage A.
  7. You may create a folder if you want to but if not, just tap on MOVE HERE at the top of the screen.
  8. Wait for the phone to finish moving the files and try to move other files you want.

After doing all that, you have freed some space in your phone’s memory.

Note 5 gives out SIM card error at random times

Problem: My phone, several times a day gives me a SIM card error. It can be setting on a table, in my pocket or any other position at the time. It is very annoying, and shuts down to reset each time. I have an otterbox protective cover on it, and it’s barley 6 months old… maybe less.

For a phone that cost me nearly $600, I would expect a lot less problems. It has done this error code since it was about a month old. Just doing it more often now, sometime several times a day.

Answer: I’m wondering what kind of error you’re getting because there are different kind of SIM card related errors. It could have been more helpful for us to know the exact error message you get every time the phone acts up.

But anyway, I can see two possibilities here: first, it might be a SIM card issue, and; second, the SIM card tray might just be loose.

For SIM card problem, you need to call your service provider and request for a replacement. Depending on how fast your provider acts, the new SIM card may arrive after 5 days or 15 days at most.

If it wasn’t a SIM card issue, then it must the tray that has an issue but unlike the previous Galaxy models, you can’t just insert a piece of paper to apply pressure at the back of the SIM card, so you really need a technician to check it for you.

Note 5 can’t recognize Lexar 3.00 memory stick

Problem: Galaxy Note 5 does not recognize my new Lexar 3.00 memory stick, 64gb, have soft rebooted many times. It recognizes 32gb but not 64gb Lexar 3.00. Please help.  I have the 32GB Note 5 version, from Vodacom ȘA.

Answer: It may have something to do with the file system used by your new memory stick. Using a computer, reformat the memory stick using the FAT32 format. Of course, backup everything in it first before doing so. After the format, your phone should be able to recognize it.

Note 5 can’t find all contents of SD card

Problem: This happened a long while back. I just gave up on it. I had tons of apps, music, pictures, and videos, Especially videos, All on my SD card which was a samsung 64gb it worked like it should have for a long time, maybe 8 months or so. One day everything was gone. I even put the SD card in the laptop to see if anything was there but even that couldn’t find anything in it.

Answer: Memory cards are prone to damage and corruption and in your case, it’s the latter that happened. If you haven’t tried to reformat it yet and the computer can still read from it, then try to use some data recovery programs you can find online. Maybe you can salvage some data or files. If not, then your pictures, music and videos are good as gone.

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