Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now comes with a warning about incorrect S Pen insertion

Galaxy Note 5

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote5 smartphone has been a stellar device in the market so far. However, during the early days of its availability we found that the¬†handset’s S Pen slot had a design flaw that could potentially damage the device if the stylus was inserted wrongly.

Usually one wouldn’t try to fit a stylus the wrong way on purpose, but it was quite a surprise to learn that something that trivial could damage the device.

Now Samsung has made sure that customers are told exactly what not to do with the S Pen as newer models of the smartphone are revealed to be packing disclaimers on the display mentioning how the S Pen should and shouldn’t be inserted. This doesn’t exactly fix the issue, but gives users a fair warning beforehand about how to handle the stylus.

Galaxy Note 5 Warning

The Galaxy Note 5 can be purchase from all major carriers of the U.S. and the disclaimer should be visible on any new units that you purchase going forward.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Authority