Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 12]

More problems are pouring in regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 4 yet again, dear Readers! This post talks about all sorts of issues about the Note 4 and how to best solve them so read on!


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lost pictures after they were transferred from an SD card

Problem: Hello.

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Verizon on December 1, 2014.  I purchased it primarily because of the camera and beautiful photo display. The phone was set up by Verizon, and we double-checked that all of my photos from my Droid Razor (from device and on SD card) were visible on my Note 4 from my SD card.

A couple days later, I sat down to create photo albums with the Gallery app (yellow flower icon). This was very easy, and I handily created about 12 albums. For each album, when I completed selecting the photos for the album, I selected “move” rather than “copy.”  I presumed these albums would be stored on my SD Card as albums, and that by selecting “move” I was simply taking them off of the “general” photo album (which had about 3,000 photos). I did not think the albums would be stored in the cloud or on any other program. All the photos in the albums were visible as albums when I finished. 

On December 11, 2015, after several days of taking gorgeous photos in Las Vegas, I took my phone out of my pocket and heard some sounds as if phone keys were being dialed. I looked at my phone and saw a skinny horizontal green stripe/line glowing on my screen and moving (like an app loading) to the right of the screen.  I had no idea what was happening or what to do.  There was nothing on the screen explaining what was happening. I thought my phone was set to only update manually, and I never authorized an update of anything.

I opened the Gallery later to view the days photos, and discovered that all of my albums were “gone.”  I couldn’t find them anywhere.   I also noticed that I had 2 new icons, one for Google+ photo app, and one for Picasa photos.  At first, it looked like my Gallery photos were all showing up in the Google+ photo app, except for the albums I had created.  That is no longer the case; random photos from my Gallery are in Google+ photo app. 

I am still trying to figure out where my Gallery albums went. I called Verizon, I went to the Verizon store, I called Samsung, I have  searched on-line for answers.  I’m getting nowhere.  Neither Verizon nor Samsung had any idea what happened to my phone. It is my impression that the OS was being upgraded to Lollipop but it didn’t take.  Hence I now have the Gallery App without my albums and the Google+ photo app without the majority of photos.  I guess this is a Google issue but I have no idea how to get through to them. So my operating system is KitKat, apparently with some Lollipop apps.  It’s messed up.  I am wondering what will happen to my phone when it is upgraded to Lollipop.  At least I have taken the precaution of backing up my photos on my laptop. 

I notice that the Verizon Cloud app indicates that I have used 5GB of storage, but I have no idea how that happened. Furthermore, the Verizon Cloud won’t open, so I cannot check what is stored there. It would be nice if that’s where my albums went, but at this point I doubt it.

Do you have any idea what happened to my phone or my albums and what I can do? I am considering taking my SD card to the computer store near me to see if they can recover the photos. No charge if they can’t recover anything.  At this point I feel pretty hopeless. 

Of course life goes on without photos, and I remind myself of that frequently. If I hadn’t gotten a smartphone many years ago I wouldn’t have all these darn photos so it’s really no big deal in the greater scheme of things. However, it galls me that I paid an arm and a leg for this phone and it does not work correctly and Verizon and Samsung, who sold me the device, don’t support it. TMI? I tried to be thorough.

Thank you for your assistance. — Laura

Troubleshooting: Hi Laura. We appreciate your effort in providing us a detailed account on what happened. At this point we can only speculate as to what has actually happened but we think that the moment you initiated the act of “moving” the photos from the SD card to your new Note 4 triggered the process of transfer. This means that those new photos were moved to Verizon’s cloud storage or Google’s own cloud storage instead of being sent to the local, internal storage of your Note 4. We have no idea how big Verizon’s cloud storage is allocated for your particular account so depending on the total size of all your photos, you may or may not have “moved” all your photos in there. Please contact Verizon and ask them how you can gain access to your cloud storage with them so you’ll know if your photos are all in there.

We know that Google gives 15GB as free storage to a basic user (though it can be upgraded for more) that can be used to store files, photos, or videos. If your photos took more than this storage space, that can be the reason why it appears that you seem to be seeing only random copies of your pictures. There’s a chance that your Google account’s storage space is not enough to hold everything.

We are happy to know though that you have created a copy of your photos in your computer. Frankly, your idea of having someone check the condition of the SD card and to try to recover your photos is the best thing that you can do right now.

Moving forward, and this may be a hard lesson to swallow, always keep a copy of precious digital memories be they photos, files, videos, music, etc. SD cards are limited and are not designed to last forever. Keep in mind that an SD card’s life becomes shorter the more you use it. If you are fond of taking shots using your smartphone, remember to keep back up copies of your memories somewhere.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 damaged its motherboard due to overheating

Problem: Hi. I just purchased my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a month ago and all of a sudden it became too hot and then stopped working. I can’t even turn it on. We took it to the Jarir book store here in Doha, Qatar where I purchased it from. They said the mother board is burned. They said they will fix it but I think it’s still brand new and should be exchanged because I think it’s a defective item and I am scared it will do the same thing after. Like I said still brand new. Please answer me. — Moe

Troubleshooting: Hi Moe. You are right to ask for a replacement phone instead of having it repaired. If the motherboard got damaged under normal operating circumstances, that’s a clear indication that your smartphone is defective. An overheating phone usually shuts down itself to avoid damage like the one that happened to your unit. If this mechanism did not prevent the phone from damaging itself, then there’s always a chance that it can happen again and again. Please demand for a replacement phone as soon as possible.


How to access Samsung cloud after SD card from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was stolen

Problem: Good evening.

I am hoping you guys can help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I dropped and subsequently broke the screen and LCD. So the screen is therefore blank, and unresponsive. The phone still powers up but, I used the lock function (Pattern Lock) for the phone, so due to the screen being unresponsive I can no longer unlock the device. I now have a Samsung Note 4.  My Note 4 was recently stolen, but thanks to the Android Device Manager I was able to find and recover the phone. The only problem is that the person/s that stole the phone took out my SD card which I have used through several phones, so it had data that was from my Galaxy S4.  Now, when I recovered my Note 4, I was able to restore it using the Samsung account under Settings/ User And Backup/ Cloud/ Personal Data. This actually restored the majority of my device including text messages. When I was playing with this, I realized that through this service Samsung had a backup of my old Galaxy S4. So basically I am wondering if there is any kind of way to actually access this backup file without fixing my Galaxy S4, as there are things in Text messages and things like that which I would like to have access to again because of the loss of the SD card. I have gone to the “Samsung find my phone” website and tried to unlock the Galaxy S4, but it does not show up as a registered device, so I cannot “remotely unlock” the screen via their website.  This means that I cannot access the data via Kies or anything like that.  I have tried accessing it through the website, and that website actually shows the backup file to the Galaxy S4, but that site only allows you to delete the backup file, there is no access to the backup file.  Unfortunately I do not know anyone that would let me take their Galaxy S4 apart to where I could just plug their screen into my board and unlock it.  So I am pretty much stuck as far as anything I have been able to find on the internet.  I would like to access this data before I take it in to have the screen repaired as there is a LOT of personal information stored on the internal SD card that I would not particularly want someone accessing while repairing the phone.  So, if there is any other suggestion you guys may know of or heard of, I would very much like to hear it.  Again, the Galaxy S4 is Screen LOCKED with a Pattern Lock, so there is no way for me to unlock it and access the data easily.  Thank you in advance. — Ryan

Troubleshooting: Hi Ryan. The only party that can help you with this one is Samsung. As far as we know, you can access whatever information is stored under your Samsung account by logging-in to their official site. This is the only known gateway a user can use to gain access to their files stored in Samsung cloud.

We suggest that you contact their customer service team how their Content and Services department works and if there’s another way that a user with your issue can recover your files.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 auto-rotate stops working

Problem:  Auto Rotate is acting strange. Sometimes, held vertical, the screen orients itself to horizontal mode. Turns to vertical mode if rotated horizontally to left; home button facing left.

I have played around with Settings as well as by removing/reinserting battery.

Please help.

Thanks. — Basil

Troubleshooting: Hi Basil. This is a known issue that affects some Android phones. Please perform a factory reset to resolve it. If that won’t work, you may consider having the phone replaced because of a possible gyroscope problem.


GPS navigation won’t work properly on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hi! I am turning to you after trying everything in my power. Please help me out.

I just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the Sprint Network. I cannot use GPS navigation. I have tried using Waze, Google Maps, and Scout. None of them can give me turn by turn directions. The app always locates me and can locate an address but will not give me turn by turn directions. It says “No GPS signal..” or something like that.

I have tried- uninstalling, reinstalling and updating my apps/device. I have tried turning on and off location at different times… Etc. I don’t have any other solutions at the moment. It is a brand new phone with no wear and tear.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me.

Thanks! — Aidy

Troubleshooting: Hi Aidy. This was a known issue with some AT&T Samsung devices before so yours may be the same. Because GPS appears to be working when you are stationary but not when you are moving, the issue may not be hardware in nature. Try to do a factory reset and ask for a replacement phone from Sprint if that won’t work.


Wi-Fi turns on by itself on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello. I have a Note 4. All has been good for 2 months. But all of a sudden Wi-Fi turns on by itself. I turn it off and within a few minute I check and its back on. I have Smart network switch turned off but does not make a difference. I have Googled it and tried many  different thing or suggestions but nothing works This is the ATT variety, SM-N910A.

Sincerely. — Brian

Troubleshooting: Hi Brian. Are you using a third party Wi-Fi scheduler app of sort? If you can’t recall install anything similar, please boot up your phone in Safe Mode for some time and observe. If there’s no problem while you are in diagnostic mode, that means a third party application is the culprit.


Phone app starts to dial a number if a user listens to a voicemail in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello! So, this is something I’ve noticed recently:  Whenever I press play to listen to a voicemail through the phone app, it also initiates a call to the number that left the voicemail.

I know this is a new issue, (ever since the latest OTA firmware update from AT&T). Have you heard of this?  Any way to fix it?

Thank you! — Mariano

Troubleshooting: Hi Mariano. This may be a change not from Google who developed Android but from your service provider itself (AT&T). Please check with them as voice mail feature is a carrier specific.


Why Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint sensor does not work all the time

Problem: Occasionally I will go to unlock my phone and the arrow over the fingerprint scanner is not blinking like it usually does. If I try to scan my finger nothing happens. It will then time out or I will push the lock button. Immediately I can re-attemt the previous. This time the arrow will blink and the scanner works. It happens 2 or 3 times a month without any rhyme or reason.  Any ideas? — Camptws

Troubleshooting: Hi Camptws. It’s a hardware limitation. The scanner itself needs to read a properly positioned thumb in order to get a precise reading of your thumb’s unique distinguishing marks. The fingerprint sensor in your Note 4 is, unfortunately, not as advanced as those portrayed in movies…yet. A small deviation from the registered print on the phone’s memory can make the sensor go nuts which automatically returns an error.



Problem: Hi. I’m Naz. I’m facing problem with my Galaxy Note 4. Most of time a message comes up on the screen that says: “THE MOBILE NETWORK WILL BE UNAVAILABLE UNTIL YOU RESTART WITH A VALID SIM CARD INSERTED.”

After that phone don’t let me do anything unless I press restart. I tried turn off my phone take out SIM but after couple of days I’m facing the same problem.

Thanks for any help.– Naz

Troubleshooting: Hi Naz. Have you tried using another SIM card? Let’s try to rule out the possible causes by inserting another SIM card from your carrier to let you know if it’s the SIM card that’s having the problem itself or the phone. SIM card issues are also best addressed by service providers so we recommend that you contact them about this problem.

There’s a possibility that the SIM card slot on your phone may not be working correctly too. If that’s the case, you may want to consider having your phone replaced instead.


New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 showing invalid IMEI number and won’t connect to the Internet

Problem: Hello. My name is Desiree. Yesterday I bought a phone off line the Galaxy Note 4. I went to activate my phone and everything is working as far as calling and texting but I’m not getting any Internet. When I go to the notification bar and slide it down it reads invalid IMEI number. I paid 450 for the phone and an additional 70 dollars to get my phone activated I’ve read online some people are saying that is because it may be a clone or it may have a blocked IMEI number. I did a check online and is not saying that it is blacklisted but invalid online as well. My phone number is ********** (sorry we don’t publish personal information in this blog). Thank you. — Austin

Troubleshooting: Hi Austin. Please go back to the store where you bought the phone from and ask for replacement. If this phone is not a well-made imitation, there may be an issue with how it’s provisioned to work with cellular networks in your area. You can also try to call the service provider of your SIM card so they can help you check the network settings that should be in your phone.

We do hope that your phone is not a clone but one of the best things that you can do to check the authenticity of a Samsung device is by entering a legitimate set of codes (that only works on Samsung devices). Try to dial *#06# and see if your phone displays the IMEI number.

If you have a computer, you can also run a check of your device using Samsung Kies. A complete guide on what to do is detailed by VisiHow here:


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