Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 10]

Hello dear Readers! Welcome to the 10th post for our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 troubleshooter series.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 disconnects Bluetooth connection to Garmin GPS 2450 when there’s an incoming call

Problem: Hi there. I hope you can help.

I have the Note 4 since the end of January. No issues till now. I had been connected to my Garmin GPS 2450 no problem. Been able to make and receive calls. Car mode automatically connecting. For 2 weeks now something has changed. It connects but as soon as I make or receive a call the Bluetooth connection is lost. The “car mode” disengages on my phone and the call is routed to just my phone. As soon as I hang up phone, my GPS reconnects with it again via Bluetooth.  I’m not sure what happened but I need this fixed! Lol. I contacted Samsung…useless. I did a soft reset and nothing worked.

Please Help. — Sharon

Troubleshooting: Hi Sharon. We are talking about 2 devices here so it’s best if we can check the functionality of each one. We have not received any similar issues with Note 4 causing this trouble with any other GPS gadgets like your Garmin 2450 but you can try to do some basic troubleshooting stuff to it first. Two things: wipe the phone’s cache partition and performing a factory reset. You can do either one of them although we recommend that you do the latter. After doing so, try to replicate the issue with your Garmin device and see how it goes.

On the other hand, you also want to reset your Garmin GPS 2450 to make sure that we minimize bugs present. You can do so by pressing the lower right hand corner of the display for a few seconds until you get the message whether or not to reset the device. You can also consult this video on how to do it.

You also want to consider ruling out the source of the problem by connecting your Note 4 with other GPS devices. If your phone works with another GPS device normally, that’s an indicator that it may be the Garmin GPS 2450 that’s causing the trouble.


How to set-up Interruptions in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android Lollipop

Problem: Hi! I have the same problem on 2 different phones. Each is on a different carrier. Both are upgraded to Lollipop a few weeks ago. This problem started this morning. After ruling out everything else, the only thing left is the actual Android OS.

Phone #1: Note 3 AT&T

Phone #2: Note4 Verizon

Problem is I have no notification sounds for texts or for calls. 

I’m missing important calls!

Sound on video like YouTube is OK.

When a call comes in, I can see it on the screen, and if I answer I can talk normally.

If I’m on a call, I can get the sound of another call coming in (ATT sound), plus the same thing happens with Verizon, so it’s not an issue with the carrier.

I have restarted them, checked all the settings, all the volumes are on high.

Other detail:  When I’m on the Sounds section picking a ringtone, I don’t hear them as I’m selecting, which I used to.

I do hear the vibration intensity when I’m selecting that.

They were working fine until a few hours ago.

Help!  Thanks so much . — Anita

Problem: Good Morning. I have had the Samsung Note 4 since the end of December 2014.  Prior to that I had the Samsung Galaxy S4.  I am hoping you can help me with the issue I am having and will do my best to describe the issue. 

When I am on the phone I do not get audible notifications when an email or text arrives.  I went into phone settings, then call alerts and made sure “notify during calls” was checked. 

The Galaxy S4 notified me audibly when email’s or texted arrived but the Note 4 does not.  I am not sure what else to try and am very grateful for your time. Thank you. — Jennifer


Troubleshooting: Hi Anita and Jennifer. One of the biggest changes Android Lollipop brought us is the contentious notification/interruption options. The way the new operating system manages notifications and alerts now is by treating all of them as interruptions. That said, a user can now choose when to get interrupted by a particular app or alert, unlike the previous KitKat OS which treats every notification in a general manner. This means that you can now control when and how you receive alerts and notifications. There are basically three modes under Lollipop’s interruption/notification feature: All, None, and Priority.

What you want to do here is to simply go to Settings>Sound & Notification>Interruptions and customize whatever you want.

Also, make sure that Downtime feature is not enabled as this will prevent nominated apps from interrupting you at a certain schedule.


Good printing apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and have a problem doing prints. Basically, I cannot use my Officejet printer to allow it to print my files from my device like the way my Apple devices can. I have an HP Officejet 8600 Pro Plus to be exact.

Is there an app that I can use to send my files to my printer via email so I can print them?

I don’t like the PrinterShare app because if I print a web page the font size is so large, it takes forever to print and consumes enormous amounts of paper. The PrinterShare Tech Support says there is no way to change font size and they apparently have no desire to correct this serious defect.

I like the Samsung phone and am seriously thinking of getting the Samsung S6 but if I can’t print directly print to my printer I may switch to the iPhone 6 Plus – but that would cause a new set of problems because I don’t know of an easy way to transfer all my apps from the Samsung phone to the iPhone system. — Romeo

Troubleshooting: Hi Romeo. Because HP owns almost 40% of the global printer market, they actually have created a good working printing app for users exactly like you. Please try and install their HP ePrint app to see how it works. The general concensus from users is highly positive and it has high ratings in Google Play Store so you may want to consider it.

Another good printing app would be Print Hammermill but it’s not free. If you want to try it out, please install it from Google Play Store.


Exchange email not properly syncing to Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Please help. I had been having problems with my Samsung Galaxy S 4 only syncing exchange emails once per day which is usually at 1 minute past midnight (using the stock app) bringing in all the previous days mails.

Some days they will sync up to approx. 2.30PM in the afternoon and then stop syncing until midnight. I have tried everything I can to fix this eg: uninstalling / reinstalling account, checking all sync settings including master sync.

To let me continue receiving my work mails through exchange I downloaded Aqua mail from the play store and this works perfectly sometimes even getting my emails before my work PC.

Now it gets interesting – during the summer I was without my S 4 for 2 weeks and was using a brand new Nokia Lumia 630 for the 2 weeks and I encountered the exact same problem when exchange was loaded.

Now I have a brand new Samsung Note 4 and the exact same problem has occurred when exchange account was loaded – now using Aquamail to get by.

6 people in my office including me have all received new Samsung Note 4 devices and don’t have any problem with their email sync and all phones have been set up by the same IT person (previously they were all using iPhone except me) and we are all on the same carrier.

I have also had a new SIM card issued in case that was causing a problem but no joy with this either.

I am still able to send mails at any time with no syncing issues.

One final thing to think about: My carrier is O2 Ireland and earlier this year I was in Spain and exchange mails were syncing 100% on time and recently in Germany and 100% on time. Once back in Dublin the syncing on time disappears.

Any help please? — PK

Troubleshooting: Hi PK. This issue happens regardless of the Samsung device you are using so the real reason may actually be on the server side. You may have to work with your IT guys to check all your email account settings and restrictions.

This was not mentioned in your problem description but please make sure you are not using any of the two power saving mode features. By default, using a power saving mode disables all auto-sync and background running services and data. What you need to allow your phone to still download your emails in the background though is to disable the Uncheck the block background option under Settings>Power Saving mode.

Finally, try to make sure that the universal option of allowing your phone to sync all accounts is enabled. Just go to Settings>Data Usage>Menu>Auto Sync Data.

Again, if nothing of these steps work, kindly work with your IT department in resolving the issue on their end. You may have to ask them to give you another profile to rule out the reasons for the problem.


S Note on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 taking up big storage space

Problem: I am a long time Samsung user and have had a Note 2, 3 and now the 4.  I am a user of the S Note for simple note taking and have never had a problem until the Note 4. All of a sudden my space started running out which is very odd since I have 32GB onboard plus a 32GB memory card. All my pictures and videos and everything else I can set up to save to the card, is.  I have very few apps installed now since I have factory reset now 3 times trying to figure out the space usage culprit.

Now I watch daily and realize it is definitely the S Note app causing the problem. I enter 1 to 4 line items on a list everyday (literally about 10 words). After factory reset, the space usage is under 500KB total usage. It will stay “normal” for a few days to a week and then starts growing exponentially. So at this time (2 weeks after last factory reset) space usage is growing at a ridiculous rate… Grown from 1.5gb this morning to 4.19 in the last 12 hours. If I delete the data it resets but starts runaway usage again. 

I can’t find anything related to this on the web.  I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Samsung last week and they had no idea, once the data was deleted and the files reloaded from the backup and the size showed correctly, they considered it fixed.  However, it continues to keep happening.  Any ideas on the cause? Thanks. — Christa

Troubleshooting: Hi Christa. We tried to dig a little deeper into the issue and contacted Samsung about it.  All they can suggest is to delete the app’s data and factory reset which you have done already. Because this problem cannot be found in the internet, we have no idea at this time if this is an isolated case. From the look of it though, it appears that this may only be happening on your device. If S Note is important to you, please consider getting a replacement phone from Samsung or your service provider. Alternatively, you can also use Evernote or any other similar apps. With Evernote though, you can continue to sync your notes to your computer just like the S Note.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not saving text messages | How to check Messaging app settings in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hey I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I seem to be having a messaging problems though. What happens is I will receive a text message and it will be in my notifications or is it in my actual messaging app and I can either set my phone down or will happen right before my eyes but messages from me or the counterpart who I am messaging messages are being deleted. My phone acts as if it never see the message in the first place. I don’t know what to do if I do a master reset that seems to work but I’m tired of having to do that and I want to know if there’s anything else I can do. The master reset only seems to work for about a couple weeks. — Kai

Troubleshooting: Hi Kai. If you are using the stock messaging app, please configure its especially under the Delete old messages, Text message limit, and Multimedia message limit sections. The app  usually allows notifications to flash but will never store the new messages in the inbox or sent items folder if the maximum limit has been reached.

You can go to Apps>Messaging>Settings to re-configure everything.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keeps on saying micro SD card has been unmounted | Random reboot issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hey guys. Just passing along a couple of oddities with my new Note 4.

1) I keep getting a message that my SD card is unexpectedly been unmounted. ..then suddenly says it has been mounted. This will repeat over and over for a while then suddenly stop. I removed the card, backed it all up, put it back in the phone and formatted it. Used the phone for a while with the same results. Installed a new card and had the same results. I just don’t understand why it suddenly stops and seems OK?

2) while the phone is on and I plug it into external power (car charger or its own fast charger) it will suddenly reboot for no known reason? This also does not occur all the time either?

Let me know your thoughts please. Thank you for listening! — Anthony

Troubleshooting: Hi Anthony. There are some rare cases that the copper connectors at the micro SD card slot are defective, resulting to what you are experiencing right now. We suggest that you try to have the phone replaced, especially that it also shows signs of another possible hardware problem (random reboots). A phone reboots on its own when it’s overheating or if there’s a battery issue. Because two issues are happening randomly on the same unit, that’s a strong indicator of a defective phone. If the usual software troubleshooting won’t work (Safe Mode, wipe cache partition, and factory reset) will not put a stop to these issues, please consider having the phone replaced.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 continues to freeze

Problem: Hello. I am Wasif. I have bought new Note 4 ten or fifteen days ago. it worked wonderfully and smooth after that.. I have factory reset my phone (erase all data) for just to get rid of all apps and start fresh after resetting. My phone gets freeze and stuck all time for 5 hours and apps are not opening for 10 minutes  dude!! My phone sucks!!!! Then I reboot my phone (REBOOT NOW ) after rebooting my phone’s gets nice but it still gets stuck. It is not working very accurate and smooth. Please it is my new phone and it is my birthday gift. Please help me. You just send me the video how to stop this sh*t. Please send me the video or mail it to me [email protected]Wasif

Troubleshooting: Hi Wasif. We are sorry to hear about what is happening on your phone. We know you must have high expectations for the device especially that it’s a birthday gift. Performance issues like what is happening to your Note 4 right now can only be caused by on-going hardware problem. Because you have already performed a factory reset on your phone, we can assume that the main reason for the rapid deterioration of the device can only be caused by faulty hardware. Please call Samsung for a replacement unit. You may also have to contact the person who gave the device to you for the proof of purchase (receipt) in case Samsung or the retailer will ask them from you.

On another note though, you also want to consider if the device you received is an original Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There are many well-built counterfeit Note 4s around owing to the popularity and high demand for the device. This forum thread from AndroidCentral appears informative enough.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lags when using mobile data connectivity

Problem: Good morning. I recently upgraded my phone to the Galaxy Note 4 and it’s been very frustrating. My data speeds has significantly slowed down. I upgraded from a Nokia Lumia 920 which provided me with an excellent experience. Everything was fast and worked perfectly. I went back to Android because of the lack of apps available for Windows. Here is my problem. My data speed is incredibly slow. It takes forever to watch anything on YouTube or use any apps that uses data (eBay, Wells Fargo, Amazon, sending/receiving text/pictures).

It took about 10 minutes to send a text to my wife yesterday with a photo attached. I’ve noticed that when I send more than 1 text, it also lags. For such a high end device, you would think it be a lot faster. I don’t seem to notice this “lag” when I’m connected to Wi-Fi at home. My old phone is twice as fast. I have the same reception as I did on my Lumia but it’s just incredibly slow and it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve tried using apps to clear cache and so on but data speeds are still an issue. Anyway to speed things up? I tried using eBay right now and it won’t even load my search! — Lautoua

Troubleshooting: Hi Lautoua. Your first option here would be to call your data service provider so they can help you check if the phone has been properly configured to work with their network.

Before calling them, you can try to ensure if your Note 4 is set to use the fastest available wireless network. Here’s how:

  • From the home screen, go to Apps.
  • Go to Settings and tap it.
  • Tap Network Connections.
  • Tap More networks.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Tap Network mode.
  • Tap Search now.
  • Select LTE / WCDMA / GSM (auto connect) (LTE setting) if available.

If you have more options and unsure what to select, call your service provider to help you with it.


AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 opens a different app when pressing another one | How to test touchscreen sensitivity of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello. My wife has a Samsung Note 4 from AT&T. It seems that every now and then, when she clicks on an app like Facebook, something else opens. For instance she presses Facebook and Twitter will open. Or if she clicks on the message app, play store will open. Have you seen anything like this before or has anyone else experienced similar issues.

The phone is running Android version 5.0.1. And it is a Samsung-SM-N910A model of Note 4 from AT&T.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Respectfully. — Heath

Troubleshooting: Hi Heath. This is the first time TheDroidGuy encounter the problem. Have you tried wiping the phone’s cache partition or factory reset? Assuming there’s no software glitch behind this experience, the problem may actually be touchscreen sensitivity. We are yet to come up with our own tutorial on how to check Note 4’s touchscreen sensitivity but PhoneArena’s article  is right on.

You can get back to us on how the test goes or you can simply ask for a replacement if you think the phone’s display is defective.




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