Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 8]

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Causes why a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keeps on rebooting after updating to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. What do I need to do to fix my Note 4? My phone keeps automatically rebooting after I updated it to Android Lollipop? — Dixon

Troubleshooting: Ever since reports started to surface about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rebooting without provocation after the Lollipop update, we have been monitoring the issue to try to nail the real reason behind it. However, we realized that there are a variety of possible causes for the problem that includes but not limited to, having installed a corrupt set of update files, faulty battery, overheating, and even a malfunctioning SD card.

Because every Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a certain degree of “uniqueness” to it due to many different installed apps and customizations a user may have applied to it, every problem may also have a different root cause behind it. Based on your problem description though, it appears that any of the possible reasons we have in mind may be at play here. Please try to do the following possible solutions below and let us know if any of them fixes this problem:

  • Perform a soft reset. This solution can resolve a number of issues including persistent freezing, crashing, rebooting/resetting, unresponsive keypad, among others. This process is similar to restarting your personal computer. Simply press and hold the Power button on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 until you can see options on the screen, tap Restart, and tap OK once prompted with the “The device will restart” message. Alternatively, you can also perform a soft reset by removing then reinserting the battery.
  • Unplug the SD card. External storage devices including the inserted SD card you may have in your Note 4 can stop working properly anytime. If the Lollipop update triggered a problem in the SD card, it may need to be reformatted or replaced depending on how severe the problem is. Removing the SD card is also a good way to isolate the root cause. Make sure that you follow procedure in removing the SD card to prevent further issues.
    • From the Home screen, go to Apps.
    • Go to and tap Settings.
    • Tap Storage.
    • Tap Unmount SD card.
    • Remove the SD card by gently lifting the cover off the phone then carefully sliding the card out of the slot. Make sure that all tabs are secured after replacing the battery compartment cover. Any gaps around the corner may allow dust and liquid inside the motherboard.
  • Avoid overheating. One other common reason why a smartphone may reboot on its own is overheating. If you have been playing graphics-heavy games while running other apps at the same time, there’s a chance that your phone’s central processing unit (CPU) may have generated enough heat that triggers the device’s built-in heat fuse. To prevent damaging the hardware, your phone is designed to turn off once the CPU cores have reached a certain heat threshold.
  • Uninstall third party apps. Malicious or incompatible apps may also cause your device to randomly freeze or restart. We suggest you boot your Note 4 in Safe mode to further isolate the issue. While in this mode, your phone only runs trusted, first-party applications. If your phone works normally in safe mode, that means one of your apps is causing the problem. You can either re-install it or remove it completely.


Which is better, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6?

Problem: I have about a month till my T-Mobile jump upgrade.

I keep going back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. I like the full built in memory instead of the memory card because I think everything runs better? Is that true?

Also, I am worried about battery use for a full day. I have no access to a charger during the day. Will the S6 fast charge option work with with a regular charger or do i need to use the factory supplied charger.

Thanks for the advice. — Domenic

P.S. I may be writing this from my cell. Please excuse any auto correct errors.

Troubleshooting: Hi Domenic. Both the Note 4 and the S6 are great devices catered for slightly different type of users. The Note series is perfect for those who wants to have a bigger display, a powerful mobile gaming platform, an expandable memory slot, among other considerations. The Samsung Galaxy S phone series offers more or less the same utility but with a slightly smaller display, making it more portable to be fitted in anyone’s pocket. Specifications-wise, both devices are top of the line. That the new S6 no longer offers an expandable memory slot like its predecessor and Note 4 does not, however, mean everything runs faster. Technically, apps may run a bit faster when installed internally but the difference is hardly noticeable to a user. If this is one of the main considerations you are trying to factor in in selecting between the two, any of these two great devices can serve you well.

To answer your second question, we recommend that you always use the stock charger from Samsung for any of these devices. The new S6 fast charger has been optimized to give the phone’s battery the right amount of charge in a given time, ensuring that the battery reaches its designed life span. If you are worried that a full charge may not last your usual day, try to follow this link from AndroidCentral for tips on how to making your battery’s power last longer.

For a full hardware comparison between the two devices, check out GSMArena.


Exchange email and other issues after updating a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. I recently upgraded my Verizon Note 4 to Lollipop and I am having a few issues. First, my Exchange Corp email is not updating, or pushing. If I hit the refresh button, I get emails but otherwise it won’t go out to check for them. Also my camera is acting weird. I go take a picture for a check in the banking app and it appears elongated on the view, but then the picture comes out normal. The phone is also randomly rebooting. Any ideas? Suggestions? Best Regards. — Vivían

Troubleshooting: Hi Vivian. We are yet to receive other reports that there is a problem with Exchange server emails on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after a Lollipop update so this might be isolated to your device. Try to clear the cache partition of your Note 4 and see how your work email behaves. If deleting the cache won’t work, try to reconfigure your email on this device to ensure that everything is up to speed. Before doing so, try to ask your IT department if they are aware of any related issues on your company’s Exchange email after a Lollipop update.

Because Lollipop is a major update, it is expected that not all apps will work properly right after installing the new operating system. Samsung and Google recommend that a factory reset should be done if there will be multiple issues arising after this update.


Changing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 notification settings for Alarm app

Problem: I use my Note 4 as my night table clock. Ever since the update, I have been receiving an alert notification informing me that the battery was 100% charged. It wakes me up. The only solution is to lock the phone. Which renders it useless as a clock. Please advise if you have any ideas. Thanks. — Dan

Troubleshooting: Hi Dan. Welcome to the confusing world of Android Lollipop.  In order for your alarm to go through the lock screen restriction, try to tweak your phone’s notification settings a bit. We believe that the reason why you are unable to hear your alarm if lock screen is engaged is because you have chosen the None option under Interruptions settings.

Fortunately, there are a few options available for you to circumvent the restriction to allow alarm to go through. One of these options is to allow all notifications to go through by selecting the All option under Interruptions.

Another option would be to whitelist your alarm app so its notification comes through while others less important do not. You can do this by designating your alarm app  as Priority. Simply hit the volume rocker on your Note 4 and you’ll be greeted with new notification options. You’ll be reminded with a star in the navigation bar when you have selected something under Priority.

The new Lollipop notification scheme is a bit more complex compared to KitKat’s so try to play around a bit with the settings and choose whatever fits you best.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 contacts app keeps on crashing

Problem: Good day DroidGuy.

Device: Galaxy Note 4 with Lollipop update.

Provider: AT&T

When I open contacts and then try opening groups the contacts application closes. I think  that I have configured something wrong as I’m 98% sure this has been occurring even prior to the update.

FYI: AT&T and its free cloud back up is on and I have not figured out how  to get rid of it yet.

Best regards and thanks. — Sam

Troubleshooting: Hi Sam. A straightforward solution to most app-related issues like the one that you have is to clear an app’s cache or the phone’s cache partition. Please refer to our tutorial page on how to delete a Note 4’s cache. Before you delete the cache, try to save your contacts in your computer or to another device to prevent data loss if something goes wrong.

As regards your free cloud backup from AT&T, we suggest that you leave it on all the time. It won’t hurt if you leave it that way and would even be a good safety net in the event that you something happens to your phone.


ScreenMirroring stops working on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after a Lollipop update

Problem: Hi. Since I downloaded  Lollipop to my Note 4, I can’t watch full screen in my Smart TV. The screen mirroring is showing a black bar. Please help. — Masoud

Troubleshooting: Hi Masoud. We have 2 possible solutions for you for this problem. The first one is to clear the cache partition of your Note 4. This is usually recommended after a major update. The link on how to do is provided above.

Your second option is to download the ScreenMirroring Patch available for free at Google Play Store. This is a proven solution so your device should start working properly after installing this patch.

Let us know though if nothing works.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 showing “Unfortunately contacts has stopped” error

Problem: Was wondering why my Note 4 keep saying “Unfortunately contacts has stopped”. Is there any way to fix it? — Cupid Ivy

Troubleshooting: Hi Cupid Ivy. Please refer to the solution provided for Sam above. Thanks!


Unable to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after fingerprint stops working and does not know emergency ICE emergency contact

Problem: Hi. My Samsung Note 4 is giving me problems. For one, I can’t get into the phone. I use the thumbprint to unlock but those options are missing on the phone. Only tells me to enter an emergency backup number and I don’t have any ICE emergency contact. Please help how do I get my home screen back on? — Joy

Troubleshooting: Hi Joy. If you are unable to unlock your phone, you need to have a computer so you can go to Google’s device manager page. Once you are in that page, log-in to your Gmail account and click “Lock” so you can setup a new password for your device. Then go back to your device and try the new password. It should work.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stops receiving WhatsApp messages

Problem: Please help me. My wife’s phone stops receiving WhatsApp if the screen goes off. I’ve set everything and does not help. And it keeps on rebooting the whole day. I can’t reach her till she opens het WhatsApp. I switched off the battery saving mode and created a account for WhatsApp. What more can I look for? Thanks. — Pieter

Troubleshooting: Hi Pieter. Try to ask your wife to delete her WhatsApp app cache. If that doesn’t work, have it reinstalled to ensure that there’s the device runs a clean version of it. It may also help if you contact the developer of WhatsApp itself via email.


Contacts error on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: I have seen the same error message on my Note 4. I called Verizon, they had no idea. I was transferred to Samsung techs who also had no idea. Clearing the cache work for a few hours. Anything else I can do? — Robert

Troubleshooting: Hi Robert. Please see the solution above (problem mentioned by Sam). Thanks!


Cannot get free gems and cash when playing Racing Rivals on Note 4

Problem: It seems I can’t watch the videos to get free gems and cash on my Note 4. I can on my LG tablet in which I have the exact same account though. I figure it’s a safety or privacy situation that I have messed with in the settings but I have looked and looked and I can not figure it out… Frustrated. Please help. — Tim

Troubleshooting: Hi Tim. We wish we could help here but the issue can best be answered by Racing Rivals team. Please contact them through email and see if you can get an answer for this query.


Problem when calling occurs after updating Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Lollipop

Problem: After I updated to Lollipop, I have a problem when I try to call someone. After punching the numbers or tap to call, it crashed down and it did not move to the call “page” (I don’t know what it is called). It would take me a second or third try to can make a call. And when someone called me, I only heard the ringtone and no screen appear to let me know who is calling. This only happened a couple times. Can you help me how to fix this or do I have to wait for the new update? Thank you. — Nhat Nguyen

Troubleshooting: Hi Nhat Nguyen. You can do three things for this problem. First, you can try to clear the phone’s cache partition to unclog old system files left after a major update. If you are using a third party app when calling, try to clear the cache of that particular app as well and make it’s fully updated. You don’t want to use an outdated third-party app because it can potentially cause unforeseen issues like this. Second, you want to boot the phone in Safe mode to see if another app is the culprit. If you installed something prior to noticing this problem, that app is most likely the source of this issue. Lastly, you want to proceed to do a factory reset if the previous suggestions won’t help. Bringing your phone back to its factory state is a surefire solution for most software-related issues, especially the ones occurring after the Lollipop update.


Stock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keyboard stops working after updating to Lollipop

Problem: I have a Note 4 from T-Mobile. Since the Lollipop update the stock keyboard keeps freezing, so I have to use a replacement keyboard and it works fine but I really want to use the stock keyboard. What can I do to fix it? — Jenifer

Troubleshooting: Hi Jenifer. We understand your concern. Please ensure that you have cleared the phone’s cache partition. As we have always mention in our posts, deleting the cache partition of your Note 4 is recommended after a major update to erase unnecessary and potentially corrupt old system files. Please let us know if this won’t help.


Delay in syncing emails on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hi. My Note 4 has very delayed syncing of email. Sometimes when I boot it up in the morning it can take an hour or more to load my emails and during the day it is always very much behind my computer in loading emails. This is so upsetting as I conduct so much of my business via email.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. — Gail

Troubleshooting: Hi Gail. Try to clear the cache of the email app your are using (whether stock or third-party app) then reboot the phone. These simple steps usually work assuming that there were no changes done to your email configuration values. You can also try to reconfigure your email on the email app, though this will take time as you need re-download all your emails again afterwards.


Gallery app keeps on crashing on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Gallery is acting like a 2 year old.

Most times it will not open.   If it does it shows only the tab at the top tricking me into thinking I can choose “all” or “albums”.  Then nothing.   Ultimately is sends me the report or shut down screen. I try to save email photo attachments by downloading them.   I cannot open gallery to find them nor will they open in downloads”. Even using the camera which is supposed to save pics to the gallery,  it has a kicking screaming fit. Once in a blue moon it works like it is supposed to. Is there something I can do to get it working again? — Paula

Troubleshooting: Hi Paula. Please follow these steps so you can clear the cache of your Gallery app:

  • From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Tap Settings and scroll to Applications.
  • Touch Application Manager.
  • Swipe left or right to display contents of ALL tab.
  • Scroll to and tap the Gallery app.
  • Tap the Clear cache button.
  • Tap OK.

Deleting the cache of the Gallery app should help you resolve the problem.


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    I do not want to use some stupid cloud service to move movies and pictures to and from my phone,

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