Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lagging and Performance Issues


Slow performance and lag issues are two of the common problems that an Android user may experience with his device. This can be a minor or a major issue but nonetheless, it gets frustrating if prolonged. Hope the troubleshooting steps below will aid you in identifying the culprit and completely resolve your concern.

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Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is slow and lagging and Google Play has stopped working

Hello. My Note 4 (N910A), which is running KitKat 4.4.4, has constantly been slow and lagging even after I just factory reset it. One common issue is that about once every hour, or sometimes more, an error pops up that says “Google Play has stopped working”, which is then immediately followed by “ has stopped.” I am not too sure on why this is happening as I can’t diagnose it to any specific apps that I have. Google Play still works fine and I can download apps whenever I want. However, this seems to happen very often and I am not sure why. Another issue I am having is that my phone is running much slower than it was about 3 months ago. I didn’t make any major, or even minor, changes since then. It just seems to have slowed down for no reason at all. The factory reset didn’t help this either. Sometimes my battery has issues too, where it says 10%, then all of a sudden it drops to 2%, and then shuts down. I can then turn it back on and the battery will be back at 10% or so. Thanks for any tips and help. — Andrew

Solution: Hi Andrew. The slow performance, lagging concerns and battery malfunction is most likely caused by a malware which attached itself to one or more of the apps you have downloaded and installed. Factory reset is the ultimate solution for a corrupt firmware and would fix almost all issues related to it, however, it won’t be able to remove all malwares from the system. Some are just too complicated to be removed by a master reset and may need an additional process to be fully cleaned up. At this point, wiping the cache partition may be the most viable solution.

How to Wipe the Cache Partition

This process will remove any temporary files on your system including those that caused the problem. This, unlike the master reset, will not delete any of your settings nor files. To start the process:

  • Turn off the device completely.
  • Turn the phone back on by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power keys at the same time.
  • Once the phone vibrates, let go of the Power and Home keys but continue to hold down the Volume Up
  • Continue holding the Volume Up key until you see the Android System Recovery menu on the screen.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight and Power key to select the wipe cache partition
  • Once the process is complete, highlight and select reboot system now using the same keys.
  • Wait for the device to restart and go back to the normal screen.

At this point, you may also want to check all your installed apps. I’m under the impression that you have installed some apps after you did the last factory reset. These may contain malicious software which has been affecting your phone. It is recommended that you perform the factory reset again to totally clean up your device. Moving forward, you may want to be careful on the apps that you’ll be downloading to your device as viruses and other malwares can embed themselves to any app and downloadable contents. Always make sure that the app you are downloading is clean. Although we can’t really pinpoint which one is which, the best thing to do is to download only the mainstream apps as most of these contain less to no malwares. Lastly, it is highly suggested that you install a powerful antivirus to your device so that it can help detect and remove most viruses and malicious contents. Hope this helps.

Problem # 2: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lags when connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile data

Hello! I really don’t know where to start but let me just say, I have recently experienced heavy lagging and slow performance on my Galaxy Note 4. When I turn the Wi-Fi and mobile data off, my phone is fairly okay in terms of performance, covering speed obviously. Now, the real problem arises when I turn my Wi-Fi icon on to get access to the internet. A lot of pop up ads appear and whenever I try to close them, they download instead of closing out. They also keep appearing time after time no matter how much I cancel them. Then there’s this “error parsing package” message that also keeps popping up constantly which blocks or limit my phone usage that I can’t even make a call. Anti-Virus app I have installed keeps opening up and scanning the entire device not on my command. Like, it keeps opening itself after every 15 minutes. What I have just told you happens to my phone all at once every time my Wi-Fi is up. I hope I have been clear in trying to explain what my phone is going through. So what do you recommend? Thanks in advanceK.M.K

Solution: Hello K.M.K. It is evident that this lagging issue has something to do with those pop up ads. These are mostly malwares that only activates whenever you are connected to the internet. Malicious software can attach itself to any apps that you have downloaded to your device especially third party ones. This is also the reason why your antivirus keeps on popping up. It is warning you that a virus or malicious content is present on your phone and needs to be cleaned up. These malwares present itself in the form of ads but in truth, it is the reason why your phone has slow performance. Any of the installed apps can house this malware and we can’t really identify which one unless we uninstall every one of them. This can be a hassle on your part and impractical even. You may still want to try wiping the cache partition though. You can follow the steps detailed on the post above (Problem # 1). If it changes nothing, the best thing to do is to perform a master reset which would completely wipe your phone clean. Be sure to create a backup copy before doing this, as again, this step will completely delete all files on your device. To perform the factory / master reset, simply go to Settings > User and Backup then select the Backup and reset option. Tap on Factory data reset and select Reset device. Just follow the onscreen prompts and wait for your phone to finish the process. Your device should now be back to factory default. Moving forward, be cautious on the types of apps that you will download to your device as this issue can reoccur if a virus / malware finds its way back.

With the error that you’re getting, parsing the package error can be due to the following reasons:

  • The installed / downloaded .apk file is corrupted or has just been partially downloaded.
  • The Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources option is turned off. Make sure that this is turned on at your own risk as most of the apps coming from this source contain viruses and or malwares.
  • The app that you are trying to install is not compatible with the hardware or the version of OS that you are currently in.
  • Malwares can also cause apps to not fully download and give out this error.

 It is most likely caused by the malware. This should also be resolved after the factory reset. Please reach out to us if you need further assistance.



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