Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could feature a UV sensor

Samsung - Galaxy Note 4

Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 with a couple of new sensors, which were perceived as gimmicky by tech experts. However, we might see a very useful feature on the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 handset. A new report suggests that the Samsung phablet will feature an ultraviolet or UV sensor on the body to keep a tab on the radiation emitted by the sun.

The data will be reportedly gathered by the S Health app, which can alert users whenever the sunlight is detected to be harmful. UV radiation from the sun have a grave risk of causing skin cancer, so this could be quite a useful sensor on the device if the report holds true.

To measure the radiation on a particular day, users have to point the sensor towards the sun at a 60 degree angle and the hardware/app combo will do the rest. It will be interesting to see if Samsung will find a new place for this sensor or implement it within the heart rate monitor. Either way, this is one of those sensors which will most likely be deemed useful.

Via: Sam Mobile