Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 2]


Since I started posting our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series, the amount of emails we receive from our readers each day was literally doubled. But that’s okay, we’re cool with that. Actually, you will be reading more posts like this in the following months because as long as there are people who tell us their problems, we won’t stop doing this.

There are ten problems cited in this post so please bear with the scrolling. I made it a point to make the font of the problems bigger so you could easily find it and the actual emails from our readers were italicized. If you have problems with your phone that you don’t know how to solve, drop us an email at [email protected] and I guarantee to read and research on it.

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Galaxy Note 3 not recognized by computer

Question: Help my Samsung Note 3 won’t recognise its USB port, it doesn’t want to charge  and won’t appear when I have connected it to the PC. I think my phone has been infected by a virus because it was working fine before, My friend inserted his infected USB on my pc and afterwards when inserted my phone the problem started, it keeps switching the desk clock on and off. How can I fix my phone.

Answer: There two possible scenarios why your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not charge and cannot be detected by your computer: either the USB cable has continuity problems (meaning a wire may be cut from inside the insulation) or the USB port is loose or damaged. To isolate the problem, try using a different cable that you’re sure is working. If the phone wouldn’t charge or can’t still be detected by the computer, it’s the USB port that has problems. Send it for repair.

As to the possibility of the virus, well, we really can’t be sure about that. But if you’re certain your computer has a virus, let your antivirus take care of it. Even if your phone was indeed infected by the virus, it would at least charge when plugged in to the charging unit but it doesn’t. In order to put yourself at ease about this whole virus thing, try downloading and installing antivirus apps from the Play Store.

The desk clock issue is easy to address; just clear the app’s cache and data. If that doesn’t solve the problem, uninstall it then reinstall.

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Galaxy Note 3 calls sound robotic, distorted or muffled

Question: 3 out of 5 times when I answer the phone people say I sound like an alien or a robot and so I have to restart the phone and call them back. I’ve had the Note 3 for 3 months… I emailed Samsung and all they said was I have to send my phone to them so they can run some tests… Sigh.Richard

Answer: This once was a common problem with the Note 3. Service providers in the U.S. released an update to address this issue. I understand you already communicated with Samsung about it and was advised to send in your phone for further checking but if you haven’t done so, try checking for available system updates (Settings > General > System update > Update) just to make sure you’re not missing something. Believe me, it would take weeks, if not months, to get your phone back without the guarantee of the problem being resolved.

In case you are using 4G LTE in your phone and this problem happens, try using 3G, at least, in making or receiving calls. If you’ve subscribed to an unlimited and pretty fast data plan, I know it may sound ironic. But 4G is still needs more improvement even in the U.S. I understand your internet connectivity will be affected if you do this plus it’s a hassle to change radio settings every now and then but if it’s what it takes for you to hear people on the other line better, it’s worth it and you don’t have to send your phone in for repair.

GPS dropout problem, screen won’t turn off automatically

Question: I have two AT&T Galaxy Note 3 issues that are driving me crazy. First I would like to say that I am a recent iPhone to Android convert and really love this phone and the massive screen real estate. The first issue is with the nav feature, I get constant GPS dropouts in areas that I`ve never had issues before and it just plain sucks. I usually have to go in and disable GPS on and off a couple of times throughout the trip. It`s annoying and dangerous to say the least.

Second issue is minor compared to the nav but equally annoying. Whenever I get a notification my screen turns on and will not turn back off. Every day I wake up and my screen is on or it will turn on in my pocket and I have to manually turn the screen off. Not life threatening, just annoying. Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.Ron

Answer: A third-party application that also uses location services may be disrupting the GPS service. If you have recently installed apps that use location or GPS services, try disabling them first, reboot your phone and see if that solves the problem. If so, there no other way to keep the service running but to uninstall those apps. If you’re not sure what apps may be causing the problem, you may need to do a factory reset but you have to backup all your important data first. After doing a factory reset, don’t install other apps yet. Instead, test the GPS service to see if it disconnects or loses signal.

About the second problem, have you set your phone to automatically turn the screen off at a specific span of time? Please check the screen timeout setting and choose the lowest possible number from the option. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I’m pretty sure that when you do a factory reset to resolve the GPS issue, this problem would also be resolved.

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GN3 is heating up fast

Question:  When playing games like candy crush the back of the phone is heating up and if so long it will burn up the phone.

Answer: If you’re playing games that constantly need internet connection and if it happens you’re using mobile data to connect to the internet, the phone would heat up twice as fast than when you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot. Give the phone a break and set the screen brightness to a lower level. Also, don’t play games while the phone is being charged.

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Note 3 gets Play Store 403 error

Question: I want to download a couple of apps from the Play Store to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but I am getting an error 403. It’s a brand new phone and I was able to download apps yesterday so I’m actually freaking out now thinking there’s a problem with the device. Can you help me please. What should I do?Mia

Answer: Ah yeah! The Play Store error 403. I believe this error started to manifest a couple of days ago but the thing is, if the problem is not with the phone, then it’s with Google’s servers. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of users complaining about this problem yesterday that it caused a little panic in Android universe. The problem spiked later in the morning yesterday and many reported that their issues were resolved in the afternoon.

So, basically, the problem was with the servers. However, if you are still experiencing this problem after a day or two, try to go Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Google Play Store, then tap Force Close, Clear Cache and Clear Data in that order. If that doesn’t work either, uninstall Play Store updates.

You may have read other bloggers advising you to clear cache and data of Google Framework Service, no, don’t do that as it may have adverse effects on other apps.

Note 3 palm swipe screen capture problem

Question: Hi! I just got my Note 3 3 weeks ago. I can’t seem to do screen capture using palm swipe. My settings are all correct as per what was mentioned in the Web and YouTube videos. I dunno what’s wrong. Please help.  Thank you.Yani

Answer: You’re among the few who complained specifically of this problem. Others who complained about this didn’t actually have problems with the phone’s capacity to do screen capture using the palm swipe feature. Instead, they just don’t know where the screenshots were stored.

I will have to do a little more research about this issue. But for now, please double-check if Palm motion was enabled; go to Settings > Controls > Palm motion. Touch the slider once or twice to make sure ‘On’ is green. After that, go to Apps > Gallery > Screenshots to find the screenshot.

Car stereo can’t find media files on Note 3

Question: Hi, I saw you helping a lot of people solve their phone problems and I hope you could help me too. I have been trying to connect my Galaxy Notes 3 to my car by using the USB cable, however, my car can’t read files/can’t play music. I could connect iPhone and flash drive to my car, but not the Galaxy Note 3. 

I tried to connect the phone to Infiniti G37, Lexus IS250, and Mercedes ML350 and none of them able to connect. I was wondering if this is something that Samsung not capable of or is there anything I could do to connect my phone to the car in order to play the music in my phone? Thank you so much.Kenji

Answer: You sure have a lot of cars. By the way, when you connect the phone to your car  through a USB cable, you should be prompted to use the phone as a USB device, you need to enable that. If that doesn’t come out, perhaps there’s a problem with USB cable or the phone’s USB port. Also, please try enabling and disabling USB debugging option under Development, that might help.

A quick search online and you would find there are a lot of Galaxy Note owners complaining not being able to play media files on their cars. I don’t really know if it’s a firmware issue with the phone. But I hope Bluetooth just works fine for you.

How to disable TouchWiz

Question: Hi there I have a question for you, I have the Galaxy Note 3. How can I disable the TouchWiz, I’m having a lot of problems with it and I don’t like it. Never had it on there, until I upgraded my Samsung Hub? Please help, the application is causing issues when I’m trying to answer a call our make a call. Thank you.Francesca

Answer: It’s easy to disable TouchWiz but you need to root your Note 3 first. You see, TouchWiz is not just an app, it is the application running on top of Android to provide a different user interface. If you got your phone brand new, TW was already running when you first turn your phone on. If you’re running on stock Android, there is no way you can disable TW on your phone right now.

You need to root your phone first and that means taking on some risks. After you’ve done that, you can either disable TouchWiz in Application Manager or install third-party custom ROMs or firmware. Unless you will take some amount of risk, you’re stuck with TW.

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Note 3 earpiece problem

Question: When I make a call I can’t hear the phone ring neither can I hear the person on the other end answer until I turn on the speaker phone. Please help me. It has been doing this for the whole time I have owned the Note 3.Herbert

Answer: I’m afraid it’s a hardware problem rather than software. There’s a problem with your phone’s earpiece, I believe. It could have been busted for some reason or a manufacturing defect. You need to go back to the store where bought it and have it replaced. But don’t forget to do a factory reset before doing so to completely eliminate the possibility of software glitch. Try calling your voicemail, try to see if you can hear audio through the earpiece.

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Email sync disabled after 4.4 update

Question: Hi Droid Guy. My name is Azizan from Malaysia. Currently I’m using note 3 SM-N9005 INTERNATIONAL version. I have some problem with my note 3. 1st is after I update my device to Kit Kat 4.4.2, my email not working as normal before I update to KitKat. It cannot sync with server even I refresh it manually. The display of error ” email address sync is disabled”.. I already reboot my device and re-registered my email address. Please help me on this problem. Thank you.

Answer: The old data needs to be cleared for the phone to cache new ones and function properly. As you can see, this problem started after you updated your phone to a new firmware version. While Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Android 4.4 KitKat share the same core system architecture, the association of some applications to the new OS (i.e. directory changes and compatibility) may be affected. Apps store small data in one directory so that by the time they are called to action again, they could run faster while keeping user’s preferences.

Here’s what you need to do:

First: Clear the cache and data of the email app you’re using and setup your email account again. See if that works or if you were able to sync without delay.

Second: If the first step doesn’t work, there’s no other option but to boot to recovery mode and clear cache partition. After that, proceed with wipe data / factory reset.

That should do it.

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10 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Answers [Part 2]”

  1. Note 3 paired with Samsung Lg LB61 smart tv however cannot get netflix to show on tv off of phone keeps asking for activation code which is not registering.

  2. I bought a Note 3 recently my problem is sd card music files is not showing on music player and also images on gallery,previous i have s4 there music player showing all files and folders on music player,what can i do if i want to se the sd card music files and folders on music plear plz help me thiss problem.

  3. I bought a used Note 3 and was told that the mic didn’t work on phone calls – the past owner only used it on speaker phone. So I got a great deal. However, i took it apart and found sand or something jammed in the small mic hole (relatively easy to get to the hole). That fixed that problem. But I could barely hear callers on the phone. I took it apart again, this time having to remove the motherboard and the headphone/earpiece bit (following instructions on internet… I am NOT a phone repair person). Turns out the speaker area was completely blocked by lint and such. I scraped it out, put a fine needle through each hole, and reassembled. AND IT WORKS! Yeah!!! Of course I now wish I hadn’t done the factory reset and unrooting of the phone…. those things didn’t work. Obviously, these little holes are subject to whatever is in our pockets or bags!

  4. Donna, Take the big battery out of the back for 1min, then put it back in. Sometimes that helps.


  5. HELP! I was playing candy crush on my Samsung Galaxy note and it froze! I cant even turn my phone off!

  6. please help me!! my phone turns off by itself, deleted files from my SD card ( and keeps reading you can remove your sd card safely), and when it is on the screen is black and I cant turn on the screen with home button or power button..i master rest the phone and DID NOT UPLOAD ANY apps from the play store, only programs were the ones updated for the applications that are already uploaded in the phone by the company… I get a message saying something is trying axcess my files and security stopped it, but when I click to see what Is doing this it pops up the application manager and doesn’t specify which program it is..i have gotten a new phone but same model, and it has done this again… I ithink its the programs within the phone but cant figure it out please help me..i didn’t pay a lot of money for a phone that is cheap!!! my phone company is t mobile

  7. The GPS drop out is not caused by 3rd party applications. AT&T messed up the GPS files as confirmed by many who rooted their phones and replaced the GPS files AT&T installed with the Samsung Note 3 stock files. Maybe you should include that as a solution in your article.

  8. I got my note 3 about a week ago and I’m having problems with my blue tooth working in my car. Seems it works at times, but other times it doesn’t.
    I make sure I have my BT setting on, on my phone and my’s showing that it is paired but still no music. I can get in my car, go to the store and it works fine, make a Call, to which I have a mic/speaker in my car so when I’m talking, it’s going through the cars radio/bt, but once I’m finished with my call, that’s when my music won’t come back on. I have it set up to when I’m done with my call the music is suppose to immediately start playing again, but it won’t…nor can I get it to play at all. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s the phone. I never had a problem like this when I was using my Droid DNA. Can you please help me? Thanks so much.

  9. Car stereo can’t find media files on Note 3:
    I think that all luxury cars that manufactures had setup the car stereo system ONLY for Apple devices, not compatible with Android devices. My Mini Cooper had the same problem too. I came to Mini dealer and Fry’s Electronic asking them about this. I got the same good answer.

    Note 3 palm swipe screen capture problem:
    My GN3 is same problem above. Setting > Control . Palm motion > Capture screen > Test it > it didn’t work. But I tested the Mute/pause is OK.

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