Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Random Screen Movements

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Random Screen Movements

Here is a problem that speaks of the Galaxy Note 2 random screen movements problem:

“Hello. The problem I am having with my Galaxy Note 2 is that the screens begin to randomly flip from one to the other in rapid succession.¬† Sometimes it will stop by rebooting, but occasionally it is so bad that only removing the back and taking the battery out and putting it back will stop it.¬† That happens when I can’t get the screens to stay stable long enough to press the reboot or power off button. Any ideas?”

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Random Screen Movements

The random screen movement of the Galaxy Note 2 that causes a sudden restart may be caused by the following factors:

1. Unstable apps

Go to Safe Mode and observe if the problem persists. If the issue is no longer there, that means that there is a third-party app causing all the mayhem. Simply, locate and uninstall it.

2. Too Many Apps Running in Background

Lags may lead to the slow response of the device. The random movement of the screen may be caused by a previous gesture command that you made. One of the main causes of lags is having too many apps running in background. So try freeing up some of your RAM or close the active apps that you no longer need. It might also help to clear your cache and app preferences (note that you will use your customized app settings using this process).

3. TouchWiz issues

TouchWiz is known to sometimes cause various glitches especially if it is outdated or corrupted. Make sure that its version is always updated or if you think that the app itself is buggy, you may want to try out other alternatives for it.

4. Buggy Android version

A recent Android update may be causing the bug. If you cannot wait for the update that contains the fix, either backup and do a Factory Reset after updating or flash your device back to an earlier version to get rid of the Galaxy Note 2 random screen movements.

5. Corrupted system files

Viruses, malware or rogue apps tend to leave behind corrupted or altered system files that produce glitches. If the problem is caused by any of the elements mentioned, simply backup and do a Factory Reset to solve the issue.

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  1. hello can somone tell me whay my samsung note 2 only can use pen canot using finger can someone tell me what the problem is??

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