Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Quick Ways To Fix Them [Part 9]

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I probably addressed more than a hundred Galaxy Note 2 problems since I started publishing posts like this. If you have problems with your Note 2, try browsing this post to see if I already addressed you concern. If not, please take a little time browsing through the first 8 parts of this series. Links are provided after the break.

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#1. Note 2 messaging font too large

Problem: I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I have a little issue. I went into my phone to send a text message and for some reason the text is extra huge. I did nothing it just happened to be huge. I have checked my font size and it says tiny. I have no idea how to change this text size back. I get like 3 to 4 letters per screen. This problem makes it so hard to send and read text messages. Please help. Thank you! — Victor

Solution: It’s no problem. Open your messaging app, type any letter and press the Volume Down until your get to your preferred font size. If the font doesn’t change when you press the Vol Down, tap the Menu button while inside the messaging app, choose Settings, scroll down to Display section and make sure Use the volume key option is checked.

#2. Retrieving deleted pictures

Problem: Hello, I accidentally deleted hundreds of pictures from “My Files” under “Camera”. Is there anyway to retrieve them ? Thank you so much. — M. Lee

Solution: I don’t know how you “accidentally” deleted hundreds of pictures because you will be prompted if you are sure to delete them. But that doesn’t matter now. There is one software I personally used to recover photos from my previous mid-range Android phone. You don’t have to take my word for it but I think it’s actually a good software when it comes to recovering deleted data. It’s called Recuva. It is NOT FREE and I CAN’T guarantee it would work for you but it did with mine, although I only recovered about 50% to 60% of my data before. Find more info about the software from here.

#3. Note 2 can’t get out of boot loop

Problem: Sir, I am using my Note 2 for some time and there was only one problem that I faced, the phone going into boot loop. Suddenly the phone started lagging and the touch became unresponsive because of which I had to restart the phone. I then installed nova launcher and the phone was working smooth, but suddenly an error occurred and the phone went into boot loop. But this time it does not get into recovery mode nor any of the methods mentioned works eg: remove battery for 10 sec etc. The only key combination that works is power up + vol down + home btn. Please help, what should I do.

Solution: Well, at least, you can boot to Download Mode, we have a fall back if all else fails. First thing to try is to boot to Safe Mode. I don’t know if you already tried this but if you can, backup all your data and perform factory reset from there. That might help.

If, however, you cannot boot to safe mode, then there’s no other option but to root your phone and re-flash the firmware on your phone. Our friends over at XDA Dev made a comprehensive guide to rooting the Note 2. Follow this link to their forums. [Root Note 2]

#4. Note 2 Contacts app opens very slow

Problem: I am from Mumbai. Having Samsung Galaxy Note 2. My contacts are opening very, very slow. I have only contacts view only with phone numbers in custom view then also. Also one more problem when I’m on the mobile network in 3G mode my phone becomes very, very hot and battery drains faster. Where in Wi-Fi it works fine. Please help. Thank you. — Mehul

Solution: First off, disable all syncs in your device especially the ones for contacts. Syncs would make opening of the app slower than usual because the phone will have to go through checking with cloud servers and if you don’t have a good internet connection, it will take time for the phone to complete the process. I don’t know how ‘slow’ is your ‘very slow’ but 2 to 4 seconds is actually normal depending on the number of contacts you have on your phone.

As to the 3G mode issue, I also don’t know how ‘hot’ is your ‘very hot’ but it is normal for the phone to heat up more when using mobile data than Wi-Fi. It is possible that you have an inconsistent mobile data connection and that’s what makes your phone hotter because the phone will try to connect and re-connect.

#5. Note 2 receiving poor to no signal

Problem: Hey there! I unlocked my note 2 and took it to MetroPCS. It has been more than 8 months working with no problem at all. Like about three day ago the signal starting getting low. Now I don’t have any signal. Called MetroPCS and they have done the basics troubleshooting from their end and nothing seems to work. I have not dropped my phone so I don’t think is something faulty in it ( who knows?) Is there something that you recommend to do to resolve this issue? Thanks, Victor.

Solution: I will take your word for it that the phone wasn’t dropped in any way nor it has other damages. In other words, the phone is in mint condition and then all of the sudden, without any significant occurrences, it cannot detect signal. It is apparent it’s more of a network problem than an issue with the phone. I don’t know what Metro PCS reps did or what their “basic” troubleshooting was but I’m pretty sure they can provide more answers.

But let’s try to rule out a couple of possibilities. Say a third-party app is the suspect, try booting to Safe Mode and I’m sure the problem is resolved. In case, the phone just needs soft reset; while it’s on, remove the battery and then press and hold the power button for a minute. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. I’m sure you can get coverage. If the problem persists after doing these things, you should call Metro PCS back and ask for manager or supervisor to answer your questions.

Being a tech rep for various companies, I know that there are information reps don’t have clearance to reveal to customers but supervisors and managers always do. So, invest time to talk with a sup or manager about this problem.

#6. Note 2 multi window disabled

Problem 1: Hi Droid guy, I sent you an email awhile ago about my multi window feature now being disabled when I installed AV 4.3. I really want to know if you have had anyone else having the same issue. It has really peeved me off how one of the best things about the phone is now defunct. Can you please let me know if I can do anything to get my phone back to normal. — Aldo

Problem 2: Sir, after I updated my Samsung note 2 with 4.3 jelly bean, the multi windows simply does not work. The notification icon showing multiple windows remain muted & cannot use multiple windows feature at all. Kindly help.

Solution: It’s probably just because of corrupt data or caches. Try clearing those and see if that solves the problem. Boot your phone to Recovery Mode and wipe the cache partition. If that doesn’t help, go to the App Manager of the Note, select All tab and find “” and clear its cache and data, and then restart.

Once the phone is up and ready, make sure you enabled Multi Window function through the settings and see if the problem was resolved. If all else fails, consider performing factory reset.

#7. Note 2 giving a screeching sound while driving

Problem: Hi Droid guy, I am using Note 2 N7100 and from a few weeks I am getting a screeching sound while listening to music while I drive my bike. And whenever I tap the phone the annoying sound goes off and the track is audible as it should. Please suggest some solution for that because it happens more often when I suddenly accelerate or decelerate my bike and it spoils all the mood. Thanks & Regards, Avinash.

Solution: Are you using biking or cycling apps? You said the screeching sound happens more often when you accelerate or decelerate, so I’m thinking maybe you’re using GPS Speedometer like SpeedView or any sports tracker app. The last time I encountered a problem like this the issue was with the music track and not, in any way, connected to any app on the phone. You might also want to check if the screeching happens to a specific track.

#8. Note 2 typing problems

Problem: After upgrading my note2 to 4.3 I m continuously having typing problem and its getting to irritating if I have to delete my spelling mistake the cursor goes to some other word which is really irritating what do I do? Please help.

Solution: Just go to Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch input > Text Input > Prediction > Select Off. That should fix your problem.

#9. Note 2 screen still on when in call

Problem: This may sound a little silly, but I noticed I was causing my “dropped” calls, with my face. The screen would still be on when I put the phone to my ear. There is a setting in the Calls, Contact app. Or I usually use the speaker. Thanks for your articles, I find More info for the Note 2’s than (won’t mention what) forums.

Solution: I think the proximity sensor, which is responsible in turning the screen off when the phone is near your face, was disabled. Enable it back by going to Settings >Call > Proximity Sensor > enable.

#10. Can’t send files using S Beam on Note 2

Problem: Hi droid guy. I updated my Note 2 to 4.3 Jelly Bean. Everything’s working fine apart from my S Beam. Now I can only receive things using S Beam but not send any music. Can you help me, please.

Solution: The last time I encountered this problem, wiping the cache partition fixed it, so try that one first. Boot your phone to Recovery Mode and you can wipe cache partition from there. Reboot your phone after wiping the cache partition and try sending files using S Beam. If that doesn’t fix the problem, backup your data and perform factory reset.

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  1. why only in the past month or so, it’s now July 2015, I cannot send a pic from the Gallery to my gmail or any gmail or to my OWN email on It will Not let me SEND ANY pics or receive any VIDEOS or Pics anymore from ANYONE..I was asked to do a security UPDATE and declined because it stated I had NO WIFI connection, yet when I click on MY SETTINGS of course I DO have a wifi what IS going ON?? It’s a Galaxy Note 2, had it less than 2 years I believe, Bought brand new and this JUST Came up..Thanks Debbie Ciolli

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