Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 5]


So this is the fifth part of our Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions series and we received even more questions/problems from our readers this past couple of weeks. But it’s okay, we will continue providing support to the best of our knowledge.

For those who might ask where we get the info we provide as answers, well, I know a lot of people online and many of them are developers. I can shoot them emails anytime and they are too kind to answer me. We also conduct extensive research online and we consider testimonies from people who have encountered the same problems. Additionally, I work as a part-time cellphone repair technician so I have some knowledge I could share as well.

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Wi-Fi access with no service

Problem: A friend and his wife purchased; he the Note II, her the S III, over a year ago. For reasons too pathetic to get into, their service was terminated. Although they were still able to access the WiFi and go online without having service. Until recently when the Note II suddenly wasn’t able to access the WiFi any longer. She still can.

Question: Is this due to the service provider somehow cutting this feature off on his phone? Then why not hers? And is there a way to re-access this feature without having the service connected? Thanks.Peter

Answer: No. Android phones can connect to Wi-Fi networks even without service. Since you didn’t tell me more information as to why the problem occurred, I assume it’s a simple Wi-Fi issue. Let your Note 2 “Forget” the network you’re connecting to, then turn off WiFi. Reboot the phone and turn WiFi back on. Let the phone detect available networks and try to connect. If you still can’t connect after that, perform a factory reset.

Screen won’t auto-rotate

Problem: Hi. Got my Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon) running Android 4.3 for Christmas straight out of the box the screen will not auto rotate at all and I was wondering if you could help me with my problem.

Answer: It’s a TouchWiz problem, at least, that’s my initial suspect. But I assume you have already check if the auto-rotate feature was enabled: Settings > Display > select Auto-Rotate Screen. Try going to Application Manager and find TW or TouchWiz and hit Force Close, Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Please note that you will lose all your personalized home screens when you hit the Clear Data button.

If it doesn’t work, try this:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Boot to Odin Mode (press and hold Vol Down, Home and Power buttons together).
  3. While the phone is in Odin Mode, pull the battery out and wait for a minute.
  4. Place the battery back and turn the phone on.

Note 2 Bluetooth disconnects

Problem: Hi, I suddenly started having problems with Bluetooth on my Note 2. A speaker I have used for quite awhile would connect, then disconnect. Finally nothing Bluetooth would work. On another site it was suggested to change the visibility timeout to never. This didn’t work. But then with a soft reset it did work. I had tried the soft reset several times without success. Seems I had to do both. Wonder what’s really going on? Thank you for your help.

Answer: I understand how frustrating it is that your phone refuses to function like it was before. It seems to me that some apps or services cause this Bluetooth problem of yours. However, there are a lot of factors that may lead to this issue, so I will provide you a list of things you can do to troubleshoot it.

  1. Pair your speaker to other Bluetooth-capable devices to make sure it’s not the problem.
  2. With your Note 2 on, open the back panel and remove the battery. Leave it as is for about a minute and then place the battery back in and turn the phone on.
  3. Pair the phone with your speaker and observe if it still disconnects.
  4. If the problem still exists, go to Settings > Application Manager > Swipe right to select All tab > scroll to and tap Bluetooth Share > Tap Force Close, Clear Cache, and Clear Data.
  5. After clearing the cache and data, turn Bluetooth off and then turn it back on. Let it find available BT devices then pair with your speaker.
  6. If the problem still persists, boot your Note 2 to Safe Mode and pair with your speaker. If you could pair successfully without getting disconnected, it means a third-party app or service is causing the problem. Find that app and uninstall it.
  7. If all else fails, let an authorized technician check your phone physically.

Note 2 Wi-Fi unstable

Problem: Hello there. The most annoying issue I’ve not been able to resolve is this unstable WiFi thing. Note attached picture. Thanks!Frank

Answer: The truth is, Wi-Fi instability may be caused by your modem / router, network issues, your phone’s radio hardware, etc. The point is, we cannot know for sure why your phone says the Wi-Fi network it’s connecting to is unstable. But here are the things you can do to try to troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Connect to other Wi-Fi networks and try to see if you will be prompted of the same warning.
  2. If you’re getting the same warning while connecting to other WiFi networks, it is a possible phone problem. Otherwise, the issue was with your network.
  3. In case it’s a network problem, the best way to fix is to powercycle your network devices such as your router or modem or whatever mobile hotspot device your using. After that, try to connect to that network using your laptop just to make sure the connection is stable.
  4. If it were a phone problem, let it “Forget” the network, turn off Passpoint under Wi-Fi advanced settings and turn off Auto network switch.
  5. If the above steps fail, perform a factory reset so bring the phone back to its default settings.

Not enough storage space available

Problem: I have a 4GB memory card in my Samsang Galaxy Note 2 phone and every time I try to download Whatsapp, Facebook, Tango, Candy Crush, etc. it tells me that I don’t have enough space. Why is that so when my previous Alcatel used to download all that and more?Dotlin

Answer: You have almost used up your phone’s internal storage that’s why you’re getting that error message. There’s no problem with the device but you need to manage your apps and data to free up some space for your other apps. Here’s a list of what you can do to free up some space:

  • Find apps you don’t use anymore and uninstall them.
  • Find apps that’s eating too much storage space and clear their cache and data. (Please note that you will lose your data, personalization and saved games when you do so.)
  • Clear browsing history and cache of your browsers.
  • Clear cache and data of Gallery app.
  • If possible, perform a factory reset.

Swype and Samsung keyboards lag

Problem: Good morning. On my Note 2, I text a lot with a Spanish speaking person. I text in English,  he texts in Spanish — I copy his text and paste it into the Google translate app. Lately, my Swype and Samsung keyboards get hung up and delayed during our chats. I was wondering if it was related to the cut/paste process or the clipboard use. Early on in conversation the was no delay but it is getting progressively worse. I have cleaned out past texting histories from all conversations and switched keyboards. I’m wondering if there is any thing else I can do to alleviate the delays? Thanks.– Rich

Answer: There are four apps or services we should look into for this issue; Samsung Keyboard, Swype, Messaging and Google Translate. Clearing the cache and data of these apps will fix the lag you feel when using either Swype or Samsung keyboard.

It is, of course, expected that the first suspects are the keyboards you’re using. However, there is also a possibility that the messaging app you use as well as Google Translate contribute to the problem. But based on your statement, I can see no serious issues. It’s just that you notice lags while doing the process you usually do.

S Note problem after update

Problem: I have GN2, after receiving 4.3 update today, S Note is not working any more and always bring stopped working. Any ideas please? Regards.Micheal

Answer: It’s really a common issue with the Note 2 after the 4.3 update. While there is no clear explanation as to why this problem happens, there are several workarounds available. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Swipe left or right to choose All tab > scroll to and tap S Note > Tap Force Close, then Clear Cache and then Clear Data > reboot the phone.
  2. If the above procedure won’t work for you, try adding S Note (direct) 4×1 widget to your screen, then tap the widget’s pen button to start a new note. Exit from S Note and launch the app via the regular app icon.
  3. If all else fails, a factory reset is your best bet, though you’ll have to spend a lot of time backing up your important data.

Keypad disappearing after 4.3 update

Problem: Hi! After updating to 4.3, (while in the middle of typing something) my keypad (default) disappears and this didn’t only happened once but several times. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m typing too fast but I’m sure that I didn’t press the “back” softkey on the lower right, which of course, makes the keyboard disappear. I hope you could help me.

Answer: There isn’t any keyboard bugs reported after the Android 4.3 update on Note 2, so your problem may fall on compatibility issues with new firmware. If you’re using the default Samsung keyboard, go to Settings > Application Manager > and find Samsung keyboard > Tap Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons > Reboot the phone. If this doesn’t work, the other two options left for you to do is to wipe the cache partition via the recovery mode and perform a factory reset if it fails.

Note 2 stuck on white screen after 4.3 update

Problem: I received an alert to perform OS upgrade. Honestly, did not pay much attention to details…did so. System said it had to reboot, that was done phone worked fine for two hours then stuck on “APP Screen”. Tried to reboot several time no luck…removed battery….reinserted battery then got a white screen. Stuck for the last five hours.Sheldon

Answer: I honestly haven’t encountered a problem like this. I mean, I have seen a lot of Samsung devices stuck on a certain page but never a white screen. I’m also in the dark as to the cause of this problem. But you can try the following:

  1. Turn the phone on, even if it’s stuck on the white screen.
  2. Connect the phone to your computer via the original USB cable. Provided all drivers were installed, the computer should be able to detect it if the phone was able to boot into Android. If it couldn’t be detected, it means it’s stuck before it could completely boot to Android.
  3. Try to see if you can retrieve or salvage data.
  4. Try boot to recovery mode. If you can, try to swipe cache partition if you can. Then boot the phone normally.
  5. If the problem persists after wiping the cache partition, there’s no other option but to do a factory reset via the recovery mode.
  6. If everything else fails, have an authorized technician take a look at it.

Note 2 charges battery very slow

Problem: Dear Droid Team, thank you for the lovely tips n solutions you give us. Very helpful. Since yesterday my Note 2 battery is charging very slowly like 10% in an hour or less. I’m using an original charger, the phone did not get wet or damp. I regularly close apps in the application manager, I speed up the ram, restart the phone once in 2 days, do not leave apps running in the background, in short take good care of my phone. I love it. 4 to 5 days ago there was an update which installed and made the phone run smoothly. I installed the DU Cleaner day before yesterday but uninstalled it within 20 minutes as it was not working properly. I use only my Note 2 charger  and none other. My note is 7 months old now and has Android 4.3 version. Please help me and tell me why the battery isn’t charging fast. Earlier it used to take 4 hours or so to get to 100% from 30% or less. Battery looks ok. Waiting for your reply.Shveta

Answer: There could be a lot of factors affecting the charging capability of your Note 2. It could be an accessory (such as charger and battery) problem, a hardware issue or a software glitch but my bet goes to the charger. I understand you’re taking care of your phone like it was your baby but there are things we can’t control. I suspect, the charger may have been busted for some reason.

To confirm that, you need to turn your phone off completely and charge it. Observe how long it would take to charge a phone that isn’t running anything. You said it used to charge 4 hours or so to reach 100% from 30% and I assume the phone is turned on when you do that. Charging with the phone turned off would even be faster. If it takes longer than that, the consider buying a new genuine Samsung charger. However, if it charges normally, it means some services or apps maybe draining your battery faster than you think that’s why charging would take more time than it used to be.

10GB storage space used with only 2 apps installed

Problem: Need help trying to find out what it’s taking up storage space on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Att). I have moved as much as I can to the SD card, but when you open the storage app in settings it shows 10 gig is being used. The phone has just a couple of downloaded apps installed. Thanks for the help.John

Answer: I would assume this phone isn’t new and I understand you can only see a couple of apps installed on it. The operating system, Android, is the first thing that eats up storage space more than anything else on the phone, then the features, and then multimedia files. If you have taken hundreds if not thousands of photos before, you must consider clear both the cache and data of the Gallery app. If you used to stream videos from the web, you must clear your browsers’ cache, cookies and browsing history. In case, you used to have a lot of apps installed before but decided to uninstall them, there could be some data left in your internal storage especially when you uninstalled those apps directly without clearing their cache and data. These are the things that I could think of. If you want, you can perform a factory reset to delete useless data you may not be able to find on you own.

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  1. My Samsung note 2 mobile it’s working touch pad ply in pen ways but it’s not working in touch pad ,,,
    Plz give me solution

  2. Hi! I got problem on my Galaxy note 2…..It gets accidentally switched off while taking few photos or surfing the internet etc and later only blinks the screen when pushed the side button , functions only after connecting to charger…please tell me the solution

  3. My wife’s note 2 SCH-I605 (Verizon) wanted to turn the side to side
    motion feature on, I allowed the feature then her screen dimmed then
    went off, When I pushed the power button to turn screen back on nothing?
    It had been getting hot near the motion sensor so I replaced with a
    new one(before the shut off happened) everything was going fine, But it
    shutoff like I said earlier and won’t come back on. I can’t enter any
    mode as it wont come on its unresponsive. I have just purchased two OEM batteries and still nothing, Have a OEM
    charger new still nothing? When I hook it up to the Computer or charger
    nothing no battery icon or LCD light? The SKU is SCHI605ZWV if that
    helps. All I want is someone to point me in the right direction whether
    its a motherboard replacement or what ever? Can I ask would a bad power
    button stop it from charging or showing the battery icon when charging?
    Can a bad USB charging port stop it from turning on? Need a list of
    possible things that would stop all functions from working and not
    turning on? Its not rooted have the official 4.4.2 update from Verizon.

  4. hello sir i am gopal my galaxy note 2 in charging time it is release very heat so tell me solution sir

  5. when I first got my galaxy note 2 everything was fine, now I can not send or receive picture messages. had it looked at twice and no one can figure this out. Had it rebooted, restored,etc……

  6. I didn’t find Air command feature after updating my note 2 with official android 4.3
    Is it normal?
    Also I’d like to ask about supporting Samsung Gear watch..where can I find this option?

  7. I am not able to update my note 2 to 4. 1.3 version. It says its already updated bt its not. Plzzz help

  8. I also found that to be a frequent problem on the Note 2. I thought it was just my cell connection, but when I get my iPhone 5, I’ve never had any problems. Any ideas, Harold?

  9. Great insights, Harold! I too ran into a few problems where my battery would charge at an extremely slow pace. What fixed the problem for me was giving it a hard reset, which isn’t exactly ideal, but it did fix the problem. As for the keypad disappearing, I’ve had that happen to me quite a bit as well, even before the most recent update. Usually just closing the app I was in or restarting the smartphone solved that, but it’s still annoying nonetheless.

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