Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 2]

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This is the second part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems and solutions series. In this post, I will be answering at least 15 questions or problems sent by our readers through our mailbag ([email protected]). Try to browse through the post and see if your problem was included. If not, then read the first part: Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Fixes [Part 1].

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Micro SD card unmounting problem

Q1: Hello guyz. I am just wondering. This afternoon I woke up to check my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then suddenly there is a message or notification informing me that my memory card was accidentally pulled out (Which as you know is relatively impossible since memory card is inside the back casing.). Now it’s not working and when I tried it to other units, it cannot be opened. Oh.. I’ve also tried to insert an old micro SD to my slot, it works just can I possibly retrieve my media files on my broken card. Please help me. Thanks.Kayle

Answer: Sounds like a micro SD card problem to me. Based on testimonies of people who have experienced having their SD card damaged, the first sign is that it would randomly unmount. You will be able to notice this one because your phone will tell you so. The SD card would still work like usual but there will come a time that it will just stop. So, as early as now, backup all your data and prepare yourself for the time you wouldn’t be able to access your external storage. Physically unmount it from your phone and let your laptop read from it, then copy all data while you still can. Buying a new one would be your only option if you want to have an expanded storage in your phone. I know some people who claimed to have fixed defective micro SD card but for me, it’s just not worth it. Buy a new micro SD card.

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Unresponsive screen

Q2: Sir, please advise how to release the display screen (while using internet picture the screen stuck and the touchscreen even on off switch not working). Expecting for your reply. —  Kesava

Answer: When a phone like the Galaxy Note 2 freezes and is not responding to whatever keys you press or tap, the best solution is to pull the battery out to turn it off. Turn the phone back on to see if it can boot up normally. If not, try booting up to Safe Mode and if it’s successful, it means a third-party app could be interfering with the normal operation. You need to find it and uninstall. If the freezing happens more often, clear cache and data of TouchWiz from Application Manager. If it persists, you have no other option but to do a factory reset. It is advisable you do via the recovery mode.

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Word prediction gone

Q3: Hi, after updating to 4.3 the keyboards has lost its word prediction at the top of the keyboard. How do I get it back? And my phone more often than not rejects my home Wi-Fi in favour of the mobile network stating the connection is too slow. Never had this problem. How do I “lock” into the Wi-Fi connection?Melt

Answer: I’m not sure if there’s compatibility issues but try clearing the cache partition via recovery mode. You see, clearing the cache partition will delete all data used by apps to run normally but not your settings or personalization. Thus, it is also logical to do a factory reset in case clearing of the cache partition doesn’t work. As to the Wi-Fi issues, try turning mobile network off first then observe if the WiFi disconnects automatically. It could be a problem with the network or with the router. Of course, make sure you are at a reasonably close range from the hotspot. If the Wi-Fi Power Save mode is on, disable it.

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Starting a service

Q4: I accidentally pressed Force Stop on HP Print Service Plugin app on my Note 2. How do I undo it? I tried turning off the power, removing the battery but didn’t help. The “Force Stop” button is still greyed. Thanks.M Lee

Answer: Since you said your accidentally force-stopped HP Print Service Plugin, I would assume it is a service and there is an app that uses it. You could be able to start this service again by simply running the app that uses it. If it is a standalone, however, try going to Application Manager and swipe to All tab and find it there. I’m not really familiar with this service so try to check if there is a button that could manually start it.

Can’t turn on hotspot

Q5: Hi, I have a Note 2 , unlock on the Solavei network, I recently upgrade to the latest version of android and since then I can’t turn on the hot spot on the phone , the phone tells me that my current plan under T-Mobile doesn’t have hotspot , but before that upgrade It’s working perfectly,  please help me.Juan Carlos 

Answer: You’re not actually the first one to complain about this. I have read from other forums about this problem and I found out carriers, especially those that offer mobile hotspot services, disabled the function by purpose. So, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you have subscribed for hotspot plan under T-Mobile. If you haven’t then that explains why you can’t turn it on. If you have, then call your service provider and have its representative enable the option for you.

Android 4.3 update interrupted

Q6: Hello. I have not been able to update my Note 2 (AT&T) to Android 4.3. It downloads the update just fine but after it reboots the install says that it’s interrupted and won’t continue. I went to an AT&T device support center and they said that 4.3 had bug issues for the Note 2 and they weren’t sure when they would be fixed. Do you have any information about this? Could it be that AT&T might skip 4.3 for the Note 2 and go straight to 4.4? Thanks!Jason

Answer: If the representative explicitly told you that the 4.3 update was buggy, that could be true. But that doesn’t answer the question why the update process cannot push through. But yes, I have read reports early in January that  AT&T’s Android 4.3 update suffered setbacks and there were actually people who have successfully updated their phone but ended up complaining due to bugs. Actually the roll has already finished so if you haven’t updated your phone yet, you better wait for the upcoming 4.4 update instead. This time, I hope it’s stable.

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Gallery stops working

Q7: Hi, when I try to “share” a photo from “gallery” it fails and says gallery quit working. Galaxy Note 2. Please advise. Thank you.Cindy

Answer: I’m not sure what social network you’re trying to share your photos but if it has an official app like Facebook and Twitter, try clearing its cache and data then ‘Force Stop’ the Gallery app from the Application Manager, clear cache and the clear data. In case you have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos saved in your phone, try copying the old ones to your computer and delete them from your phone to make it easier for the gallery to manage remaining photos. This behavior can also be caused by a defective microSD card because the app would take too long to read from the external storage device until Android system forces it to stop, so check your SD card as well.

Can’t boot up after rooting

Q8: I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I tried to root it, now it just won’t boot past the Samsung logo, can you help me with this problem. Thanks.Bounarith

Answer: The rooting may not have been successful or was interrupted. Try doing the process again and see if that solves the problem. If not, then clear the dalvik cache, cache partition and do a factory reset via the recovery mode.

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S Note problem

Q9: Hey DroidGuy, I have been having problems with my S Note on my phone.  Whenever I launch the app it will load for 4 seconds then crash.  This kept happening over and over and I cleared my cache and everything.  Please help!!  Thanks!  — Joseph

Answer: If you have cleared the cache and data of S Note service and the problem persists, then try checking the amount of RAM left. If the RAM is too low, S Note can’t run because it requires a lot of services to function well thus eat up a lot of RAM too. But if the S Note stops working for no apparent reason, there’s no other options left but to perform a factory reset to clear all your settings. Of course, you need to backup all your data before doing so.

Weak Wi-Fi performance

Q10: Hi Droid Guy, it’s an old problem I’m suffering with: weak Wi-Fi performance when there is a strong signal. I have read your other posts on curing it but none work for very long. Its so bad that I’ve had to radically up my data package (from 1Gb to 10Gb per month) to compensate, despite hopping from Wi-Fi hotspot to Wi-Fi hotspot! On my next upgrade I was certain to go with the latest version of the Note but now I’m not quite so sure. I love every other aspect of the phone, I’m just very frustrated with this perennial annoyance. Is this issue the most common reported problem with the Note 2 and is the Note 3 a similar sufferer of this annoying foible? Kind regards.Mark

Answer: Yeah, Wi-Fi issues are among the most common problems reported by Note 2 owners but they were already addressed through updates. The Note 3 seems to be a lot more stable than the Note 2 but of course, there are still some problems. You know, it’s difficult for me to comment on this issue because I really don’t know the speed of your data transmission. Have you called your service provider, by the way, and ask why you were experiencing slow browsing on your devices? Strong Wi-Fi signal is not a guarantee you get fast internet connection, it’s just an indicator how near you are from the hotspot; of course, the longer the distance data would travel wirelessly, the slower your connection would be.

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Videos / photos damaged after shot

Q11: Hello. I am having a problem with videos and some photos after they are shot/taken with my Note 2. Most of the time I can see them in my gallery but when I click on some of them, I get an icon that looks like the video/photo is damaged.  I have tried other photo apps but nothing seems to work and my videos, when they play, are in a really small window. Hopefully you will have some answers for me. Thanks so much for your help.Tara

Answer: This is actually one sign your microSD card is broken, not detected or has been unmounted leaving the gallery app with nothing to show but the default picture or video icon with lightning bolt in the middle. It means that the file cannot be located or loaded, thus, thumbnails are also unavailable. As to the tiny videos, well, try adjusting the resolution of your video camera; it’s better to set it to the highest. But a word of advice: backup all your data from your microSD card before it’s too late.

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Contacts scroll back to the top

Q12: Problem when I’m in driving. When i try to scroll through my contacts, it keeps scrolling back to the top of the list. I’ve tried adjusting the motion settings, but that hasn’t resolved my issue. Sprint told me I need to do a hard reset in-store, but I’d prefer not to do that. Any solutions?Dickerson

Answer: Boot the phone to Safe Mode to stop third-party apps from running leaving only the stock apps. While in safe mode, try scrolling through your contacts with the driving mode is enabled and see if the problem is still there. If not, then there’s at least an app that interferes with your phone’s normal operation. You need to find that app and disable or uninstall it. If the problem is still happening, try to find out if your version of the Note 2 has the ‘Double Tap to Top’ feature and disable it.

Latest updates already installed

Q13: Hi guys. I bought my Note 2 on 1st week of February 2013 from Kuwait. Now I am residing in India. A month after getting it, I updated it to android 4.1.2. Now almost all the Note 2s getting updated to android 4.3 via OTA updates. But when I check for updates it shows that the latest updates have already been installed. Is it because I got it from Kuwait.? What should I do to update it?Jephin

Answer: First of all, check the version of your firmware and see if it’s not the latest version. Try initiating update search through Settings, if it would still say you have the latest version even if it’s not, you need the help of Samsung KIES. Download Kies and install it to your computer. Connect your phone and try to pull down updates via your computer.

Fast battery draining problem

Q14: Hey guys, since the recent Samsung update my Note 2 batteries have been draining rather quickly. In an hour loose >20% of battery power. I have asked numerous Note 2 and Note 3 owners and they complain of the same problem. Thanks.Mobolaji

Answer: Well, there are a lot of factors that could contribute to the rate of battery drain in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you have installed a lot of apps already, take time to force close the ones you don’t use via the Application Manager. Adjust your screen’s brightness to a lower level and turn off data features like Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, etc. Try to clear your phone’s RAM every now and then. But overtime, battery’s performance would also deteriorate and that’s the biggest setback because you don’t have other choice but to buy a new one.

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Delayed text messages

Q15: Droid guy, I received an update 4.3 on my Note 2 and the text messages stopped. Verizon gave me another Note 2 and as soon as the phone received the 4.3 update, no text. I did get some text later,  but it was the same text four or 5 times. My friends text me and they text would arrive four or five days later. What can I do to get this problem fixed?Roger

Answer: Sounds like a network problem to me. When a text message is received more than once, it means that there was a time when the phone didn’t have service, or there was a disruption. So, Verizon may have the answer to your question. But do your part, if you’re using any third-party text messaging apps, uninstall them as they may interfere. Try sending a text message to your own number and see if you can send and receive it. If you can send successfully, it means there’s no problem with the phone’s ability to connect to the network and send data. When  your service provider offers to replace your phone with another unit, always ask what the problem really was.

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  1. My sprint note 2 sd card was wiped, TWRP still working, SU install= successful, mac rom install successful, but wont load past Galaxy logo….need help

  2. I had the same problem with an sd card. The only thing you can really do is replace. I did recover the data on the laptop, after inserting about 20 times before the computer finally it, then just copied the whole thing.

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