Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2

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This is the fifth article we’ve posted about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 problems and errors. The first three articles were carrier-specific dealing problems users often experience under their respective network. In this post, we will tackle the most common problems and issues users have been and currently experiencing.

The first problem is among the most pressing ones. It’s about the Galaxy Note 2 battery not being able to charge. In this post we walk you through troubleshooting a possible charger or battery issue. The entire process will involve having to pop the back panel open to take the battery out and insert charger without battery in place.

The second problem is about the Galaxy Note 2’s tendency to drop Wi-Fi connection or not be able to connect to a network at all. It is one of the most recent GN2 problems reported online and it seems the number of users reported having to experience this problem is increasing. Fortunately, it’s not something users should be worried about because it’s a minor issue and could be fixed by simple procedures we’ve mentioned in this post.

The third problem addressed in this post is about longer load times of some apps. Over time the device can accumulate data in its memory and if not cleared, many of those data will get corrupt making the device slower. There are also apps that need to load a lot of data and use many services; such apps may take longer load times than others. But users need to reassess if the load time is normal or not. We will walk you through that.

The fourth problem is about the newly-discovered security flaw for Samsung devices running the company’s TouchWiz UI. We have explained how the flaw works with a procedure to reproduce the problem. We also included a few things you can use to prevent it from happening.

Do you have questions or problems about your Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Feel free to email us at [email protected] or join our community. We will answer your questions and probably come up with a write up on how to solve those problems… at least, we will try.

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions – Part 2”

  1. Hi, can someone help me. My friend has a Samsung Galaxy 2, it seems phone has reboot itself and has gone back to place to set language, wifi, account etc as if phone is new. As soon as you start entering INFO a pop up dialogue box appears which states (unfortunately, S suggest has stopped), can some one help please

  2. My note 2 gets so hot on my ear when talking without a headset, I start getting a head ache and the whole side of my head feels like it’s on fire. I can’t take it. I’m thinking about selling on CL and getting something else it’s so bad. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just mine and I should just replace it with another Note 2.

  3. I have had an issue with dropped calls on 2 devices, I had the first replaced and now I am having the same issue with the second device, I look and I have full bars when the calls are dropped, it was happening 2-3 or more times a call with the previous device, its happening more and more frequently on the new device, I am also having an issue with the screen going dark and when I try to go to the home screen or hit the home button nothing happens, I hit the power button and cant even power if off until I remove the battery.

  4. I had similar issues, however, I got the battery to charge to 100%, but now I can’t get the Note to turn on, any suggestions?

  5. my problem is i cant use internet from my sg2 mobile. its says no network connected. what can i do to solve this problem? plz give me a msg to solve this normal problem. thanks a lot

  6. I had this wifi problem… had to wipe and do this procedure… problem only happened after thr latest update and only on my home network.
    It is really too bad as this is the only problem I have had with this phone and I love it.

  7. My galaxy note2 have problem that when the device screen is locked its automatically flickering the screen , the screen is is turning on when not in use or no notification.
    Plz help me

  8. Hi,

    My note2 has problem with charging the battery. It takes long time to charge. E.g if I plug charger when the battery has 20% life @11pm until morning 8am tge device only charges about 70% only. I been using note2 for almost 6months now. I didn’t experience any problems than this battery problem. Hope your advice will help to fix the problem.
    Thank you.

  9. It seems to me that you’re not dealing with a hardware issue here.. but I’m not really sure about that.

    By the way, have you tried booting the device into recovery mode?

    Try pressing and holding VOLUME UP, HOME button and POWER button together for about 10 to 15 seconds.

    If it boots in recovery mode, you can do a factory reset and hopefully rectify inconsistencies with the software.

    Otherwise, you should have an appointment with a tech.

  10. hey Shakil,

    Can you give us a little more detail about the “blinking on” of your device?

    Sorry, but I can’t possibly provide a solution to the problem I can hardly understand.

    Thank you!

  11. It sounds like the phone has a problem, I just can’t point out what it is based on your statement.

    Dropped calls are often caused by loss of signal during calls, the same is true with text messages. When you’re on call and the signal drops, the phone automatically cuts the call as it couldn’t send and receive data from transceiver station.

    There are a lot of factors to consider. First, it could be the network. Second, it could be the phone, etc…

    Dropped calls are a common problem but having 10 instances of dropped calls a day is unusually a lot. I understand why a representative would blame the OEM over this problem.

    As to the question whether Galaxy Note 2 is weak or not… well, it’s not. There were only a few users reported to have experienced dropped calls.

    Your provider is the one that could help you better with this problem. Why? Because it could be a network problem and they could send a replacement device.

  12. Hey Mar,

    I forgot to mention in the article that the security happens with Android 4.1.2.. sorry, my bad.

  13. Hi Katie,

    Have you tried connecting to that same network before?

    Personally, I am facing “Obtaining IP Address” problem with my phone, too. But I found out that it couldn’t connect with networks using WPA2 security encryption… what I did with my network was to use WEP encryption.

    If you have connected to that network before, then something may have been changed.


  14. I have also purchased new chargers and new batteries but still nothing……..does anyone know if it might be the actual charging point… there a known fault with this…..or shall i just bin the phone…

  15. Has anyone had a charging problem with the gn2. My one doesnt charge anymore, I’ve tried the tips in droidguys forum like removing battery and plugging in charger but it still wont power on.

  16. Hi
    My note automatically blinks on even in sleep mode thus consuming more battery. I tried closing all open apps still the blinks goes on.

    Any solutions?

  17. Hello I love my note 2 but I have a huge issue with drop calls ! Is this common or is it my device ? I have at&t which I’ve called and they have tried everything but trading it out ! While talking to the tech at at&t she slipped and said that the s3 and a fee other Samsung phones had a major issue dropping calls however she said the note was OK, I thought they was all alike ? Anyway please advice me is it a weak phone. Or do I have a issue with this device and FYI the area doesn’t matter I have the issue in town out of town everywhere say 10 dropped calls a day also text messages that will not send with out rebooting my phone

  18. Thank you for this information, sadly the wifi fixes have not helped me at all. it just keeps saying obtaining IP address, then says failed to connect….even though everyone else in the office is connected to the wifi just fine…

    bummer 🙁

  19. hi
    my friends have Note 2 and they received that there is a new update for the software (4.1.2) , but i didn’t receive anything , and when i tried to make it manual it gave me that my mobile already had the latest update even i have (4.1.1) can u tell me why ?

  20. Hey Quibler,

    Here’s what I know and I would stand corrected if I’m wrong with this: I also think that one of the factors that has contributed to your device’s poor performance is the storage capacity. Well, it’s not because there is merely 4GB left in the internal memory. I think it’s because your phone has to read thousands of files and data in its memory that it’s taking usually long time to load apps and services.

    Try to uninstall apps you don’t use anymore, stop some services, and force stop apps running in the background.

  21. Hey Daniel,

    Nah, I don’t think rooting can really make your device faster; it will just open it for more possibilities and better file management. But performance-wise, I don’t think rooting can do much of an improvement.

    Try shutting down services and apps you don’t usually use. You can clear their data if you want. Also, have you tried clearing TouchWiz’s data?

    Samsung devices with TW have a tendency to become real slow on performance over time. It always helps to clear data of commonly used apps.

  22. Hi tried several times to use the lock screen security flaw but on my GN2 which is on stock 4.1.1 it seems that it doesn’t work. When I press & hold the home button nothing happens. Don’t know if this was mentioned before, I wanted to share the info just in case.

  23. Yup mine note 2 has also become very slow. Apps take a little longer to open and after touching an icon it opens with delay of some seconds. It started happening after i installed to many apps and filled 12gb of my 16gbs. Is there a problem with the memory? I think I am going to root. Pls help.

  24. Hi

    I feel my galaxy note 2 a little bit slow in general (reaction on call, even unlocking my pin#, etc etc) in special when using the Snote app, I had a galaxy 2 and it felt faster than the note2, I wonder if I make it root the phone will be more faster?
    Thanks for any answer I can get and very helpfull your articles

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