Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Has Missing, Unresponsive Keys or Buttons

galaxy note 2 keyboard problems

There were reports from owners who encountered their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has missing and unresponsive keys. Honestly, the problem is not so common and only a few actually reported to have experienced it. But even so, we still find it necessary to tackle it so here is a troubleshooting guide that would lead you to identifying what the problem really is and how to fix it.

Missing Keys or Buttons

There were instances that users complained about missing keys on their keyboard while others reported the Home button also went missing. Obviously, both problems are serious but there are actually only two possible causes: liquid and physical damages.

If there is a missing key, it could be that the phone was exposed to water or any liquid that penetrated into some electronic components. But since the phone still powers on, the exposure could have been slight that only the display panel was affected.

For the missing Home button, although it’s a rare case, physical damage could be the culprit. It could only mean one thing, the phone suffered a strong impact and since we’ve seen several drop-test videos, it is conclusive the device may have been fallen from a higher grounds or have been thrown and hit hard objects or wall.

There is one thing you could do; have the device checked by an authorized technician. There is no point in troubleshooting a phone with liquid or physical damage and you may even end up voiding your warranty.

Unresponsive Keys

If the keys in your phone intermittently become unresponsive, there are a few possible causes and they as follow:

  • Oily or corroded touch screen.
  • User’s hands are wet.
  • The phone lags or hangs.
  • Problems with the display.

Here’s what you need to do.

Wipe the screen clean. Using a soft and dry cloth, wipe the screen of your phone to clean it up. Depending on the hands that used it, there are times when the screen becomes corroded with oil that is almost unseen. When this happens, the screen cannot detect touches, which affects the responsiveness of the keyboard.

Wipe your hand dry. If you just washed your hands or applied lotion to it and you noticed your phone’s keys aren’t as responsive as before, try wiping your hands with a towel. Water and oil are not good conductors of electricity but capacitive touch screens hate them.

Make sure your phone’s fine. Sometimes we take the problem literally without looking delving a little deeper into underlying causes. In this case, it is possible that the phone may also have some problems causing lags and freezes thus affecting the responsiveness of the keys. You should spend more time making your phone run better than finding solution for unresponsive keys.

Display problem. If you’re sure the phone’s fine and the problem still persist, try looking into the condition of the display panel. Recall which keys won’t function and mark their spots on the screen. Run a different app, check to see if you can execute commands on those spots. If you can’t, then the display has the problem. But if you can, then your keyboard app may have a problem.

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