Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery Indicator Problem

Galaxy Note 2 Battery Indicator Problem

A couple of days ago, we received an email through Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery indicator problem. According to the sender, whenever she charges her device fully, that’s 100%, the indicator suddenly displays 95% power as soon as she unplugs the device. She said that the phone has always done it. So, she requested for solutions that will help her take care of the issue.

The Most Likely Cause of the Galaxy Note 2 Battery Indicator Problem

We immediately figured out that this may have something to do with the calibration of the battery. So, we advised her to calibrate it by simply draining the power of her Galaxy Note 2 until it goes empty and the device automatically turns off. Then, we told her to leave it in that state for a couple of minutes and then charge it fully while it is turned off. After that, she left us a feedback that the method solved her Galaxy Note 2 Battery indicator problem.

As we have explained in our previous article about taking care of Smartphone battery, there is a tendency for the internal microprocessors present in the battery of computing devices to get glitched at times. As a result, its accuracy in displaying its actual power is sometimes compromised. The only solution for this is via calibration.

Another Possible Cause of the Quick Battery Drain Problem

If calibration does not fix the issue, then the problem may already be with the battery not with the Galaxy Note 2 battery indicator.

As a battery ages or after taking a lot of abuse from overcharging or overuse, it tends to drain power drastically. That means it is already way past its useful life. In this case, the only way to solve the problem is by replacing it.

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  1. My Galaxy note 2 will not charge. When I insert the charger to the phone a battery appears this stays on the screen and nothing happens? help

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