Samsung Galaxy Nexus Revealed To Be Root Of Latest Apple Patent Suit

According to this report from marketwatch, they’ve uncovered the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the root of Apple’s latest patent lawsuit against Samsung. They’ve also found that the suit includes one more allegation than previously covered here at Thedroidguy.

Marketwatch uncovered that in addition to the patents we reported on last week on auto correct and syncing, this latest Apple suit also pertains to slide to unlock. Now we all know that since the earlier stages of Android all the OEM’s changed the slide to unlock structure. In Ice Cream Sandwich the slide to unlock goes one direction for the camera and one direction for unlocking, which is inherently different than Apple’s.

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Apple’s slide to unlock is just a left to right swiping gesture to unlock the guts of the iPhone. In the most recent iOS they did make it possible to get quick access to the iPhones camera by pushing the home button twice and then pressing a camera icon, but still to this day iPhone’s slide to unlock is just left to right.

Back on October 25, 2011 Apple was finally granted a patent for slide to unlock. If you are familiar with the patent system that means they are protected under this patent dating back to the filing back in 2005.  That, along with a multi touch patent granted in December, could mean trouble for us Android  users.

Although they don’t cite a source Marketwatch is pretty adamant that this latest suit, filed in San Jose federal court last week, is a result of the Galaxy Nexus. Most of the court documents surrounding this suit are under lock and key however the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the most recent high profile Android device released by the South Korean electronics mega giant.

source: Marketwatch