Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets a stable CM11 based Android 4.4 ROM

Galaxy NexusEven though the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was written off from Google’s official update cycle, the developer community showed no signs of giving up on the two year old Nexus flagship. The sad story of Galaxy Nexus users signing a petition against Google’s decision led to nothing, so it was about time the developers did something. Although there have been a few Android 4.4 ROMs making the rounds around the internet, none have been as functional or stable as this new one we’ve come across. This ROM was developed by XDA user PlayfulGod and appears to have all the makings of a standard Android 4.4 ROM. It is based off CyanogenMod 11 nightlies, so there’s bound to be some bugs, but initial user reports suggests that all the core apps work just fine which makes it suitable for regular use.

The smartphone officially got the Android 4.3 update recently, but little did the users know back then that it was going to be the last of its official updates. However, this new ROM should certainly bring back the smiles on the users faces. Hit the link below for full details on flashing the new KitKat ROM for your Galaxy Nexus.

Source: XDA

Via: Talk Android